Egrow is a mid-tier product research tool that was founded back in 2016. 

Since then, a myriad of Amazon SaaS providers have flooded the market—each improving upon areas where Egrow fell short.

Here at ZonGuru, we place the interest of the Amazon seller community first. As such, we never shy away from promoting tools and resources that we believe will assist entrepreneurs in establishing successful online brands. 

We also felt that the Australian seller community deserves a lot more love for how it’s been contributing to the growth of the marketplace as a whole. That’s why we’re giving a shout-out to 3 excellent Egrow alternatives that are sure to give you a leg up over the competition!

Egrow Alternatives on Amazon

The following are various product research tools that piqued our interest and excel at enhancing either one aspect of FBA selling or provide holistic solutions for Private Label businesses.

P.S: Wanna cut straight to the chase? Read our best amazon seller tool for Australia blog and get started today!

Adspert – PPC Optimization

Adspert is an Ad optimization software tool for Amazon. 

Adspert - Amazon PPC optimization software

One look at their website reveals how the company went through multiple phases that started from creating automated forecasting systems for stock traders to offering Amazon PPC optimization services for Amazon sellers. Campaign optimization tools are available for both 1P (Vendor Accounts) and 3P (Seller Accounts) and encompass sponsored product, video, and display advertisement.

Adspert’s Different Scenarios feature

Adspert claims to be a “hardcore analytics company” which is evident from its strong dependence on artificial intelligence and machine learning to fine-tune PPC campaigns. With functionality across 13 Amazon marketplaces, here are a few ways Adspert aims to help sellers maximize profits:

  • Automated Bidding: Backed by 20 years of bid management experience, Adspert’s algorithms get to work taking into account sellers’ budget, Cost of goods sold (COGS), and estimated profits.
  • Improved Keyword Management: Adspert extracts high-performing keywords from Automatic campaigns, which can then be targeted via Manual campaigns for maximum effect.
  • Predictive Analytics: Getting the desired outcome from Ad campaigns has to do a lot with trial-and-error, which—needless to say—requires a budget. Adspert’s predictive analytics feature enables sellers to visualize different scenarios and ultimately make informed decisions.

These three constitute the main benefits or reasons why sellers should invest in the software. So, how much does a subscription cost?


Adspert offers three different pricing plans: Lite (€99/mo.), Standard (€399/mo.), and Enterprise (subject to client’s requirements). Even the basic package seems pricey and outside the affordable range of most sellers. That’s because each plan incorporates Ad optimization features for Google, Bing, Amazon, and Yandex. There is no stand-alone package for Amazon.


At first glance, Adspert’s technical and in-depth features make it seem like the be-all-end-all of Amazon toolkits. Unfortunately, there is more to selling on Amazon than just creating and executing well-planned PPC campaigns. Not to mention the €99/mo. fee for even the basic package. 

That’s not to say the features provided aren’t worth the price tag; most sellers need software to optimize PPC campaigns on Amazon and not popular search engines. They would rather subscribe to an affordable monthly plan centered on Amazon selling.

SellerChamp – SKU Management and Repricing

SellerChamp is amongst the few functional repricing software available for Australian Amazon sellers. The interface adopts a minimalistic approach and boasts features revolving around SKU and inventory management. SellerChamp’s main selling point is the ability to upload millions of items at once on both Amazon and eBay reduces overall costs.

SellerChamp – Bulk Lister and Product Repricer tool

Once product listings have been created, SellerChamp automates the repricing process based on statistical data and implements these changes in real-time. The following are a couple of reasons why SellerChamp ranks as a popular repricer:

  • Easy Account Management: Selling on both Amazon and eBay? Got multiple accounts on Amazon? That’s not a problem for those with a SellerChamp subscription. Easily manage and switch between accounts without having to memorize and save multiple passwords.
Cross-marketplace functionality with SellerChamp
  • Discover Restricted Items: A common problem sellers with multiple SKUs face is deteriorating account health and suspensions stemming from copyright complaints. When you’re uploading products in the tens of thousands, it’s near impossible to determine which product will trigger copyright infringements. SellerChamp warns users beforehand and ensures your Amazon and eBay accounts remain healthy and operational.
  • Scan and Print FBA Labels: SellerChamp lets users print the product shipment and box number for fast packing. It also alerts sellers when a box crosses the stated weight limit.

SellerChamp does a decent job at automating prices and SKU management, but how much money are sellers expected to dish out?


SellerChamp offers 4 flexible seller plans each with a starting limit of 500 SKUs. As the number of SKUs increases, so does the price for each plan.

  • Starter - $23/month: For $23 a month (paid yearly), 1 user can operate in 1 marketplace with benefits that include unlimited FBA shipments and orders, Shipstation integration, free onboarding and setup, HTML eBay templates, and chat and email support. 
  • Builder - $31/month: 1 user can operate in 2 marketplaces with all the benefits included in the Starter package with the addition of auto repricing and API access.
  • Business - $49/month: 5 users can operate in 5 marketplaces. The additional feature is custom feeds.
  • Enterprise - $169/month: The most expensive plan SellerChamp has to offer. Includes everything the Business plan has with the addition of product customizations, order fulfillment, and 24/7 dedicated phone, email, and chat support.

