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What is Keyword Tracker?

Step right up to your one-stop-shop for all things keyword performance-related! Grab the top-performing keywords for any ASIN and track up to 50 others. See how they’ve trended over the last 30 days, what page they’re currently on, and more all in one intuitive spot.

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I could now imagine starting an Amazon business without this software suite!! Not only is the data direct from Amazon, it is such a well rounded vast amount of data that helps me make the best decisions regarding product selection for my brand! On top of that, the training is amazing and the customer service is top notch!
Kimberly Lock
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Track the top Performers

Just enter an ASIN, and Keyword Tracker digs up the 3 top-performing keywords for it, along with a list of your hottest performing keywords. See what makes the competition fast and stay one step ahead.

Attach Your own Keywords

Sometimes, just the top-performers aren’t enough. Maybe you want to see how some of your own are doing. Go right ahead by attaching up to 50 personal keywords to an ASIN and track their performance to see which ones are hot, and which ones are not.

Chart Your Success

Easy to read graphs chart keyword performance over the last 30 days. See the rise and fall of any keyword you like. Become a keyword Nostradamus and predict trends no one else can see!

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