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“The marriage between great Tech and AI makes this the best listing optimizer on the market. We have seen a drastic increase in BSR, CTR, CR and most importantly profitability.”
Specialist Amazon Agency
"ZonGuru has completely changed the game. I was using "Keywords on Fire'' and "Listing Optimizer 4.0" to work on a client's listings and the first day sales doubled. By the third they tripled! Our ROAS has never looked better. I will never use another tool again, and if you're on the fence about giving ZonGuru a try, it's worth it."
Christopher Schlarb
Profitable Pineapple - Full Service Amazon Agency
"For a newly founded agency, ZonGuru has been such an amazing partner right out of the gate...Their software functionality and data is invaluable for the sellers we manage, and their entire team has been both incredibly helpful, and responsive to our every need! It is very apparent that every aspect of their technology was built by sellers as it has exactly what a seller needs to not only manage, but grow their business significantly. Finally, their structured data-backed approach and simple integrations make adding and managing new clients a breeze!"
Joe Spann
Amplify eComm - Specialist Amazon Agency
"Jon and his team have been great from the start! Gracious trial period to get our toes wet with their platform, loads of training materials once we decided to go all in, quick communication by email as well as slack, quick turn around on reports, and they've even helped with creating new custom reports and new views. We will continue using Zonguru undoubtedly for the foreseeable future."
Rob Zawadski
AMZ Advisers - Full Service Amazon Agency

All Your Clients Want Are Sales

Brand Managers have limited time to do meaningful work. Stop wasting precious hours digging through endless data for something that may or may not move the needle. Sign up for ZonGuru today and see exactly why competitors are winning + how to help your clients win the Buy Box.

Get meaningful context behind every data point so you can make the right money-making decisions

ZonGuru is the only suite of tools in the world that guarantees you can optimize client listings to compete with the best on page 1. With Keywords on Fire, our flagship keyword research tool, get 15 key data points to identify top revenue-driving keywords and categories you can own. Then, use our fully integrated Listing Optimizer to import them directly into your clients’ product listings. Supercharge their sales potential, and begin seeing tangible results in just a few keystrokes.

Beat all your agency's competitors, your client’s competition, and even the aggregators

ZonGuru's proprietary Marketplace Performance Report lets you see how your brand is performing against top competitors, the product niche, and the overall market’s potential. Get expert-level insight into revenue trends, market share and keyword performance (both organic and paid). Identify the top “Movers and Shakers”, who may be cutting into your market share and much more. Understand consumer behavior and your company’s performance on a whole new level.

Keep your clients happy and "in check" with ZonGuru's easy-to-read Admin dashboard

“I love when clients ask me for custom reports”—said no one ever. With ZonGuru’s Enterprise Admin Dashboard, you can manage sub-accounts and monitor every client’s performance in one concise, aggregated view. See key metrics like Units Sold, Revenue, Organic Sales, ACoS, and more, all in one place. Identify opportunities for improvement quickly so you can delegate resources, pitch new services, and be confident your clients are hitting their goals.

7 Reasons Why ZonGuru Is the Best Tool For Amazon Agencies

Competition Context

Our platform gives sellers and brand managers everything they need to be operationally excellent across their Amazon storefront and primed for long-term growth. We provide direct views of competitor strengths, weaknesses and express exactly how to beat them. We prioritize this like no other tool in the industry.

Sub-Project Architecture

Our platform features a proprietary Admin dashboard that allows Agencies/Enterprise brands to oversee their entire client base in one place. No one else is doing this.

Data Quality And Tool Efficiency

Self explanatory. Our tools have been tailored to the needs of sellers and brand managers, and are designed to be simple, relevant, efficient and impactful.

Actionable Insights Focus

Our interface is specially designed to guide decision-making, providing real, actionable insights to our Agency partners. Functionality that provides actual recommendations is firmly on our development roadmap for the future.

Summarized Actionable Scoring

We are experts in making your data meaningful. Our platform summarizes detailed information in a concise, digestible way so you can make the right decisions for your business, every single time.

“For Sellers, By Sellers” Data Lens / Filter

Our core team consists of seasoned, expert-level Amazon Sellers who know from experience what data points matter, what strategies drive business forward and what information is actually key to making important decisions. This lens shapes every tool or report we create. We are very proud of this.

Dedicated Agency Support / Slack Integration

We custom tailor our programs to meet your specific business requirements, offering 1:1, white-glove support and training to all Enterprise clients.

Amazon Seller Central is not made for agencies. ZonGuru is.

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