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What is Listing Optimizer?

This is the only tool in the world that guarantees you can optimize your listing to compete with the best on page 1! With Listing Optimizer, just import a keyword list, insert them in each of your listing’s fields, and immediately see your potential search volume, revenue, and exclusive Listing Optimizer score! Throw in up to 8 competing ASINs to quickly see how to beat them. Once you’re done, upload it directly to Amazon.

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Very easy to use

Very easy to use, Favourite feature so far would be the listing optimiser. After optimising, doubled sales the next week!
Paul Pether
via TrustPilot

Size Yourself Up

Are you curious about how you stack up against the biggest products in your niche? Enter up to 8 other competing ASINs in one Listing Optimizer session and compare your listing against them. Who knows, you might find some keywords you didn’t think of and beat them at their own game!

Get our Exclusive Listing Optimizer Score Right Away

Once you begin stuffing your listing with powerful keywords thanks to Keywords on Fire, we’ll calculate your Listing Optimizer score right away. This ZonGuru-exclusive metric tells you exactly how well your listing is optimized and shows you how much potential revenue you can pull in. Compare your score with other ZonGuru users and see who comes out on top!

Keyword Match Types

Listing Optimizer scans your listing and tells you how your keyword matches based on these types:

Whats New in 2.0?

As Amazon sellers, we know that finding your first or next product takes work. That’s why we recently updated our Niche Rater Chrome Extension to give you even more control over the data you see, so you can make even smarter decisions about the products you consider. 

Key improvements include:

  • A clean, easy-to-read, look and feel
  • Additional customizable settings and filters—including the ability to adjust columns, auto-save your preferred layout, and remove paid listings—so you always compare only the most relevant data in your analysis.
  • New detachable ‘dual-screen’ functionality, allowing you to open new windows, go full-screen, shift to a new monitor, and view the data how you want to.

Broad Match: Any of the words from the keyword phrase appear in the listing in any order.

Exact Match: The keyword phrase appears in its exact order.

Manually Import Keyword Lists

Maybe you have your own set of winning keywords. Perfect! Manually import your own keyword lists straight into Listing Optimizer, and it’ll sort them out for you based on their potential performance.

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