Ready to Take Your Sales From Zero to Hero?

Are your FBA sales flatlining? Time to give them a jolt with listing optimization and PPC strategies straight from our very own CEO, Jon Tilley, and CTO/7-figure seller, Stefan Ratchev! Go behind-the-scenes during this 4-part video series as they take an actual underperforming Amazon listing and give it life thanks to their proven, data-centric methods for increasing conversions. Drop us an email now to start your journey!

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Here you go! Check out our 4-part journey, taking a flatlining listing and jolting life back into it with our data-driven techniques! Enjoy.

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ZonGuru CEO Jon Tilley and CTO Stefan Ratchev

Jon Tilley and Stefan Ratchev are the brains behind ZonGuru’s industry-leading software platform. Between them, they have decades of FBA experience under their belt that they’re ready to share with you. Join them as they document every step of their journey and the data-driven methods they employ to rack up the sales. By the end of the series, you’ll have all the insider info you need to take your own underperforming listing and send it straight up the sales ranks!