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Good decisions need good intel. Say hi to Keyword Tracker, your ace-in-the-hole for all things keyword performance. Quickly see the top keywords for any Amazon item, and track up to 50 more to see how they trend over the last 30 days, change in daily rank, what page they’re currently on, and more. Harness this power to spot money-making trends and get the drop on your competition.

Stay One Step Ahead

Simply grab an ASIN, toss it into Keyword Tracker, and get the top 3 performing keywords for it along with a list of your hottest personal keywords. See what makes the competition tick by cracking their listing open and seeing what keywords make them the most money. Get the recon you need to stay on top.

Tweak Away

Put your keywords to the test and see how they stack up against the competition. Attach up to 50 personalized keywords to any product and watch to see if you’ve struck gold. Adapt and evolve by quickly making data-based listing adjustments guaranteed to pull in page 1 numbers.

Stay Trendy

Get the full picture with keyword trending data from the last 30 days. Accurate, intuitive graphs clearly display how any keyword of your choosing rises and falls. Become a keyword Nostradamus by analyzing the trends and making bold predictions that end in big paydays.

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