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Your 2022 Amazon Holiday Package is Here!

This holiday Season, get the ultimate holiday package to launch or scale your Amazon business. Whether you want to make sure your next product is a success, or grow your business, we have the package for you.

Find Your Next Best-Selling Product for 2022

With the AMZ Quick Start Challenge and the 100 Hot Products eBook, you will have the right steps to find a profitable product in under 13-days

+$200 Added Value

AMZ Quick Start Challenge

Exact step-by-step process you need to find your first winning product in less than 14 days!

+$200 Added Value

100 Hot Products eBook

Access the ultimate product guide featuring 100 hot products.

Get to Page One and Boost Sales in 2022

Take the Rapid Ranking Challenge PLUS access to the ultimate Amazon SEO eBook and launch your product to page one on Amazon.

+$200 Added Value

Rapid Ranking Challenge

Exact step-by-step process you need to boost your product rankings in less than 8 days!

+$200 Added Value

Amazon SEO eBook

Get to page 1 on Amazon with the Ultimate SEO ebook.

All-In-One Toolset

The ZonGuru all-in-one toolset shows exactly what you need to find the right product and outrank competitors.


Find the strengths and weaknesses of a product and how to differentiate yours.

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Easy Source

Our world-first collaboration with designed to pair you with the perfect supplier.

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Keywords on Fire

Uncover the buyer keywords that are driving product sales for your competitors.

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Training and on the task development

Training and on the task development! essential to success in my book.
Michael Hollands
via TrustPilot

One of the website which provides an…

One of the website which provides an easy interface to the user. Each time while announcing new updates it comes with a great deal which are absolutely beneficial for the use.It provides the data and scale in a deep strength which simplifies a easy task.
Prayas Adhikari
via TrustPilot

Love hearing those Karchings 💲💲

Great software for researching and managing your product portfolio and seamlessly integrates with your existing Amazon Account. Especially love 😍 hearing those karchings💲💲come through on the Zonguru App, make me smile every time 😊. Customer Support is awesome, quickly respond every time and the guys release software updates and up to date training videos on a regular basis which has helped grow my business in one way or another ✅.
Rodney Steele
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This is a top drawer piece of software!

Having been a software developer myself, I can say with confidence that this is a superb tool, developed in a very thoughtful way by people who are themselves Amazon sellers. It makes a huge difference when people "eat their own dog food", i.e. use their products in anger. Some of the key tools (particuarly Love-Hate, Keywords on Fire, Keyword Spotlight and Listing Optimizer) are phenomenally powerful, in terms of their insight into what's working (or not), why a particular product is selling well, etc. Highly recommended!!!
Patrick Moore
via TrustPilot