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As a ZonGuru Certified Advisor, you’ll learn how to leverage reliable Amazon data and empower your clients to make smart business decisions.

To get you there, our Amazon experts created a 7-day Amazon Agency Academy to guide you every step of the way, for just $750. Follow along as we show you how to:

Find the best keywords for any product
Optimize listing copy above the competition
Track keyword performance rankings
Optimize reporting and alert monitoring

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What You'll Get

7-day FREE trial extension to ZonGuru toolset
Easy-to-follow videos and training resources
Daily missions to apply learnings
Wrap up webinar to discuss learnings
Priority support
Network opportunities with like-minded sellers
ZonGuru agency certification

What is it?

The Amazon Agency Academy is your 7-day roadmap to mastering the skills required to succeed on Amazon. Every day, our experienced sales pros will provide you with a clear learning objective along with educational content designed to do one thing: help you provide maximum value to your Amazon clients!

Who is it for?

We tailor-made this course for agencies wanting to provide exceptional value to their clients operating in the Amazon space. Amazon is a completely different ball game to other e-commerce channels, which is why we cut out all the clutter to provide you with an easy-to-follow, clear-cut path to assisting your clients to Amazon success.


Topics Overview

Over the course of 7 days, we boil down our years of sales experience into these important topics:

Keyword Strategies
Halo Effect Method
Listing Optimization
Key Performance Indicators
Alerts & Monitoring
Pay-Par-Click Advertising
Review Maximization
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