IP Monitor

Monitoring & Alerts

Competition is tough out there. Sometimes, lazy sellers wanting to make a quick buck try piggybacking off your hard work and steal parts of your business. IP Monitor lets you track your product photos and alerts you when someone uses your photos in their listing. Our powerful software doesn’t just track for the identical photo. You’ll get a ping whenever someone resizes your product photo as well. IP Monitor keeps what’s yours, yours.

Easily Monitor Anything

The process to keep your IP secure is simple: add the ASIN for any product you sell, and we’ll do the rest. IP Monitor’s powerful algorithm tracks all your product images and alerts you when something fishy is up with up to 99% accuracy.

Quickly Report Theft

Once IP Monitor detects tomfoolery with your product photos, you’ll receive a detailed email showing you exactly what’s happening along with a link to report them directly to Amazon so you stay on top of your game.

The Exact Protection You Want

Keep your inbox clean with three different levels of IP monitor security. For sellers not too worried about theft, the low-security preference simply alerts you when your image is used by someone else. The high-security preference is for sellers who want to keep an eagle eye on their property and sends alerts whenever your product images have been altered or re-sized by less than reputable competitors.

Cross-Continental Protection

If you’re an international seller, we got your back too. IP Monitor currently covers 13 markets, including North America, Europe, and Asia, and has more coming.

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