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Finding the right supplier for your product is a job in itself. Where do you even start looking? And once you’ve actually found a list of suppliers, how do you sift through the mountains of data? There’s SO. MUCH. STUFF. That’s why we’re happy to announce our world-first collaboration with Alibaba to bring you Easy Source. Instantly find suppliers with a proven track record of delivering results. Powerful filtering options let you find suppliers to meet your exact Private Label requirements like location, manufacturer/agent, price/MOQ, verified revenue/shipments, and more. Crafted by ZonGuru. Powered by Alibaba.com.

Only The Best Suppliers

When running your own company, you simply don’t have enough time to sift through massive supplier lists that may not even provide the specific information you need. We decided to do the heavy lifting for you by partnering with Alibaba.com to instantly bring you curated supplier lists that clearly present all the relevant information you need. Tailor-made to meet Amazon Private Label requirements.

Everything You Need, Right On The Listing

Easy Source’s Chrome Extension integration means you have all the information you need to find the right manufacturer, all while never leaving an Amazon listing. Simply navigate to a product page, let ZonGuru analyze the data, and receive a curated list of proven, reliable manufacturers straight from Alibaba.com

Powerful Filtering Options

We know your business has specific needs. That’s why we hand you the power to narrow down your search quickly and easily. Our powerful search options let you narrow down your search by filtering suppliers based on important metrics such as location, manufacturer/agent, price/MOQ, verified revenue/shipments, and more.

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