Listing Optimizer

Listing Optimization

So, it’s time to list your item. Make sure you list it right with Listing Optimizer. This lean, mean, conversion-grabbing machine imports your keyword list and tells you exactly where to insert them for the most revenue possible, thanks to our rock-solid sales data. Or, maybe you want to check out some click-heavy keywords your competition uses. Not a problem! With just an ASIN, you can quickly compare competing listings against yours and find ways to generate even more conversions. With Listing Optimizer, the power to create the perfect page 1 private label listing is yours.

Size Yourself Up

There’s no shame in admitting your listing could use some tuning up. The real shame would be not doing anything about it. Listing Optimizer gives you the power to see how well optimized your biggest competitors are so you always have the inside scoop. Simply enter the ASIN you want to compare your listing against, and let Listing Optimizer quickly serve up everything that makes it tick. It even shows you their backend keywords (a unique feature you won’t find many places)! Who knows, you might find some new keywords you can use to scoop up more conversions!

Keyword Placement That Converts

Now that you’ve generated a list of the best keywords around with Keywords on Fire, it’s time to piece them together into the perfect listing guaranteed to grab eyeballs, generate sales, and boost your sales ranking. Simply transfer your keywords over to the Listing Optimizer and start placing them in your listing. Our exclusive Listing Optimization score will tell you exactly how strong your listing is. Compare your score against competing products and see exactly how much traffic and revenue you can pull in!

Broaden Your Horizon

If there’s one thing we know, it’s keywords. Our “for sellers, by sellers” philosophy guides everything we do, which is why Listing Optimizer identifies broad and exact matches in every section of your listing. Let us help you turn your listing into a conversion-magnet with keyword placement that’s proven to bring in buyers.

Strengthen Your Listing

Some keywords perform better than others. That’s why Listing Optimizer sorts all your keywords by how well they convert. Rest easy knowing the keywords our powerful listing optimization tools provide aren’t duds. Got some keywords of your own? Not a problem. Manually import them in. Once you’ve carefully laid out your keywords to maximize your potential revenue, take a look at the Listing Optimizer score to see how it stacks up against the competition.

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