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The Halo Effect™ Method



The Halo Effect™ Method


Keywords on Fire SOP

A step-by-step guide to finding and utilizing the most effective long-tail keywords that generate conversions? I can’t believe we’re giving this away.

Video Overviews

Halo Effect Deep Dives

We have a lot of experience with the Halo Effect. Watch us unravel its secrets so you can learn how to convert like the pros in these exclusive videos.

ZonGuru Features

Niche Finder

The best and most effective way to generate product ideas in the blink of an eye.

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Niche Rater

Research products and niches directly in Amazon with speed and ease.

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Sales Spy

Track monthly sales data for any Amazon product.

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Find the strengths and weaknesses of a product and how to differentiate yours.

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Easy Source

Our world-first collaboration with designed to pair you with the perfect supplier.

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Keywords on Fire

Uncover the buyer keywords that are driving product sales for your competitors.

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Keywords Spotlight

Spy on Your Competition’s Backend Listing Copy for Ultimate Insight.

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Listing Optimizer

Craft the perfect listing. Backed by the most accurate data in the biz.

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Business Dashboard

All Your Important Business Metrics at Your Fingertips.

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My Products

Manage your products and get alerts when to re-order from suppliers.

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My Orders

Find the order your are looking for instantly.

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Keyword Tracker

Automatically monitor what position your listing ranks for each of your buyer keywords every day.

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Product Pulse

Get notified instantly when someone leaves you a product review or tries to hijack your listing.

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IP Monitor

Get notified instantly when someone copies one of your images and uses it on their own listing.

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Email Automator

Set up rules to automatically reach out to customers who buy from you.

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Review Automator

Automate review requests directly inside Seller Central.

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What our Customers are saying


"Massive fan of this Amazon tracking software package from ZonGuru – combines all the best functionality from its competitors into one user-friendly interface, at a very reasonable cost. The customer service email automation tool has made my year!"
Jeremy Zinzan
Certified Amazon Seller
"I have been selling on Amazon for a few years now and ZonGuru has been with me from the get go. Growing with me and helping me scale. ZonGuru software is like giving you the keys to a Ferrari. The data and automation has helped me scale fast!"
Andrew Coates
Certified Amazon Seller
"I’ve been using ZonGuru for 6 months now after trying several other services and I found it to be well above my expectations. If you’re looking to launch an Amazon business or a seasoned veteran wanting to grow an existing business this is the software for you."
Nicholas Steiner
Certified Amazon Seller
"Used ZonGuru already and got me thinking about products I liked but wasn't sure of. Real tangible help and a way of removing the guesswork. You guys are very approachable and ZonGuru is brilliant. I can't wait to get selling and upgrade my subscription!"
Maura Bailie-Bellew
Certified Amazon Seller
"The best all in one for my Amazon business.
ZonGuru consistently has accurate data and great customer support. I trust them to run my 7 figure amazon FBA business and have never looked back since I switched to them."
Stefano Rodriguez
Certified Amazon Seller
"You can really tell these guys simply care about providing value through the features. Every new release so far has functions I either wanted, or didn’t know I needed. Overall, the tools seem to get better and better and the they are simple and easy to use."
Lucas Pinelli
Certified Amazon Seller