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Having a hard time finding the best FBA toolkit for you? Maybe you're just starting out as an Amazon FBA seller and want to get it right the first time around?  

More people are seeing the ever-growing potential in the Amazon marketplace. Apart from reporting another jaw-dropping quarter, Amazon recently announced that Jeff Bezos, who's now the richest man on earth thanks to his stake in Amazon, would be stepping down in place of Andy jassy, the current CEO of Amazon Web Services. 

Upon stepping down, Jeff Bezos said, "When you look at our financial results, what you're actually seeing are the long-run cumulative results of invention, "..." Right now, I see Amazon at its most inventive ever, making it an optimal time for this transition." 

One thing Amazon FBA sellers can be sure of with Amazon thanks to Bezos? The fact that the company has been set up for incredible long-term growth. So, which is the best all-in-one software to help you, not just get on this train but super-charge it to the next terrain. ⚡

In this review, we perform a side-by-side comparison of each software. We promise to try our best to use only informed, data-driven talking points with clear objectives. 

Sound good? Let's get to it! 🤓

What Are The Critical Tools For FBA Success?

Let's start this off by outlining the most important tools you will need to succeed in the Amazon playing field. To do this, we break it into five key categories of your Amazon seller journey:

  1. Product Research & Validation
  2. Keywords & Listing Optimization
  3. Business Metrics
  4. Monitoring & Alerts
  5. Customer Engagement

On top of these five areas, two more factors make a massive impact on your success. These are:

  1. Support & Training
  2. Cost vs. Value

Now that we've broken up the categories, let's go through each one to answer your question: Is SellerApp or ZonGuru the best all-in-one Amazon FBA toolset?

📈Which Software Is Best For Product Research & Validation?

Research and validation are anchored in data and logic. It is undoubtedly the most important step in the whole process, and getting it wrong can quickly put you in a losing position. With the right research tools, you can lower your risk and create a more seamless, efficient, and data-driven process.

SellerApp’s Product Research

SellerApp has four product research tools: 

  • Product Ideas
  • Product Research
  • Chrome Extension
  • Product Sourcing

Product Ideas: Get A Look at Amazon's New Arrivals

Product Ideas data mines Amazon's new arrivals and most wished lists for the selling category selected. It also shows products that have experienced a jump in rankings. Listings are displayed with a hero image for easy identification and a few key metrics such as estimated orders and revenue per day. 

Product Research: Customize Filters To Your Liking

Product Research is a far more comprehensive tool. It allows users to tailor results based upon numerous filter options such as price, reviews, estimated orders, estimated sales per day, ranking, number of sellers, and product weight. It's worth noting when trialing this tool, I lost all faith in the filters. For example, within the 'Baby' category, I selected a minimum product price of $25; however, seven out of the top ten results were less than $25.

SellerApp product research search results provide limited data on underlying metrics.

SellerApp’s Product Research - Search results lack key metrics and users must rely heavily on visual sliders

Where SellerApp's Product Research Falls Short

SellerApp's Product Research - Search results lack key metrics, and users must rely heavily on visual sliders.

  1. Search Results Display Individual Products 

Outside of filter options, there are two issues I have with the display of the product results. To start, the search results display individual products. Why? To thrive on Amazon, sellers need to stand out from everyone else. 

To do this, you need to understand the niche and develop an offering that speaks to its customer's struggles. When a user sees merely an individual product suggestion, it's like researching blindly. You may not see some obvious red flags related to the niche as a whole. What's the competition? What's the average customer rating? How much will it cost to launch a product?

  1. Basic Metrics & the Potential Missed Product Opportunities

The second issue is how product data is provided. Along with basic metrics, an opportunity score is given for each product. The opportunity score is a visual slider comprised of demand, competition, profit margin, expenses, and quality. 

The issue with this type of reporting is two-fold; I'm not able to filter by slider category results, and I'm not given the underlying metrics. Not only does this dramatically increase research time, but I don't know what each metric truly represents. Considering every seller will most likely interpret the results differently, it could easily result in missed product opportunities. 

