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Amazon is the best place to be for any merchant selling online. 

The ecommerce marketplace is the biggest in the world, and it keeps growing at an incredible pace.

Looking at the numbers, Amazon’s current gross merchandise value (GMV) stands at 705.65 billion US dollars, thanks to strong support from over 185,000 third-party sellers who contribute more than 45 billion US dollars to its revenue in seller fees alone.  

What stores are some of the biggest money makers for the Seattle-based company, though?

Let’s find out!

1. Big_Box_Bargains

Big Box Bargains carries fourteen SKUs in its Amazon catalog. The average cost of these items is $8.95, which is considered quite reasonable. 

The store has amassed more than 284,716 positive feedbacks from customers in the past 12 months. 

Big Box Bargains is a top commercial seller on Amazon. We did an extensive study of its reviews and found it a well-run, professional Amazon business.

The company has recorded many sales to date and is rated with an average of 4.8. That’s pretty impressive and leads to a promising future for them. 

In general, Big Box Bargains is a worthy candidate for our best selling stores list, suggested by Cherry Picks. It comes in the top US Amazon sellers, ranked 2nd on the CPR Sellers Rankings list.

2. Pharmapacks

Pharmapacks is undoubtedly the most popular Amazon seller and the third-largest Amazon retailer considering all Amazon marketplaces worldwide. 

It has collected over 110,000 customer reviews in just the last 12 months and has various products listed in multiple niches. These range from medical supplies and cosmetics to nutrition supplements and electronic devices.

Although most of Pharmapacks’ revenue comes from Amazon, the company also sells on other platforms, including Walmart, eBay, and Google Shopping. 

The company has sold more than 31,000 SKUs to date and collaborated with big brands like Listerine and L'Oreal, along with quite a few smaller ones. The latter help keep their cash books busy, even on a slow day. 

3. AnkerDirect

AnkerDirect is one of the largest stores on Amazon. They offer chargers, cables, and more.

While AnkerDirect is an affiliate of a California-based firm (Fantasia Trading, LLC), Anker itself is a Chinese company founded in 2011 by an ex-Google engineer named Steven Yang. 

They sell more than 392 SKUs under multiple brands, including Anker, Souncore, Nebula, ROAV, and Zolo. 

The Anker team started its ecommerce journey exclusively on Amazon but has added multiple news sales channels since then, including an official website and other third-party platforms like eBay and Walmart. However, Amazon still remains an integral part of their business strategy.

4. Utopia Deals

Utopia Deals comes in the top list of seller stores on Amazon and sells bedding, clothing, kitchen equipment, and accessories. 

While its current inventory is less than 200 items on Amazon, customers can enjoy a greater variety on utopiadeals.com and other online marketplaces such as Walmart, eBay, and Jet. 

Since its beginning in 2011, Utopia Deals has sold over 20 million products worldwide. It serves more than 15,000 customers daily. The company's headquarters are in New York, and its manufacturing facilities are in Pakistan.

5. MetroDecor

MetroDecor is a company based in Ohio specializing in products that help customers design and organize their offices and homes the way they like.

MetroDecor is also known as the mDesign brand. In a way, mDesign is a division of InterDesign that was founded over forty years ago. mDesign, as well as its sibling, iDesign, sells similar products. However, the former mainly focuses on ecommerce. 

The company offers more than 2,000 products on Amazon such as food storage bins and container nightstands and leads other sellers in the niche. 

6. Zappos

At present, Zappos offers more than 2,147 items, shipping them all from the United States. The average price of a product at the store is $73.59.

Zappos has had over 54,160 reviews from customers in the last 12 months. They are primary commercial sellers on Amazon. We did a quick study of their store reviews and found them legit.

Their average rating stands at 4.9. This shows a lot of their customers are satisfied with their purchases, qualifying them for a deserved spot among other top-rated sellers on Amazon. 

7. Spreetail

Another one of Cherry Picks suggestions, Spreetail sells over 2,371 items, shipping them all from the United States. The median price of the products is $209.99. 

The company has amassed over 44,306 customer reviews in the last 12 months and is considered among some of the most highly reputable commercial sellers on Amazon. 

Spreetail is a store with an average rating of 4.7. Once again, that shows the confidence of customers in their products. Some of their bestsellers include shooting earmuffs, outdoor utility wagon foldable, and air mattress.  

8. Carlyle

Last but not least, we have Carlyle. 

A third-party store focused on organic nutritional supplements, Carlyle sells over 217 items on Amazon. The average price of products is $13.94, which is quite reasonable for a store in the health niche. 

The company has received more than 40,000 reviews in the last twelve months, with an average rating of 4.9. Quite a lot of its SKUs do business of more than $70k every month, making it one of the top sellers on Amazon.  


If you’re planning to start your store on Amazon, you can learn quite a lot from the best sellers already making big bags on the marketplace.

You can get an idea of what type of products to sell, how to market and price them, and how to create a listing that gets those eyeballs.

Amazon is a heaven for all eCommerce business owners who look forward to establishing a solid online presence, even if they have something very niche to sell like custom tote bags

It’s all about whether you have the execution, determination and consistency to succeed on the marketplace.

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