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Review Automator


Find the Perfect Product

Learn the Niche Rater method and see how to streamline your FBA product research. Use our approach and find a product you can not only sell on Amazon, but one you can continue to grow for long-term profit.

Get a full breakdown of key data points such as Buyer Demand, Investment Sweetspot, and Revenue Potential, plus insider tips and tricks from the experts!

120 Hot Products Analyzed

Having trouble deciding on your next product launch? Find the inspiration you need with detailed breakdowns of 100 top-selling products! Get insight into what makes each successful including ‘hot vs. not’ comparisons, analyses of top performing keywords, and more.

Product Differentiation Made Easy

A key aspect of a ‘winning’ product is your ability to differentiate–why should customers choose your product over the competition? Get expert advice on how to effectively stand out, using real examples and real data. See how to convert potential customers and begin building long-term brand loyalty before they can even consider anything else.

Master the Amazon Algorithm

Learn how Amazon’s A9 algorithm works - how it determines relevance, how it treats keywords, and what factors it looks for in product listings to determine ranking.

Having trouble getting your products to Page 1? This guide will give you all the SEO tips and best practices you need to boost your product’s ranking and get more eyeballs on your listings.

Boost Your Product Visibility

70% of Amazon shoppers NEVER click past page 1. That’s why increasing traffic to your listing depends on having an expert-level SEO strategy in place.

This guide compiles the best advice from our proven multi-brand sellers, so you can optimize your listings and begin seeing positive shifts in organic results, fast. Download it now to discover key strategies like targeting long-tail keywords, building authority, and much more!

One Click, Set it and Forget it!

Requesting reviews can be a complicated and time-consuming process. With Review Automator, reviews can be requested by simply turning on a switch—that’s it! Once it’s switched on requests will be sent directly from Amazon’s own review request system, making it the most safe and reliable way to clock up those five-star reviews.

Right People, Right Time

Review Automator only sends requests to customers once they've received the product and have shown no signs of regret. That means no refunds, complaints, or orders still pending. Plus, you'll see a neat little overview of who exactly was sent a request and who was not, saving you time and helping you to understand your metrics better at the same time.

100% in line with Amazon's Terms of Service

All review requests sent are safer than ever. This is because requests are sent using Amazon’s own email template, ensuring your account is fully compliant with the firm’s terms of service. So you don’t need to worry about any drama.

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