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What is Listing Optimizer?

This is the only tool in the world that guarantees your product listing will be ready to compete with the best on page 1! Backed by ChatGPT-4, Listing Optimizer uses the most powerful AI on the planet to find the best keywords for any Amazon category and auto-generate or rewrite product listings using that data. With its unique Optimization and Listing Strength scoring, it tells you immediately how well your listing satisfies Amazon’s algorithm, how it stacks up to the competition, and where to improve…all in under 1 minute!

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Great tool for searching for that right product. It has all the information you need to get started on your Amazon Journey!

ZonGuru is extremely easy to use and understand. The support team are very fast to respond and are super helpful. Love the Dashboard too!

Zonguru is very smooth and easy to use, a integrative approach to amazon and great all round for any business level!

Improve Your Product Listing in Minutes

With the power of ChatGPT-4 AI on your business, improved listings are mere seconds away. Once you begin stuffing your listing with powerful keywords, Listing Optimizer allows you to input guidance around tone, branding, and more, to make sure the AI knows exactly how to suit your specific product or brand’s needs. Start capitalizing on top performing keywords and watch your score improve in real-time!

Keywords on Fire Integration

Relevance and keyword selection are key. That’s why Listing Optimizer is directly integrated with ZonGuru’s flagship keyword research tool, Keywords on Fire. Get auto-recommended keywords or manually import your own keyword lists directly into the tool – it’ll sort them out for you based on their potential performance. Then, select your list, auto-generate (or manually edit) each listing bullet point to meet your needs, and watch your listing score skyrocket.

Size Yourself Up

What if you could KNOW your listing was both tailored to Amazon and better than the competition? Now you can! Listing Optimizer is specially designed to produce listings that match what Amazon’s algorithm wants. With its enhanced Listing Strength scoring system, you can immediately know how well optimized your listing is and how it stacks up against up to 8 competing ASINs.

Take Control With AI ‘Power’ Prompting

With more power-prompting features than ever, Listing Optimizer allows you to give the AI specific instructions around tone, brand personality, format, product details, and more, so you can make sure it writes the perfect listing to suit your product or brand’s needs. Plus, take advantage of advanced Language and tonality upgrades (ex: Spain Spanish vs. Mexico Spanish), negative keyword matching and a handy listing copying functionality, all in one place.

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