What is Review Automator?

If you want to thrive, you need to cultivate a happy and engaged customer base. How do you do that? With fast, clear communication. Amazon’s customer communication rules constantly change. It can be a hassle keeping up with them. Until now. Review Automator lets you quickly send bulk review requests that perfectly adhere to the rules. Get every 5-star review you deserve!

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Great tool for searching for that right product. It has all the information you need to get started on your Amazon Journey!

ZonGuru is extremely easy to use and understand. The support team are very fast to respond and are super helpful. Love the Dashboard too!

Zonguru is very smooth and easy to use, a integrative approach to amazon and great all round for any business level!

Up Your 5-Star Reviews

Building a brand that customers flock to means one thing: word of mouth. The best way to get that word of mouth is with a steady stream of legitimate 5-star reviews. Review Automator makes it easier than ever to rake in the reviews and start building a brand that lasts!

Only Send to Satisfied Customers

You don’t want negative reviews affecting your brand. With Review Automator, you never have to worry about that. Filter out any customers who asked for a refund, pending orders, and ineligible orders so you only contact people likely to leave you a 5-star review.

TOS Compliant Communication

Amazon’s Terms of Service (TOS) is confusing. The rules constantly change, and if you break any of them you risk having your account suspended! Our sales pros know the TOS inside and out and that knowledge is baked right into Review Automator’s code.

Seller Central Integration

Review Automator was designed from the ground up with ease of use in mind. That means that you can send out bulk review requests to hundreds of customers at once with the click of a mouse. All done within Seller Central.


Filter out results that don’t meet your financial goals.


Don’t want to fight for sales? Throw away highly competitive niches!


Get results guaranteed to sell.

Keyword Filtering

Toss out product niches that don’t fit your business.

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7-Day FREE Trial
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