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Want to see what it takes to make it on Amazon? Join us for our video series, “What’s In The Box?”, to take a deep dive into the hottest selling items in the Private Label space. In each video, Darren, ZonGuru’s Head of Customer Success, shows you a popular item and breaks down exactly why it sells so well. When you know what data to look for and where to find it, you’re well on your way to finding your next big money-making item.

In this edition, we’re looking at the Garden Republic garden herb set. On paper, this seems like a pretty simple item. It’s just a box with some seeds and basic gardening stuff in it. What’s the big deal? To begin, we need to talk about a basic concept in Amazon FBA selling: product differentiation.

Product Differentiation

Before you can even think about making a sale, you need to get your potential customer’s attention first. This is tough on Amazon. There are millions of listings out there, and not all of them are created equally. The first thing anyone looks for when they run a search is the product image. There’s a lot of similar-looking products out there, so yours needs to stand out from the crowd. It needs to say “hey, look at me!”. Once you draw them in, it’s time to make the sale.

Take a look for the first row of listings for “garden herb set.”

What do you notice? These items (except the Garden Republic box) are presented in pretty standard ways. They just display a picture of the item and go “here, this is the item.” The Garden Republic box does things a little differently by not only packaging it in a premium wooden box that immediately sticks out from the rest of the listings, but it also shows a picture of the end result (in this case, a planted herb).

With just one picture, you see exactly what’s in the box along with the end results, presented in a clean, professional manner. It immediately sticks out from the rest of the items. Once you have a customer’s attention, it’s time to reel them in with the compelling copy and some A+ content.

Making The Conversion

A customer is more likely to buy your product over a competitor if they trust you. The best way to quickly gain that trust is with a product listing that clearly spells out all key selling points along with professional-looking graphic assets. You want to look as legitimate and professional as possible.

Take a look.

On top of fully utilizing the 5 bullet points each Amazon product listing gets to describe each selling point, this seller uses high-quality photo images showing you exactly how you can use the item in your life along with a well-written clear copy describing each use.

It’s clear that this seller put a lot of time and thought into how to differentiate and sell this product. The result is a wildly popular product that brings in around $17,000 a month! Every detail counts if you want to make it to page one and stay there.

Let’s say, though, you aren’t sure what product to start selling. Where do you start looking? And what kind of data do you need to analyze?

A Data-Driven Method

When researching products, we advise you to take the long-term approach. Fad items (fidget spinners, for example) may make you money for a while, but will eventually leave you with huge piles of unsold stock. Sustainable, consistently selling products are the key to a healthy Amazon business. Think of product categories such as:

  • Drinkware
  • Office and Household Decorations
  • Cookware
  • Exercise and Health

These are a great place to start your search for a product niche. When it’s time to begin your search, fire up the ZonGuru Chrome Extension and look at a listing. Let’s go back to the Garden Republic box and look at the data.

Stats such as search volume, monthly sales, the price per unit, the average number of reviews, monthly revenue, and launch budget are right there to help you gauge not only a product’s popularity but your initial investment. What about that Niche Rater percentage, though?

The Niche Rater takes 4 unique metrics we believe are critical in deciding whether or not this is the product for you. Let’s break them down.

The 4 Sales Metrics You NEED To Know

  • Buyer Demand tells you just how popular a product niche is. This is calculated by the niche’s search volume and sales velocity (how quickly a sale is made).
  • Competition Opportunity calculates how experienced other people selling the product are, and therefore how tough your competition may be.
  • Investment Sweetspot lets you know, “Is this item worth investing?” In the case of this specific herb box, yes. With an initial investment of $14,407 (the amount needed to keep this item stocked for 3 months) and an average price of $46.55, this is a relatively small investment with potentially big returns.
  • Revenue Potential simply tells you how likely you are to make a return on your investment. When you take the $46.55 with an average 30% markup, there is a big potential for profit here.

Taking into account these metrics along with all the other sales data, it’s clear to see why this herb box sells so well. It’s a relatively inexpensive item to start selling with a lot of potential. Combine that with smart product differentiation, clean copy, and informative graphic assets, and you have a recipe for a best-selling item.

Our Chrome Extension is just one of the many tools we offer to Amazon FBA sellers to crush the competition and soar to page one. We also offer the best business advice, inside tips, and industry-leading customer support in the industry. When you’re ready to take the first step in your Amazon journey, sign up for a free 7-day trial!

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