Training Series

Find, source and scale a profitable Amazon product in 3 days.

Join Darren and Josh as they break down exactly how the ZonGuru tool suite will help you choose and source your next Amazon product!

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Identifying and Analyzing a Potential Product Niche

  • Getting started with the BASICS
  • Utilizing the Product Research Checklist
  • Generating Product ideas with the Niche Finder
  • Using data to validate your idea!
  • Seasonality and trends of a product using Sales Spy
  • Live demonstration showing exactly how we identified an amazing Product!

Designing a Product and Finding a Qualified Supplier

  • Creating your Customer Avatar
  • Understanding your customer pain points with the Love Hate Tool
  • Easy ways to generate creative ideas for Product Differentiation
  • Jon's supplier checklist, Importing terminology explained!
  • Finding the Perfect Supplier with Easy Source
  • Using the Product Research Checklist to Calculate Profit Margins!

Building a Listing to Drive Traffic and Convert!

  • Finessing our Brand Overview and Customer Persona
  • How it relates back to Keywords and Listing Copy
  • Creating Listing Copy that Drives Traffic, Speaks to your Customer and Converts to Sales
  • Eliminating the guesswork with Keywords on Fire, Keywords Spotlight and Listing Optimizer
  • Implementing the Keyword HALO effect