So, do flexible pricing plans coupled with attractive repricing features make SelleChamp worth the price tag?


If you’re looking for a cost-effective and reliable repricer, SellerChamp has got you covered. The main point of criticism this repricer draws is the same as Adspert—both tools are too one-dimensional.

 In most cases, the fee for the Builder and Business enterprise will fetch you a subscription to a holistic seller toolkit capable of performing well and above what SellerChamp has to offer.

MerchantWords – Product Research Tool

MerchantWords is a keyword research tool that’s been around for 9 years. Unlike other tool providers, it hasn’t incorporated additional features into its software making it somewhat of a one-trick pony.

MerchantWords – a reputable product research tool

As of mid-2020, MerchantWords has collected over 2 billion keywords, analyzed more than a billion products. and is functional across 11 different Amazon marketplaces

To the uninitiated, the following are a few outstanding benefits of using MerchantWords:

  • Accurate Search Results: When you’re using software that’s spent around a decade amassing keywords on Amazon and has hundreds of billions of data points to work with, you can bet the results are pretty accurate.
Search results for the keyword “essential oils”
  • Access to Digital Shelf Diagnostic Reports: A cool feature sellers get to access is the Digital Shelf report which shows your ASINs shortcomings when compared with the competition. It also reveals keywords that you may have failed to include in your product listings or target via PPC campaigns.
  • Multi-Marketplace Functionality: Many established Amazon SaaS providers are yet to enter emerging markets leaving local sellers underequipped when it comes to market research. Thankfully, MerchantWords is functional in smaller Amazon marketplaces like India and Australia.

Let’s look at the pricing plans.


MerchantWords offers the choice of 3 subscription plans aptly named Silver, Gold, and Platinum priced at $29/month, $79/month, and $149/month, respectively. Here’s what each has to offer:

  • Silver: Allows a single user to run keyword research for one country (not region). Usage is limited to 500 monthly searches, 25 Market Insight searches, 5 Digital Shelf reports, and 10 keyword collections. This plan is best suited for new sellers.
  • Gold: Allows regional search (e.g. NA or EU) for a single user. The monthly search cap increases to 500, Digital Shelf to 50, Market Insights to 100, and keyword collections to 100 as well. Additional features include access to Keyword Multiplier (complementary and related keywords) and Emerging Trends (new and trending search terms)
  • Platinum: MerchantWords’ crème de la crème—their Platinum plan. Features global functionality, increases the user limit to 3, and offers unlimited monthly searches. Usage limits for all features receive a bump as well. 

With the features and pricing out of the way, let's go through the verdict!


Is a MerchantWords subscription worth it? Yes, but only if your only concern is product research because other than that, there’s not much the tool has to offer. But what MerchantWords does, it does well, and for that, it deserves a spot on our list.

The Ultimate Egrow Alternative – ZonGuru! 

Now, before you think we’re tooting our own horn, hear us out. 

Amazon Australia is still in its infancy stage, judging by the number and size of the sellers involved. Lack of fully functional tools makes accurate seller insights an extremely valuable commodity for any entrepreneur looking to establish a foothold in this emerging marketplace. 

As it stands, big names such as JungleScout and Helium10 are yet to offer complete functionality Down Under and the 3 tools mentioned on this list—great though they may be—focus on a single aspect of selling and cannot be relied upon as holistic solutions needed to scale FBA businesses.

ZonGuru is currently one of the most well-rounded, fully functional seller suites available to Australian sellers. This means that users can rely on all of ZonGuru’s 16 features to perform as intended. Some of the features that help sellers find and launch a best-selling product include:

  • Niche Finder: Shows how much potential a product has using historical market data. Helps you easily identify the right product to launch.
  • Love-Hate: Shows what buyers love and hate about a particular item to guide you towards creating a customer favourite product. 
  • Easy Source: Displays the most reliable and trustworthy suppliers on Alibaba.com in a matter of seconds.
  • Listing Optimizer:  Perfect Tells you which keywords to use to get to page one and outrank competitors. 
  • Keyword Tracker: Tracks the top ranking keywords and shows what your competitors are up to at all times.
  • IP Monitor: Protects your intellectual property by letting you know if someone is stealing your ideas.
  • Review Automator: Sends automated review requests in one click, significantly increasing your potential to attract those glorious five-star reviews. And all within Amazon’s Terms of Service.

These features are just the tip of the iceberg—we routinely pump out webinars, podcasts, informative blogs and articles (like this amazing Australian seller guide), and a ton of other resources to make sure our users stay at the top of their game.

Ready to seize the opportunity? Head over to our Niche Finder page to find your next million-dollar product on Amazon Australia. But first, subscribe or start our free 7-day trial.

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