What is Niche Rater?

A fast, complete, 360-degree look at any live product niche. Simply open our Chrome Extension tool, run a search, and get a rating on how viable the niche is based on our 4 exclusive data metrics, which answer any product validation questions you may have and help you crush it on Amazon.

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Great tool for searching for that right product. It has all the information you need to get started on your Amazon Journey!

ZonGuru is extremely easy to use and understand. The support team are very fast to respond and are super helpful. Love the Dashboard too!

Zonguru is very smooth and easy to use, a integrative approach to amazon and great all round for any business level!

Exclusive Metrics

We pride ourselves on our data. Thanks to our partnership with Amazon, we’re able to calculate a niche’s potential based on 4 exclusive ZonGuru metrics.:

Buyer Demand: How in demand the item is.

Investment Sweetspot: How much you need to invest to stay competitive.

Potential Revenue: How much you stand to make.

Competition Opportunity: How fierce the competition is.

Validate a Niche, Fast

The process couldn’t be simpler: just install the Chrome Extension, and run a search. We’ll dig up all the data you need to determine whether you should invest. Seriously. It’s that easy!

See Only What You Want

Throw out underperforming products quickly with Niche Rater’s powerful filtering tools. Want to find products in a specific price range? No problem. Plug-in the price range you want straight into our easy interface. Niche Rater lets you obsess and tinker quickly to find the perfect product that fits your vision and budget.

All the Data You Need

Every important piece of data you need to validate a product is right there front and center. Here are just a few of the live metrics we pull for you:


Filter out results that don’t meet your financial goals.


Don’t want to fight for sales? Throw away highly competitive niches!


Get results guaranteed to sell.

Keyword Filtering

Toss out product niches that don’t fit your business.

Try out the most powerful all-in-one toolset for Amazon sellers.

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7-Day FREE Trial
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