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6 Key Reasons Our Affiliates Thrive

It's true--affiliates that have the right support and tools are the ones that thrive in the industry. At ZonGuru, you'll get a dedicated support team AND access to unlimited earning potential to make sure you keep growing.

Get added perks, a bonus of up to $2,000 per month to grow your unlimited earning potential.

Get exclusive marketing materials and a dedicated support team to ensure you influence more customers.

Get a 45-day cookie time frame to account for each customer long after they click your link

Get real-time statistics and insights to easily keep track of your conversions.

Get paid consistently each month on a Net 30 payment model.

The more clients sell, the more we will scale our business, and the more you will earn.

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We Support All Major Marketplaces

ZonGuru currently supports all the major marketplaces across North America, Europe, India and Australia.

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What our Customers are saying

Recommended and Trusted

“The marriage between great Tech and AI makes this the best listing optimizer on the market. We have seen a drastic increase in BSR, CTR, CR and most importantly profitability.”
Specialist Amazon Agency
"ZonGuru has completely changed the game. I was using "Keywords on Fire'' and "Listing Optimizer 4.0" to work on a client's listings and the first day sales doubled. By the third they tripled! Our ROAS has never looked better. I will never use another tool again, and if you're on the fence about giving ZonGuru a try, it's worth it."
Christopher Schlarb
Profitable Pineapple - Full Service Amazon Agency
"Massive fan of this Amazon tracking software package from ZonGuru – combines all the best functionality from its competitors into one user-friendly interface, at a very reasonable cost. The customer service email automation tool has made my year!"
Jeremy Zinzan
Certified Amazon Seller
"I have been selling on Amazon for a few years now and ZonGuru has been with me from the get go. Growing with me and helping me scale. ZonGuru software is like giving you the keys to a Ferrari. The data and automation has helped me scale fast!"
Andrew Coates
Certified Amazon Seller
"I’ve been using ZonGuru for 6 months now after trying several other services and I found it to be well above my expectations. If you’re looking to launch an Amazon business or a seasoned veteran wanting to grow an existing business this is the software for you."
Nicholas Steiner
Certified Amazon Seller
"Used ZonGuru already and got me thinking about products I liked but wasn't sure of. Real tangible help and a way of removing the guesswork. You guys are very approachable and ZonGuru is brilliant. I can't wait to get selling and upgrade my subscription!"
Maura Bailie-Bellew
Certified Amazon Seller
"The best all in one for my Amazon business.
ZonGuru consistently has accurate data and great customer support. I trust them to run my 7 figure amazon FBA business and have never looked back since I switched to them."
Stefano Rodriguez
Certified Amazon Seller
"You can really tell these guys simply care about providing value through the features. Every new release so far has functions I either wanted, or didn’t know I needed. Overall, the tools seem to get better and better and the they are simple and easy to use."
Lucas Pinelli
Certified Amazon Seller
Quick Answers to

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I become a ZonGuru Affiliate?

The ZonGuru affiliate program offers the best conditions in the industry to set you up for success. Here is a sample of your earning potential:

→ Starting from 20% on every referral once the customer stays subscribed to ZonGuru after the free trial period.

→ Up to $2,000 every month based on the Qualified Subscribers that you bring in

2. How do I start?

Once you submit your online application, our team will contact you as soon as possible to let you know if you have been approved and what the next steps are to getting you on board.

3. Who can promote ZonGuru?

In General, we welcome anyone who has an audience in the eCommerce space or is starting to build one to join ZonGuru’s Affiliate Program. Our partners range from Amazon sellers, website owners, bloggers, YouTubers, media buyers, influencers, speakers, eCommerce masters, marketers, and agencies.

4. What are the payment conditions?

Once you meet the minimum threshold of $300, we will pay you for all Qualified Subscribers that you bring in on a Net-30 payment model.

A Qualified Subscriber is a paid customer that remains subscribed to ZonGuru after the 30-day calendar refund period for Annual Subscription Plans or a 7-day calendar refund period for monthly Subscription Plans.

You can earn an unlimited amount through new users registrants. Existing customers will not count as qualified or payable conversions.

We offer a 45-day cookie timeframe to ensure your customers are accounted for long after clicking your link.

For more details about our Incentive bonus offer and how you can earn up to $2,000—on top of your referral commission—please, contact us and we will be happy to share further details.

5. Will I be paid if a customer receives a refund?

No, you will not be paid if a customer receives a refund because they will not be considered a Qualified Subscriber.

Please note, subscribers with a Monthly Plan will have a 7-day refund period and all subscribers with an Annual Plan will have a 30-day no-questions-asked refund period. Customers may change their minds at any stage based on their chosen subscription plan.

6. Are There Any Requirements for the Program?

Yes, our affiliate program has some requirements to keep in mind. But, mainly, we do not allow the following:

i) Sign ups from personal accounts.
ii) Pay-per-click advertising branded search terms.
iii) Promotions that do not reflect ZonGurus' brand values.

7. Will I have a support team?

Yes, you will have a dedicated Account Manager to help and support you to start and develop your account successfully.

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