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What is Keywords Spotlight?

Have you ever taken a look at a competing ASIN and wondered what makes it tick? Wonder no more, thanks to Keywords Spotlight! With the click of a mouse, find out what’s under the hood of your top competitors thanks to a list of secret, backend keywords you can’t find anywhere else.

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MUST have Zonguru tools for all Amazon…

MUST have Zonguru tools for all Amazon research. So many great ideas behind the suite of tools, follow the 12 steps - keyword on fire, target and filter long tail, optimize your listing and pull the back end listing of your competitors, check your ASIN checker, and use the spotlight tool, WOW.., and updates, utube trainings and interviews with experts. The guys and girls have been amazingly helpful and are there responding quickly = its got it all.

Find Secret Keywords

Most Amazon sellers don’t even know about backend keywords! Keywords Spotlight gives you the edge you need to scale your way up to page 1 fast. With just an ASIN, you can see what backend keywords the biggest sellers in your niche use to bring in every single sale possible.

Catch the Typos

Let’s say a potential customer accidentally types in “hikin boots.” With backend keywords, you can still appear in the search results for “hiking boots”! Use Keywords Spotlight to snatch up all the common misspellings possible.

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