About Us

ZonGuru’s core value is summed up in one word: freedom.

We believe the power to escape the 9-to-5 grind and make as much money as you want - wherever you want - is out there. Our team of seasoned Amazon sellers want to help you live life on your own terms with an industry-leading suite of powerful Amazon FBA seller tools designed from the ground up with one focus: get you the most money possible while working outside the confines of a traditional job. All backed by the most up to date, accurate data to help you make the best decisions. With ZonGuru, the power to pursue your passion is in your hands.

At ZonGuru, every goal we set for ourselves is guided by one simple question: “how do we provide our customers value?” If what we’re doing doesn’t provide you clear, actionable, positive results, then we might as well quit. And we’re not quitters.

Our Values

Our promise to give you the most bang for your buck is boiled down value means everything we do adheres to these 5 simple goals:

Data Driven Results

To make the best decisions, you need the best data. We pride ourselves on providing the most accurate, up to date data thanks in part to our partnership with Amazon.

Useful For All Seller Levels

Whether you’re just starting your Amazon journey with a small business or been in the game a while, ZonGuru has just what you need to improve your business.

For Sellers By Sellers

All our tools are designed by elite Amazon sellers. Rest assured every tool gives you exactly what you need to sell successfully on Amazon.

Ease of Use

The best tools in the world are useless if you don’t know how to use them. Every one of our seller tools are designed with ease of use in mind.

Here to Help

We don’t just throw all the Amazon tools at you and tell you to figure it out. Our team is here to help you dominate with lightning fast customer support.

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