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What Our Customers Are Saying

For a newly founded agency, ZonGuru has been such an amazing partner right out of the gate...Their software functionality and data is invaluable for the sellers we manage, and their entire team has been both incredibly helpful, and responsive to our every need! It is very apparent that every aspect of their technology was built by sellers as it has exactly what a seller needs to not only manage, but grow their business significantly. Finally, their structured data-backed approach and simple integrations make adding and managing new clients a breeze!
Joe Spann
Amplify eComm
"Jon and his team have been great from the start! Gracious trial period to get our toes wet with their platform, loads of training materials once we decided to go all in, quick communication by email as well as slack, quick turn around on reports, and they've even helped with creating new custom reports and new views. We will continue using Zonguru undoubtedly for the foreseeable future."
Rob Zawadski
AMZ Advisers

Page-1 Product Listings That Are Ready For The Fight

Amazon search results pages are a battlefield. The difference between a weak product listing and a well-optimized one can mean $1000s, even tens of $1000s, in sales each month. Competition is tough. But with Listing Optimizer 4.0, your listing is always ready for the fight. Welcome to the next generation in Amazon listing optimization. Sign up now & see for yourself.

Improve your Amazon product listings FAST with the power of ChatGPT-4 AI

Listing Optimizer 4.0 is only tool in the world that guarantees your product listing will be ready to compete with the best on page 1! Backed by ChatGPT-4, it uses the most powerful AI on the planet to find the best keywords for any Amazon category and either auto-generate or rewrite product listings using that data. Simply import from Keywords on Fire directly into your listings to supercharge their sales potential and begin seeing tangible results in just a few keystrokes.

Size yourself up in real-time with Enhanced Scoring and beat the competition

What if you could know your listing was both tailored to Amazon and better than the competition? Now you can! Listing Optimizer 4.0 is specially designed to produce listings that match what Amazon’s algorithm wants. With its enhanced Optimization and Listing Strength scoring system, you can immediately know how well-optimized your listing is and how it stacks up against up to 8 competing ASINs. You always know when you have a winner.

Access a variety of game-changing 'power' features in a slick, easy-to-use new tool interface

With more power-prompting features than ever, Listing Optimizer 4.0 allows you to input guidance around tone, brand personality, product details, and more, to make sure the AI knows exactly how to suit your specific product or brand’s needs. Take advantage of advanced Language and tonality upgrades (ex: use Spain Spanish vs. Mexico Spanish), negative keyword match, and listing copying functionality, all in one place.

7 Reasons Why Listing Optimizer is the Best Tool for Sellers


This is the only Amazon listing tool backed by the most powerful AI yet. That means better data inputs, better outputs, better listing scores, and more sales.

Customizable Product + Brand Awareness

Craft your listings with even more control. With "power prompting" you can input guidance around tone, branding, and more, to make sure the AI knows exactly how to suit your specific product or brand’s needs.

Enhanced Listing Scoring + NEW Strength Score

Your listings will be even better matched to what Amazon’s algorithm wants, armed with even more insight about how you compare to competitors.

Localized Language Upgrades

Produce results with localized languages. That means using Spain Spanish vs. Mexico Spanish, being even more relevant to your marketplace and a better chance to drive sales.

Actionable Insights Focus

Our interface is specially designed to guide decision-making, providing real, actionable insights to our Agency partners. Functionality that provides actual recommendations is firmly on our development roadmap for the future.

Summarized Actionable Scoring

We are experts in making your data meaningful. Our platform summarizes detailed information in a concise, digestible way so you can make the right decisions for your business, every single time.

“For Sellers, By Sellers” Data Lens / Filter

Listing Optimizer was created by our core team - a group of seasoned, expert-level Amazon Sellers who know from experience what data points matter, what strategies drive business forward and what information is actually key to making important decisions. This lens shapes every tool or report we create. We are very proud of this.

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