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What is Product Pulse?

Your eyes and ears in the field! Customizable email alerts let you know whenever your ASIN’s change any one of 15 different critical parts of its listing. Plus track your top competitors and always know what they’re up to so you. React quickly and stay one step ahead of the competition!

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Love hearing those Karchings 💲💲

Great software for researching and managing your product portfolio and seamlessly integrates with your existing Amazon Account. Especially love 😍 hearing those karchings💲💲come through on the Zonguru App, make me smile every time 😊. Customer Support is awesome, quickly respond every time and the guys release software updates and up to date training videos on a regular basis which has helped grow my business in one way or another ✅.
Rodney Steele
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Keep an Eye on Every Angle

Product Pulse’s 15 different email alerts keep you in the know. With the click of a mouse, you can track things such as:

Pricing: Get alerts when your sales price runs out or your competitors try and undercut you.

Listing copy: Be alerted whenever someone slips a new keyword into their description.

Dimensions: Never get hit with unexpected storage fees due to Amazon changing your product dimensions!

Product Images: Want to know when someone inserts new lifestyle photos? No problem!

Keep Your Reviews Up

Prompt customer communication is key to keeping your average review score up. Get an alert the second someone reviews your product so you can quickly thank them or rectify any issues they have. An informed customer is a happy customer.

Product Pulse Events

Do you want to see if any changes affect sales? Turn on event tracking for any of our alerts and we’ll mark them on your Sales Spy and Business Dashboard graphs!

Whats New in 2.0?

As Amazon sellers, we know that finding your first or next product takes work. That’s why we recently updated our Niche Rater Chrome Extension to give you even more control over the data you see, so you can make even smarter decisions about the products you consider. 

Key improvements include:

  • A clean, easy-to-read, look and feel
  • Additional customizable settings and filters—including the ability to adjust columns, auto-save your preferred layout, and remove paid listings—so you always compare only the most relevant data in your analysis.
  • New detachable ‘dual-screen’ functionality, allowing you to open new windows, go full-screen, shift to a new monitor, and view the data how you want to.

Always Stay Active

We’ll alert you the second your listing becomes inactive quick. Take care of that suspension or inventory right away so your customers stay happy and you keep climbing up the ranks.

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