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What is Business Dashboard?

Here at ZonGuru, we believe that data is the decider. With Business Dashboard, you have access to all of the data you need to make big-time money moves and scale up fast. Find out how profitable you are, what your revenue and ad spend is, your best and worst performing SKU’s, and much, much more all in one intuitively laid out spot.

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powerful one stop shop software to help…

powerful one stop shop software to help amazon sellers identify opportunities in the niches. Now with the new tools to connect us to verified suppliers - we can't lose!

Get The Facts

All the data any seasoned FBA seller needs is right there at your fingertips. Never make an uninformed decision again. Here are just a few of the metrics you’ll find:

Revenue and potential: we dig deep to find every line item. Easily balance your budget.

Advertising Cost: Sponsored and Product ad spend. ACOS & ACOTS!

Inventory: When you should restock your supply.

Reviews: see what your customers think.

Product Pulse Events

Have you made a change to your listing? We’ll go ahead and mark it on your Business Dashboard sales graph. Now you can easily tell if your business decisions result in sales or if it’s time to go back to the drawing board!

Full Control

Get the big picture, or dive into the numbers of an individual product. Business Dashboard lets you get as nitty-gritty as you want so you can optimize and tweak like the best.

Know Your Worth

Any savvy business owner will tell you: knowing your worth is key. Thanks to our Business Valuation widget, you now have an accurate picture of what your business is worth over any trading period you choose. Knowledge is power.

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