SellerApp also has a Chrome Extension, which runs concurrently with the Amazon platform. It provides all the information you would expect to see as your search on Amazon.com, plus a few handy features like a profit calculator and a keyword tracking function. The SellerApp Product Sourcing tool returns a streamlined display from Alibaba.com with basic filter settings. 

ZonGuru’s Product Research

ZonGuru has a total of five product research and validation tools. Each one is designed to guide you through your first steps:

  • Selecting a niche
  • Validating the product
  • Sourcing the product

Niche Finder: Helps Find the Most Promising Niche

A sample of search results within Niche Finder.

A snapshot of the search results from ZonGuru’s Niche Finder

Let's start with how to find your niche with ZonGuru's Niche Finder. ZonGuru's Niche Finder tool scours Amazon to find not just products but product niches. It generates a flurry of potential product ideas in 100's of product niches instantly. There are options to adjust your filter according to the business model and more advanced filters to go deeper into a niche.

With this, you'll have the answers to everything about the niche, including how much you'll need to launch, PPC bid cost, visuals, sales, and more. You can favorite the niche for later or analyze them more using other tools. 

Niche Rater: See a Product’s Potential Instantly

ZonGuru’s Niche Rater gives you a quick summary of how attractive a product is.

To validate your product, ZonGuru offers a Niche Rater rainbow. This shows a neat little visual summary of how much potential a niche may have, considering revenue potential, demand, competition, and how much $$ you'll need to invest in getting started. Users can benefit from filtering the results of each individual rainbow color further and all its metrics. This will ensure you stay on track with your goals and make data-informed decisions.

Chrome Extension

What about a Chrome Extension, I hear you ask? Zonguru allows sellers to seamlessly Integrate its Chrome Extension with Amazon for some quick, up-to-date metrics on an individual product or promising niche category. 

Sales Spy: Get a Picture of Historical Trends

Once you've identified an attractive niche, you can use Sales Spy to look at a year's worth of historical trends and see how well (or badly) it performs throughout different seasons. Figure out what makes a product tick at the click of a button.

Love-Hate: See What Customers are Looking Out For in Your Product

ZonGuru's Love-hate tells you what customers like and don't like about a product. The tool mines through endless reviews to give you an overview of exactly why customers are buying and potentially returning the current products on the market. This means that sellers have the opportunity to create the most loved product on the marketplace.

Easy Source: Source Suppliers for your Product

Finally, the last armor you'll need is ZonGuru's Easy Source tool. Easy Source offers users a list of Alibaba suppliers based on your individual requirements. 

📝 Something to note: As Alibaba.com is a verified supplier, ZonGuru can provide users with critical supplier information straight from the horse's mouth (Alibaba). This includes important factors like estimated costs, lead times, minimum order quantities, and product photos.


Overall, both platforms have a high level of accuracy in their results and share similar features. However, if the key requirement is helping users FIND and VALIDATE potential product niches, then ZonGuru has the advantage thanks to its full, 360-degree view of any niche. 

Plus, ZonGuru has a logical progression between each tool from product idea generation, seasonality testing, customer feedback to sourcing. I suggest checking out how the ZonGuru tools can help connect you with your perfect supplier

⏫ Keyword Research & Listing Optimization Tools That Convert

Once you've found that oh so glorious product, it's time to make sure you help it reach its full potential. How? Say hello to keywords. These will be your path to getting your eyes on the prize. The quality of your keywords could put your listing front and center or out back in the dumpster…

SellerApp’s Keyword Research

SellerApp has three keyword research tools: 

✔ Keyword Research

✔ Reverse ASIN

✔ Product Keyword

Keyword Research returns a list of keywords based upon a search phrase and provides a relevancy score, search volume, and CPC range. However, frustratingly the user isn't able to specify the ASINs used to pull this data. Why is this important? 🤔 Well, without seeing or knowing which ASINs are being used to populate data, it can be difficult to know how relevant the results actually are.

