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Produced by ZonGuru's engineers as part of our Managed Services division, the Growth Audit report is a FREE, custom analysis that shows you immediate opportunities for growth & how to get there.

In it, we review your full catalog, analyze your search performance, and select a product with strong potential. From there, we deep-dive into it, evaluating the Total Available Market (TAM) and going keyword-by-keyword to reveal exactly what you should be targeting to increase revenue. Get in-depth insights into your current sales potential, pricing strategy, the competition, and more.

Simply fill out the form! The Growth Audit and Managed Service are available to well-established Amazon brands only. Based on your submission, you may be given the option to book a short, 15-minute call with a member of our team.

On this call, we’ll introduce you to ZonGuru Managed Services (called project TilStar) and get a few more details needed to run the Growth Audit report. If you qualify, we’ll book time for you to review the results and true revenue potential directly with CEO, Jon Tilley.

Some brands discover that working directly with ZonGuru can grow their sales by more than 5x – be prepared to be blown away!

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This offer is currently available to larger brands only. For all others, we recommend our powerful Seller Toolkit.
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Recommended and Trusted

"Massive fan of this Amazon tracking software package from ZonGuru – combines all the best functionality from its competitors into one user-friendly interface, at a very reasonable cost. The customer service email automation tool has made my year!"
Jeremy Zinzan
Certified Amazon Seller
"I have been selling on Amazon for a few years now and ZonGuru has been with me from the get go. Growing with me and helping me scale. ZonGuru software is like giving you the keys to a Ferrari. The data and automation has helped me scale fast!"
Andrew Coates
Certified Amazon Seller
"I’ve been using ZonGuru for 6 months now after trying several other services and I found it to be well above my expectations. If you’re looking to launch an Amazon business or a seasoned veteran wanting to grow an existing business this is the software for you."
Nicholas Steiner
Certified Amazon Seller
"Used ZonGuru already and got me thinking about products I liked but wasn't sure of. Real tangible help and a way of removing the guesswork. You guys are very approachable and ZonGuru is brilliant. I can't wait to get selling and upgrade my subscription!"
Maura Bailie-Bellew
Certified Amazon Seller
"The best all in one for my Amazon business.
ZonGuru consistently has accurate data and great customer support. I trust them to run my 7 figure amazon FBA business and have never looked back since I switched to them."
Stefano Rodriguez
Certified Amazon Seller
"You can really tell these guys simply care about providing value through the features. Every new release so far has functions I either wanted, or didn’t know I needed. Overall, the tools seem to get better and better and the they are simple and easy to use."
Lucas Pinelli
Certified Amazon Seller