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What is Love-Hate?

Are you looking for insight on how to differentiate your product? Who better to get conversion-grabbing ideas from than actual customers! Generate intuitive, elegant word clouds full of commonly used words/phrases from every 1- and 5-star review for any ASIN. Build something that’s everything your customers love, and nothing they hate.

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Simply the BEST!

I could now imagine starting an Amazon business without this software suite!! Not only is the data direct from Amazon, it is such a well rounded vast amount of data that helps me make the best decisions regarding product selection for my brand! On top of that, the training is amazing and the customer service is top notch!
Kimberly Lock
via TrustPilot

Find What Customers Think in Seconds

Customer reviews are an important piece of data you need to launch the perfect product. Instead of reading through hundreds of them manually, let Love-Hate do the heavy lifting. Just enter in an ASIN, and in seconds get all the info you need.

Word Clouds Make it Easy

There’s a lot of data out there. Let us make it easy to digest! Love-Hate automatically generates word clouds containing commonly used words/phrases from every positive and negative review. If you want to dig deeper, click on an individual word to read every review containing it.

Get the Creative Juices Flowing

We all hit a wall in our quest to build the perfect product. With Love-Hate, just pop in a search term and browse a detailed list of beautiful product photos from Google and Pinterest. Find the perfect starting point for your next hot-selling item, fast.

Never Forget an Idea

Sometimes inspiration for a great product listing comes at inopportune times. Never forget an idea inside Love-Hate, now that you can jot down your ideas in the notes field and stay inspired.

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