SellerApps Keyword Research tool really lacks the data to make affective keyword decisions.
SellerApp’s Keyword Research Tool - Search Result Sample

Also, the amount of data provided is lacking. It would have been nice to see things like the estimated revenue the search term is driving, click and conversion spread amongst competitors and even the basics like average ratings and price. The tool does allow users to track a keyword against an ASIN, which provides data on ranking movements.

Reverse ASIN: Find How Relevant a Keyword is & its Search Volume 

The second keyword research tool in the SellerApp collection is Reverse ASIN. This tool works by inputting one ASIN, which then returns a list of top searched keywords for the listing along with a keyword relevancy metric, search volume, and PPC costs. I'm not sure how useful this tool is, and it would become very time-consuming to perform for multiple competitors. 😑

Product Keyword: Figure Out Where a Keyword Should Go

Lastly, Product Keyword provides a list of keywords for a tracked ASIN and reports where the keyword is used within the listing. The tool's purpose is to identify opportunities for missed keywords and take advantage of trends in search terms. I liked the trend function, which identified keywords within increasing market demand. 

Again, the data lacked, with only the basics covered, such as relevancy, search volume, and CPC. Not to mention no opportunity to see or select what ASINs the underlying data was pulled from. 

Listing Optimization Tools (Minus Copy Updates)

Moving onto the listing optimization tools, I was shocked to see there was no tool for updating the listing copy. Yes, you read that right. You must make all changes within Amazon Seller Central. There is a Listing Quality report available which provides suggested action points and a listing quality score. The suggestions are broad and don't take advantage of all the keyword research users are likely to have done to get to this stage. 

SellerApp Listing Quality: Example of suggestions from Listing Quality 


ZonGuru has three keyword and listing optimizer tools:

✔ Keywords on Fire

✔ Keywords Spotlight

✔ Listing Optimizer

Keywords on Fire: Find the Best Keywords for Your Listing

Keywords on Fire is ZonGuru's most powerful tool, in our own humble opinion. It offers up the best keywords to get you to page one. To help you make the most informed decision, users will also be given access to metrics for each keyword, including its total revenue, search volume, top 25 competitor rankings, and daily launch sales.

Keywords on Fire provides all the data you need to make informed decisions.
ZonGuru’s keywords on fire metrics

On top of this, users will be able to control which ASINs are used for the keywords. Impressively, as many as 25 different ASINS can be used per session. Users can filter results and save keyword lists to use with the Listing Optimizer tool. 

Listing Optimizer: Clear direction on Keywords

Listing Optimizer is the star of ZonGuru's show. This tool tells users how much potential a keyword has in search volume and other relevant metrics. The process is seamless and always lets you know which keywords will bring the most value.

Listing Optimizer shows you broad and exact keyword matches.
ZonGuru’s Listing Optimizer will show you when a keyword is used

The best part? Each keyword will include a star and a tick so you can see when a keyword is used and whether it’s an exact or broad match. 

💡Pro Tip: Use this tool to upload any leftover keywords so you stay on top of future opportunities.

Listing Optimizer: Compare Your Listing Against Competitors

Now that we’ve gone through the rest, let's highlight the best: Compare and contrast your listing directly with your biggest competitors. What does their listing have that yours doesn’t?

ZonGuru's Listing Optimization tool instantly shows listing strength and optimization metrics for perfect listing copy creation.
ZonGuru’s Listing Optimizer guides you on the best way to optimize your listing as you input the listing copy

Import up to eight listings and receive an optimization score for each. This score is key to figuring out your listing quality and ultimately getting it to page número uno.


Again, ZonGuru absolutely dominates this category. ZonGuru understands the user journey and provides all the keyword and listing optimization tools needed to level up over the competition. Listing optimization can make or break! 

With such an important step almost completely overlooked by SellerApp, it's tempting to finalize the platform comparison right here! If you're interested, we suggest you read more about ZonGuru's new supercharged Listing Optimizer.

