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Calculate Your FBA Fees in Seconds

Amazon FBA fees can stress a seller out--we know all about it. The FBA Fee calculator can make all that stress melt away. With this nifty little spreadsheet that customizes to suit your individual needs, ALL of the calculations are taken care of for you. So you can focus on other important aspects of your FBA business.

Tells you a products true profit potential

This powerful tool tells you what FBA fees to expect so that you understand a product's true profit potential. It will detail the money in your pocket after all fees are paid, helping you decide if your time and investment are worth it.

Updates fees as your product changes

Changes to your product, like its size and category could change the fees you’ll be charged. Our FBA calculator will update the expected fees and charges right away based on your individual inputs.

Only needs your product’s details to work

No tech-savvy skills required: simply enter your product details into the grey shaded cells and we'll take care of the rest. It couldn't be easier and more fun to calculate your future profit potential.