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What is Keywords on Fire?

Say hello to our flagship, industry-leading product research tool, tailor-made from the ground up for sellers, by sellers to help inject your product listings with the highest performing keywords around. Browse through the most relevant, opportunistic, powerful keywords you can own that your competition simply can’t. Accurate, de-duped keyword listings that your actual customers are searching for on Amazon allow you to maximize your reach and rank so you can scale your business up like never before.

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MUST have Zonguru tools for all Amazon…

MUST have Zonguru tools for all Amazon research. So many great ideas behind the suite of tools, follow the 12 steps - keyword on fire, target and filter long tail, optimize your listing and pull the back end listing of your competitors, check your ASIN checker, and use the spotlight tool, WOW.., and updates, utube trainings and interviews with experts. The guys and girls have been amazingly helpful and are there responding quickly = its got it all.

Absurd Amounts of Data

Every single Keywords on Fire session contains a ridiculous amount of data to help you make the best decisions possible. Get the full picture with 15 essential data points, including:

Search Volume: Rock-solid monthly search volume numbers directly from Amazon’s Brand Analytics API.

Dollars from Keywords: See the monthly revenue each keyword generates for the top 25 listings. Powerful stuff!

PPC Bid: See what the average PPC bid is so you spend your ad budget the smart way.

Competitor Position: See exactly where your competitors rank for a keyword, and where they don’t.

Customizable Views

Add or remove each piece of data so you can see exactly what you want. Don’t want a keyword above a certain PPC bid? Or maybe you don’t want one with a ZG Score below a certain threshold. No problem! Filter away to your heart’s content.

Listing Optimizer Integration

When you’re ready to craft the perfect listing packed with attention-grabbing, money-making keywords, just import it over to our Listing Optimizer tool with the click of a mouse!

Whats New in 2.0?

As Amazon sellers, we know that finding your first or next product takes work. That’s why we recently updated our Niche Rater Chrome Extension to give you even more control over the data you see, so you can make even smarter decisions about the products you consider. 

Key improvements include:

  • A clean, easy-to-read, look and feel
  • Additional customizable settings and filters—including the ability to adjust columns, auto-save your preferred layout, and remove paid listings—so you always compare only the most relevant data in your analysis.
  • New detachable ‘dual-screen’ functionality, allowing you to open new windows, go full-screen, shift to a new monitor, and view the data how you want to.

Supercharge Your PPC Campaigns

Don’t stop at your listing! Insert these attention-grabbing keywords into your manual PPC campaigns too to maximize your launch potential.

Try out the most powerful all-in-one toolset for Amazon sellers.

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