Welcome to the ZonGuru Events Hub, your definitive what’s-on guide to everything Amazon FBA! Take a deep dive into our tools, join live Q&A’s, and learn advanced selling techniques from the pros! Most of the events are completely free to join, and each one is carefully curated to provide value for Amazon Sellers of all levels. 

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Upcoming events:

Weekly Training with ZonGuru Experts!

Every week, our customer success leadership team members will host an hour long training session designed to get you up to speed on all things Private Label selling. Learn about new ZonGuru features and expert strategies, or hear what’s going on around the e-commerce space! These fun and relaxed training sessions are highly interactive so be prepared to ask questions! 

Amazon Seller Network

Amazon Seller Network is on a mission to create the biggest network of private-label Amazon sellers in the world. The purpose of this group is to help you inspire, connect and motivate in order to fuel your own Amazon business. Each month we will be hosting a handful of events inside of the Amazon Seller Network Community. Join us as we achieve total Private Label world domination!

  • Amazon Seller Network FB Live!
  • PT - December 17th 2020 / 3.00pm
  • AEST - December 18th 2020 / 9.00am
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Podcasts, Webinars, and Expert Interviews!

Join ZonGuru CEO Jon Tilley as he picks the brains of industry experts! Each event features a new guest and topics, but they all have one thing in common: they are packed with valuable insights for Private Label Sellers. Past interviews and videos have featured experts in the fields of: product design, listing optimization, PPC, finance, branding, and MORE. Jon Tilley doesn’t mess around. Join him as he tackles some of the industries biggest and most important topics with experts from around the globe!

  • Seller Insights with Jon Elder
  • PT - December 3rd 2020 / 4.00pm
  • AEST -  December 4th 2020 / 10.00am
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  • Expert Hotseat! Ken Kubec
  • PT - December 10th 2020 / 4.00pm
  • AEST - December 11th 2020 / 10.00am
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