🧮Business Metrics & Understanding Your Numbers

Do business metrics get you feeling all hazy? 😵 Most people involved in business know that understanding your finances is crucial. That said, many of us find it an absolute time-eating chore! The right software and tools can turn this into an easy-to-do check off your list so you can quickly move on to the exciting part—Selling! 🤑

Don't like Amazon Campaign Manager? SellerApp's Product Dashboard & Advertising is Your Solution

SellerApp has a Product dashboard and an Advertising module included within the platform. The advertising module is a great solution for anyone who dislikes Amazon's Campaign Manager.

The Product dashboard displays key metrics for set periods as well as custom date ranges. Data includes revenue, orders, advertising cost, and average sales per order item. 

The main analysis page includes a sales trend graph and a brief inventory summary. A nice feature is the monthly target widget that updates across the month to show users how close they are to meeting and exceeding their sales goals. Seller App also allows users to see total inventory cost and retail value at any point in time. 

Where SellerApp’s Business Metrics Fall Short 

The major downside to this tool is there is not a profit & loss insight! Dashboard metrics are focused intently on revenue and don't cover Amazon fees, COGs, or net profit. By just reporting on revenue, SellerApp users could potentially be operating in the red for a long time without even knowing! Plus, the dashboard only supports Australian and USA marketplaces. 

ZonGuru's Business Dashboard

Now let's look at ZonGuru. Its business dashboard has profit & loss, key metrics, and a sales trend graph. Users can customize their results by product, date, and market. On top of that, users can view results in any currency, including the European marketplaces.

Users can download a financial report on demand which can be provided to potential buyers, prospective investors, or accountants. Like SellerApp, users can include COGs to manage their stock level.

There's also a neat little breakdown of sales on the paid vs. organic sales and ACOS metrics, as well as reminders to order more inventory, so you never run out. You'll be happy to know the daily sales graph can be customized to your liking. See a visual of what a sudden price rise has on your bottom line... 🔥

ZonGuru's Business Dashboard displays everything you need.
ZonGuru - Business Dashboard Summary

ZonGuru leaps ahead in this category, making sure users always know how profitable their Amazon business really is. Not to mention key features such as downloadable business financials, European connectivity, and event alert reporting. SellerApp misses the mark in this category with a blinkered revenue reporting approach. It's profits, not revenue, that creates a long-term sustainable business! 

⚠️Monitoring & Alerts: Keep Your Finger On The Pulse

Amazon is a moody and unpredictable landscape that can change its mind at any moment. It's almost impossible to make sure you'll be online when an update hits. To stay on top of changes, use the monitoring and alerts tools. These tools work quietly 🤫 in the background and ensure you're alerted to any updates right away.

SellerApp’s Alert Tools

SellerApp has an alert tool that allows users to set alerts for their own and competitors' listings. There are five alert options available, including price, listing quality, rating, buy box, and negative review. Users can set an alert range for each metric and choose which alerts are relevant to their business. 

SellerApp alert tools are basic and lacking key changes that can impact the bottom line.
SellerApp - Alert Options

Unfortunately, five alert options just aren't enough. Amazon moves fast, and small changes that go unnoticed can harm the bottom line.

ZonGuru's Alert Tools 

ZonGuru's two key alert tools are Product Pulse IP Monitor: Product Pulse alerts users to changes whenever an update happens to a tracked listing, including competitor products. 

ZonGuru's alert options.
ZonGuru - Product Pulse Alert Options

Add in some alerts for areas like weight, dimensions, ratings, reviews, and selling categories. Users can decide which alerts to keep and can access new vs. old values so that all changes are tracked. 

💬Customer Engagement For Increased Amazon Sales

Ratings are a key deciding factor for sales—the more positive ratings, the more sales, really. Unfortunately, getting ratings can take time and be quite an arduous process. With the right tools, the whole thing can be automated while ensuring you're not overstepping Amazon's terms of service.

SellerApp's Customer Engagement Tools

SellerApp has an optional Chrome Extension add-on that allows users to request reviews using the Amazon Seller Central platform. Users can bulk message buyers for products delivered in the past 4-30 days to request reviews in line with Amazon's terms of service. 

