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What is Review Automator?

The more five-star reviews your product has, the more customers are likely to buy it. They show that you are trustworthy and reliable. What better way to up your five-star reviews than asking the right customers at the right time for an honest review? Our Review Automator tool does just that, and all perfectly in line with Amazon's terms of service.

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Great software and excellent customer service!

This is a company that is really passionate in making software that really helps us sellers and it shows through their customer service, content, and the great tools they offer. I would highly recommend this over any other alternative because not only you get great tools, but you also get the support and content that helps you get the very best they have to offer. I hope it stays this way! Been a user for over 3 years now and it just keeps getting better and better.

One Click, Set it and Forget it!

Requesting reviews can be a complicated and time-consuming process. With Review Automator, reviews can be requested by simply turning on a switch—that’s it! Once it’s switched on requests will be sent directly from Amazon’s own review request system, making it the most safe and reliable way to clock up those five-star reviews.

Right People, Right Time

Review Automator only sends requests to customers once they've received the product and have shown no signs of regret. That means no refunds, complaints, or orders still pending. Plus, you'll see a neat little overview of who exactly was sent a request and who was not, saving you time and helping you to understand your metrics better at the same time.

100% in line with Amazon's Terms of Service

All review requests sent are safer than ever. This is because requests are sent using Amazon’s own email template, ensuring your account is fully compliant with the firm’s terms of service. So you don’t need to worry about any drama.

Whats New in 2.0?

As Amazon sellers, we know that finding your first or next product takes work. That’s why we recently updated our Niche Rater Chrome Extension to give you even more control over the data you see, so you can make even smarter decisions about the products you consider. 

Key improvements include:

  • A clean, easy-to-read, look and feel
  • Additional customizable settings and filters—including the ability to adjust columns, auto-save your preferred layout, and remove paid listings—so you always compare only the most relevant data in your analysis.
  • New detachable ‘dual-screen’ functionality, allowing you to open new windows, go full-screen, shift to a new monitor, and view the data how you want to.

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