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Niche Finder Features

Always Be Inspired With Our Product Research Features

Always Be Inspired With Our Product Research Features

We all hit walls in our Amazon FBA journey. Let us help you break past them with Easy Mode. Just type in a term, and instantly see a curated list of profitable keywords along with relevant data such as competition, buyer demand, revenue, reviews, search volume, Niche Score, and more. Switch between Easy Starter, Business Builder, and Big Hitter filters to adjust your list based on your specific business goals.

Find Profitable Product Niches With Our Powerful Filtering Options

Sometimes you have a specific Amazon business plan with a budget ready to go, but no product idea. With Advanced Mode, you can plow through ZonGuru’s extensive database to find the exact product or category niche suited to your business. Set parameters such as buyer demand, competition opportunity, revenue potential, and more. Get even more granular by filtering out keywords you want. With ZonGuru, your next big-money product niche is just a few clicks away.

Always Be Inspired With Our Product Research Features

Feeling Lucky?

Maybe you don’t even know where to start your product research. With Niche Finder’s Feeling Lucky option, that’s no problem. Simply select what product categories you’re interested in, press the Feeling Lucky button, and instantly find a keyword phrase along with product listings to give you all the inspiration you need to launch the perfect product.

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