ZonGuru's Customer Engagement Tools

ZonGuru provides two customer engagement tools. These are the Review Automator and the Email Automator. The latter allows users to manage the messaging as well as pre-setting when emails are sent to buyers. Sending emails at the right time helps improve metrics, engagement, and reviews.

The company's Review Automator tool, on the other hand, allows for bulk messaging when asking customers for reviews. 

Best Software for Customer Engagement

This section is a no-brainer. ZonGuru is your go-to for customer engagement and increased ratings. The ZonGuru tools are well thought out and include every seller's values; email open rates, delivery preferences, and refunded order exclusions. Is it time to turbocharge your ratings count? Check out how Email Automator can get to work, increasing your rating count today.  

🤝Support & Training

Selling on Amazon can feel like a minefield sometimes. Navigating it can be hard. A responsive and helpful support system can make a huge difference to your FBA experience. Let's see how both ZonGuru and SellerApp show up in this area.

SellerApp's Support & Training

SellerApp has a weekly 40-minute webinar designed to walk new users through the SellerApp platform. There are also special ad-hoc webinars at different times of the year, plus a dedicated PPC tutorial, case studies, and blog. The on-platform support isn't great. Users have to navigate to YouTube to watch video tutorials and long response times on chat support, exceeding eight hours plus. 

ZonGuru's Support & Training

ZonGuru offers weekly training events with an expert, live, and a Q&A session after. There's also a simply laid-out library of resources to walk you through each step of your FBA experience. Not to mention, customers can get a response to any question through the live chat function.


SellerApp has basic resources and guides for each tool but not much more. In contrast, ZonGuru has on platform tutorial videos for each tool and a training library that would take weeks to consume. From the most basic how-to instructional video right through to advanced listing and PPC strategy SOPs, ZonGuru has you covered. See for yourself by registering for ZonGurus' next live training event.

💰 Cost vs. Value

These days we all want more bang for our buck. This makes it a key component of your decision-making. Which toolset offers more value? 

SellerApp's Subscription Plan

SellerApp has three Amazon Seller account plans, Pro-Lite, Professional, and Enterprise. Pro-Lite starts at $99 per month and allows users to track up to 50 products. The next option is the Professional plan for $199 per month and 100 tracked products. Both options include access to all tools and significant savings for annual signups. Also, all plans come with a 7-day free trial with various promotional discounts running throughout the year. 

ZonGuru's Subscription Plan

What value does ZonGuru offer? ZonGuru tries to keep meeting its customers' needs by updating its plans as your Amazon business grows. The company offers entry-level discounts for product researchers starting from $39 p/month and seller plans starting at $49 p/month.

With the research subscriptions, customers get access to keyword, listing optimization, and sourcing tools. To start, you can try the 7-day free trial. If you're looking to really get dug into Amazon selling, ZonGuru offers big discounts for yearly plans, too.

Remember, we aren't just talking cost. We are assessing value! ZonGuru is the clear winner with more needle-moving tools for less cost! This is especially true for researchers paying more with SellerApp for tools they just don't need.

ZonGuru users have a full suite of tools for each phase of the Amazon journey and flexible plan customization options to support each stage. 

The Verdict: SellerApp vs. ZonGuru

When all comes to all, in this back-to-back comparison...we stick by our guns: ZonGuru will help FBA sellers reach their goals quicker and easier.

SellerApp falls short in each of the critical success categories, particularly listing optimization, business reporting, and alert options. The platform doesn't tailor its offering for the different business phases. Product researchers incur high plan costs for unnecessary tools and limited on-platform training and support. 

Also, SellerApp users would have no idea about their actual profitability with reporting metrics focusing entirely on revenue only. I'm sure it often results in a nasty shock when the real number crunching is done. 

ZonGuru is continually growing and creating new tools to help sellers go to the next level. The company's keyword research, product research, and listing optimization tools are top class. When this is combined with its subscription plans, the platform becomes a necessary ingredient to any Amazon FBA journey. ZonGuru is now offering a 7-day FREE trial for users to see for themselves.

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