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What is Sales Spy?

It’s your next step in quickly validating your next hot FBA product! Just pop in an ASIN, and a year’s worth of historical sales data is right there at your fingertips so you can see trend data! Quickly find out what makes any product tick with BSR and revenue data charted out over any date range you need (within a year).

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Great tool for searching for that right product. It has all the information you need to get started on your Amazon Journey!

ZonGuru is extremely easy to use and understand. The support team are very fast to respond and are super helpful. Love the Dashboard too!

Zonguru is very smooth and easy to use, a integrative approach to amazon and great all round for any business level!

Product Pulse Events

Did you make a change to your listing? Or maybe you’re tracking a competing item. We’ll mark that change directly on all the relevant Sales Spy graphs so you can see how it affects sales!

Results Right Away

Sales Spy makes scoping out your competition’s performance easier than ever: just type in an ASIN, and get a year’s worth of sales data in seconds.

Get the Big Picture

Bulk add numerous ASINs from Niche Finder or Chrome Extension and easily discover market trends the rest can’t see! What’s the seasonality? When do they run out of stock? How are they ranked? The answers to all of these are within your reach.

Support for Multiple Markets

Are you looking to expand into a market outside of the US? No problem! With Sales Spy, you can grab data from multiple markets including the UK and Australia.

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