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On average, around 3,700 sellers have signed up to sell on Amazon every single day in 2021—that’s 155 new Seller Central accounts created every hour!

Although these numbers indicate continued growth for the retail giant, they also signal increased competition. This means that there will be more sellers competing for the same manufacturers, making it hard to create a unique, one-of-a-kind product. So, how can you find the best products to sell on Amazon? 

Wish Wholesale—a US-based online e-Commerce platform features thousands of trusted suppliers. Here, you will have the room to find a quality supplier with a best-selling product on Amazon. Is this opportunity as great as it sounds? How exactly can you find the best product to sell? And what exactly should you look for when deciding on which supplier to choose?

The Wonderful World of Wish Wholesale

Founded in 2011, Wish.com has grown into a massive B2C online marketplace that sees between 2 and 3 million orders made each day. It’s also home to millions of incredibly low-priced products spanning across 55 product categories. 

Wish Wholesale – a one-stop-shop solution to all your sourcing problems!

Wish’s mantra of “high-quality, best-selling merchandise at bulk discount prices” becomes evident once you compare the average product ratings and price with similar products on other platforms. 

Aside from its basic categories, both the mobile app and website also categorize products based on:

  • Best Sellers
  • New Arrivals
  • Trending
  • Best Seller Boxes

Our goal is to share four methods of product research and validation using four of the above-mentioned categories to find winning products. These strategies also enable us to verify whether the products promoted by Wish Wholesale are popular on Amazon or not.

Method #1: Determine Best-Selling Products Using Amazon Search Term Reports

The first place on Wish Wholesale you should check out is definitely the Best Seller section. It’s one of the fastest ways of discovering products with the highest demand. The web interface looks something like this:

Wish Wholesale also offers massive discounts on its Best Selling products.

Out of the 48 search results, let’s go for “Pill Organizer Box” as it’s both a trending and best-selling product. To validate our search, we downloaded the Amazon.com Search Terms Report.

Note: An Amazon Search Term Report is a compilation of keywords with the highest volume of searches for any given month. It lets sellers know what type of products buyers are most interested in. 

If Wish decided to include a product in its Best Seller section, it should rank high and support healthy search volume. Here’s the Search Terms report data:

Obtain Brand Analytics to download the Amazon Search Terms report.

The keyword “pill organizer” (closely related to “pill organizer box” and yields similar results) ranks as the 3078th most popular keyword on Amazon.com for June 2021. It may not seem so impressive, but considering how the Search Terms Report contains a list of nearly 300,000 keywords, it ranks in the top 1%. 

Repeat the same practice with products in the Best Seller section and you’ll see similar results. Keep validating multiple keywords to end up with tons of high-demand, high search volume products!

Method #2: Validate Product Ideas with Amazon’s Auto-Suggest Feature

Amazon’s auto-suggest feature is similar to Google search. When buyers type in a keyword, the algorithm tries to ‘guess’ what users will type next based on predictive analytics and generates a list of words and phrases. These suggestions aren’t random; they represent products with the highest search volume associated with that particular keyword.

Amazon sellers can leverage the auto-suggest feature to validate product ideas. To put this method to the test, we picked out a “cartoon bear coffee mug” from the ‘New Arrivals’ section on Wish Wholesale as an example.

New Arrivals lists promising products that are worth checking out!

The next step is to use Amazon’s auto-suggest feature to find out whether buyers are searching for cartoon bear coffee mugs. 

Amazon’s auto-suggest feature – a nifty tool for product and keyword research!

Sure enough, after typing “cartoon bear”, a “cartoon bear coffee mug” is the first product Amazon suggests. Because the ‘New Arrivals’ section features new and trending products, it’s safe to assume they face low competition as well. Here are some of the top results for our keyword:

Low review count is indicative of low competition.

Judging by the low number of reviews each seller has, a cartoon bear coffee mug might just be the next big product within its niche!

Overall, this section of Wish Wholesale is teeming with products that are expected to sell well on Amazon!

Method #3: Use Google Trends to Discover Popular Products

Up until now, the Best Seller and New Arrival categories have served us well in our hunt for hot products. But can the same be said about ‘Trending’ products on Wish Wholesale? To answer that question we selected one of the top products within that category: Nail Gel.

Discover trending products across 55 different product categories!

Products in the trending category should generate interest within our marketplace. To find out if enough people are talking/searching about nail gel, we opened up Google Trends and selected the United States as our region. 

Google Trends can also be used to determine product seasonality.

Going by the data, nail gel-related searches and products are experiencing an uptick. The trend seems to be positive and confirms that ‘Trending’ products on Wish Wholesale are likely to experience greater demand in the future. Spend more time browsing through various goods within this category. It’s highly likely you might end up with the next big product within your desired niche!

Method #4: Convert Bestseller Boxes into Best-Selling Product Bundles

The last category we’ll be discussing is the Wish and Category Best Seller Boxes. These are an assortment of popular and related products all packed into an economical box. Wish Wholesale looks at thousands of data points from in-app purchases while using advanced Artificial Intelligence systems to shortlist top-performing products. It then clumps together related products into “Best Seller Boxes” and offers them at heavily discounted rates.

For example, the ‘Gold Wish Seller Box’ contains a mix of 19 of the highest-rated and best-selling products in the US. 

The contents contained within Best Seller Boxes differ based on region.

You can also check out Best Seller Boxes based on product categories. These are really helpful if you’re looking to diversify your Amazon store or plan on launching multiple products within a particular niche.

Final Thoughts

In this guide, we outlined four key methods to help you discover the best products to sell on Amazon. We know this can be a little complex and might take some time to get right.

That’s why we are hosting a webinar to show you how to validate product research ideas using Wish Wholesale. Join ZonGuru CEO, Jon Tilley and Luke Peng live on Wednesday 28th of July, 2021, and leave the webinar an Amazon research pro.

Save your spot now and see you there!

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