JUNE 2021

Events Hub

Welcome to the Events Hub! Here you’ll find all of our scheduled events for the month, including:

  • Live Q&A’s with industry thought leaders and seven-figure entrepreneurs
  • FREE training sessions hosted by our team of Amazon sellers
  • Exclusive community events at our Facebook group, Amazon Seller Network

Join us for results-oriented discussions guaranteed to help you increase your CTR and scale your brand!

Live Training Series

Once a week, our experienced FBA pros share the strategies they use to run their own six-figure businesses. Book a spot now for:

  • Advanced product research tips
  • Keyword and listing optimization strategies that convert
  • Q&A sessions with real Amazon sellers

...Simply register for a session and set a reminder below. We’ll see you soon!

Your Biggest Amazon Problems Solved: Open, Interactive Discussion With Knowledge Bombs and Tools To Help You!

Host - Jon Tilley
PT - June 4th 2021 / 4.00pm
AEST - June 5th 2021 / 9.00am
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Amazon Australia Virtual Event! Amazon Australia: dominate the fastest growing Amazon marketplace now ✅

PT - June 9th 2021 / 4.00pm
AEST - June 10th 2021 / 9.00am
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"What exactly am I looking for?!" A guide to product research.

Host - Veronica Poniatowski
PT - June 16th 2021 / 5.00pm
AEST - June 17th 2021 / 10.00am
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Out Of The Box Launch Strategies.

Host - Kimberlee French
PT - June 23rd 2021 / 5.00pm
AEST - June 24th 2021 / 10.00am
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Amazon Seller Network: The Facebook Group For Serious Sellers

The goal of our Facebook group is simple: keep things positive and provide value. Join us for:

  • Weekly events made to inspire you and network with like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Group-only, exclusive Q&A webinars with successful brand owners

...And more! Set a calendar invite for our ASN-exclusive events below.

Amazon Seller Network FB Live!

PT - June 17th 2021 / 4.00pm
AEST - June 18th 2021 / 9.00am
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Podcasts, Webinars, And In-Depth Interviews

Jon Tilley, our CEO and experienced six-figure seller, hosts podcasts, webinars, and more with successful industry leaders. Learn from the best how to:

  • Transform your business into a brand with huge earning potential
  • Save money with other FBA service providers

...Along with Q&A’s to answer all your burning questions. Register and set your calendars below!

Seller Insights with Steven Pope (My Amazon Guy)

PT -  June 25th 2021 / 4.00pm
AEST - June 26th 2021 / 9.00am
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Expert Hotseat with Chelsea Cohen (SoStocked)

PT - June 3rd 2021 / 4.00pm
AEST - June 4th 2021 / 9.00am
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