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What is the ZonGuru Chrome Extension?

A fast, complete, 360-degree look at any live product niche and one of our most popular product research tools. Whether it is your first product or your next best seller, our Chrome Extension gives you the data you need to evaluate a niche's potential quickly and easily. But that's not all. It also contains a built-in Profit Calculator, allowing you to see any product's FBA profit potential and actually validate your ideas. Simply install our Chrome Extension, run a search, and get a rating showing how viable that product niche is based on 4 proprietary metrics. Get product validation questions answered and crush your sales on Amazon.

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Great tool for searching for that right product. It has all the information you need to get started on your Amazon Journey!

ZonGuru is extremely easy to use and understand. The support team are very fast to respond and are super helpful. Love the Dashboard too!

Zonguru is very smooth and easy to use, a integrative approach to amazon and great all round for any business level!

Powerful Data to Power your Research

Having the right data can save time, effort, and money. With the ZonGuru Chrome extension, see all the data you need to validate any product idea, including keyword search volume, monthly sales, listing ranking, and review ratings. Simply search for a product, open the extension, and start understanding your niche in a whole new way.

4 Key Metrics to Help You Decide

Don’t get lost in the data and commit to a poor product. To make things clear, we developed 4 important metrics to help you quickly decide whether to dig deeper into a product or move on to the next. In seconds, get a quick snapshot of:

Buyer demand: How in demand the product is

Investment sweet spot: How much you would need to invest

Revenue potential: How much you stand to earn

Competition opportunity: How fierce the competition is

Calculate Profit Potential in Seconds

We know that a lot goes into a sale before it hits your bottom line. That’s why the ZonGuru Chrome extension now features a built-in Profit Calculator to help you understand not only potential revenue, but potential profit for products you consider. Simply tap the new profit widget, input estimated costs for things like packaging, storage, or shipping, and immediately see the potential for this product to be a winner.

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