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ZonGuru was founded with the sole purpose of turning aspiring online sellers’ dreams into a reality. To achieve our goal, we built an industry-leading suite of powerful Amazon FBA tools from the ground up. Nothing brings us more joy than hearing stories about how our software opened the doors to financial success and freedom. 

We also empower sellers by producing educational and informative content aimed at expanding horizons. However, Amazon is a complex marketplace with ever-changing seller dynamics. That’s why we’re on the lookout for recognized eCommerce experts and FBA sellers with a proven track record to share their knowledge and expertise with our audience.

By providing a platform to veteran sellers and experts alike, we’re hoping to expand upon our literature of free and insightful content. We hold ourselves to a high standard and would like that to be reflected in the content we publish. As such, it is only right that we do not accept press releases, unoriginal pieces, and any material resembling a blatant sales pitch. 

The topics we accept as guest posts include:

  1. eCommerce business management (think: business and brand growth strategies)
  2. Amazon seller related content
  3. Online marketing industry trends

If you feel as though your content genuinely adds value to our readers, please feel free to get in touch. The following are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

Post Guidelines

  • Post length: 1500 - 2000 words
  • Image requirements: The author must cite image sources
  • Images must be royalty-free.
  • Citing sources: Give facts, examples, and practical tips. Research sources, if any, must be mentioned at the end of the guest post.
  • Guidelines on links: We allow one dofollow link in the content provided.
  • Metadata markup: Guest posts should be structured professionally.
  • Style: Try and match our site's tone and style.
  • Important editing information: We reserve the right to slightly edit provided headlines, body copy, and anything else. 
  • Final Edits: We accept only final revisions; however, we will proofread all submitted content. We keep the right to make small edits.

Submission Guidelines

  • Accepted formats: MS Office Word/Google docs
  • Formatting: Articles should feature lists, headers, bullet points, and/or other engaging design
  • Byline/headshot information: Please provide a professional picture of the author (minimum size 800 x 800 pixels) as well as the author's or your company’s short bio. It can contain a nofollow link to your website homepage.
  • Content ownership: Once you submit a piece of writing, it becomes ZonGuru property. 

Structure Guidelines

You should regard the following guidelines as an outline. We reserve the right to provide feedback if we find any change is required. 


Introduce the topic, yourself, your expertise, and why this blog will solve a relevant pain point and provide value for our reader.


Split your articles into H2/3 sub-headings throughout the body. Each sub-heading should cover a specific part of the topic.


Wrap up quickly. Summarize your main points again.

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