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There’s an old documentary that focused on the struggles of Harvard graduate students enrolled in an MBA program. What made it interesting was that, by the end of it, one of the questions asked was whether having an MBA was necessary, at all, to learn and do business.

The response of one of the professors was something that stuck the most. Basically, he said that not everyone is an Alexander the Great or a Napoleon Bonaparte and that, fortunately, business is a science that can be studied, learned, and honed.

Anyone who has ever been in business knows this to be true; even more so when it comes to selling on Amazon. Becoming an Amazon seller is hard. Luckily, there’s a science to it.

Today, we’d like to discuss with you the importance of learning that science and, of course, where to start on that learning pursuit, beginning with Amazon seller training courses.

In this blog, we will be sharing with you some reasons why we believe taking an Amazon seller training course is important for you, both as a person and a businessman or woman. Then, we’ll give you 7 good courses that you can start with, among other essential information. 

But first things first. 

Should You Bother Taking a Course?

Now that is a question, indeed. Is it really that necessary for you to take a course? Can’t you just go into a forum or join a community and then ask around? Or, at the very least, take advantage of all the free information and learning materials on the web?

Before we answer this question, we’d like to point out two things: first, that taking a course and committing yourself to a program is a highly different experience from just surfing the web and, second, that not everyone is an autodidact.

As to the first point, it cannot be denied that almost everything can be learned on the web. But the thing about learning things on the web is that it takes a lot of time to do so, mainly because the information you need is scattered. Not only that, but the information you may find will also be a mixed bunch of reliable and unreliable ones (with a bit of “fake news” thrown in between).

Sorting through all these can not only sap you of your energy and enthusiasm, but also eat up all your time; time that could’ve been used elsewhere. Taking a course does away with this. A course also gives you a structure that you can set a goal to. By operating in this structured environment towards the pursuit of that goal, you have a better chance of becoming a better Amazon Seller than when you started.

As to the second point, let me clarify the word first. An autodidact is basically a self-taught person. History is ridden with examples of people who are autodidacts, like Mark Twain, Eddie Van Halen, and Leonardi da Vinci.

These are undoubtedly exceptional people. Unfortunately, we can’t be all like them (if we were, can you imagine what the world would look like?). We’re not, but we can try. And trying, in this case, means taking every measure to better your odds at that pursuit. One of those measures is taking a course. 

So, to answer the question: Yes, you should bother and, yes, you should take one!

Which one? Well, here’s the 7 we promised earlier. 

The 7 Best Amazon Seller Training Courses You Should Check Out This 2022 

As with any of our lists, this list of courses is not exclusive. Neither is it arranged in a particular order.

Now, if you go ahead and visit these sites and read their statements, you might become too overwhelmed with all the information dumped into you. So to make things simple, we’ll try and present these training courses in a simplified format followed by a short description. 

Note that all of the prices reflected are in US Dollars. 

  1. Reliable Education

URL: https://reliable.education/

Beginner-friendly        :     Yes

Free Courses           :     Yes

Course Price           :     Starts at $3,497

Founders                 :     Adam Hudson

Coaching Sessions     :     Yes

Networking Events      :     Yes

What makes a course or program valuable and worth your time and money? Is it the content? The experience? Or the friends we make along the way?

At the end of the day, committing yourself to a course or training program is devoting yourself to getting properly educated. Proper education is something that should be reliable, sincere, and highly valuable. It’s these qualities that separate great educational institutions and great professors from mediocre ones.

Enter Reliable Education. This course holds that special x-factor against all others in that it focuses more on personal development and not just selling on Amazon. In short, they’re not only concerned with arming you with valuable knowledge, no. They’re also concerned with helping you become a better person. 

Reliable Education does this by making the core of its course as being more than just financial success. It recognizes and emphasizes that their goal is to teach you more than just selling, but to actually help you tap into a bigger purpose than just money and, ultimately, help you gain the motivation you need to find success and freedom in your life in a way that you’ve always wanted to. 

Reliable Education wants you to develop skills that they believe are necessary to become an effective businessperson and they do this using well-crafted and real training sessions that are guaranteed to gear you towards having successful, tangible results.

But by far the cherry on top, so to speak, is Reliable Education’s Platinum Partners program. This program is designed for people who want to take that next step in their Amazon journey. Not only does this program provide you with exclusive and sophisticated content, but it also helps you connect with an exclusive community of successful people who are more than willing to help and mentor you. 

Saving the best for last is a bit of a cliche, so let’s do away with it. Trust us on this. This one’s worth it. We know this is a list of 7, but if we are forced to recommend one at gunpoint, it would be Reliable Education, hands down.

Who is this for: For dreamers or people who want to become the best version of themselves.

  1. Amazon Selling Machine

URL: https://www.amazingsellingmachine.com/

Beginner-friendly        :     Yes

Free Courses           :     Yes

Course Price           :     $4,997

Founders                 :     Jason Katzenback and Matte Clarke

Coaching Sessions     :     Yes

Networking Events      :     Yes

Touted by most as one the largest and most successful Amazon seller training programs available today, the Amazon Selling Machine is a comprehensive course that provides an immersive experience for all its students. Its founders are personally active and engage with students all throughout the 8-week course and even after it ends.

If a large class size or group course is not your thing, the Amazon Selling Machine also offers a mentorship program for a more intimate and personal kind of training.

Its large community network is also one of the most extensive in the world. With over 30,000 members worldwide, the program can easily help you connect with likeminded people from differing backgrounds. 

The program also has a money back guarantee for if you end up not being satisfied with it for the first 30 days. This is a 100% refund, yet during those 30 days, you still have access to everything the program has to offer.

Finally, if you find the course price too steep, the Amazon Selling Machine allows for payment on an installment basis for up to 6 payments.

All in all, this is a course that a large majority of people would stand with, although most do find the course price a bit out of their budget.

Who this is for: People who have money to invest, but have reservations. 

  1. Proven Amazon Course

URL: https://provenamazoncourse.com/

Beginner-friendly        :     Yes

Free Courses           :     No

Course Price           :     $29 per month

Founders                 :     Jim Cockrum

Coaching Sessions     :     Yes

Networking Events      :     No

If you think the Amazon Selling Machine is a tad bit too expensive, then you better check this one out.

The Proven Amazon Course is a subscription-based program whose main goal is to get as many people into it as much as possible. For just $29 a month, you can access its wide range of training courses, e-books, and all other key information about Amazon selling, in general.

Its course boasts a 50,000-member strong community, the majority of which are on the founder’s Facebook group. This thriving group makes it easier for you to connect with people, as well as cultivate business relationships. The founder, himself, is also an active member of this community.

If there’s one downside to this friendly and accessible program, it’s that its overall content is something that you might find a bit shallow. The word “basics” is a very apt description for this program. They really do cover the basics, but that’s just about it. You can’t ask for too much, though, considering the low monthly subscription.

Who this is for: People on a budget or people that want to expand their network and engage with a diverse group of people. 

  1. Marketplace Superheroes

URL: https://home.marketplacesuperheroes.com/

Beginner-friendly        :     Yes

Free Courses           :     Yes

Course Price           :     $997

Founders                 :     Robert Ricky and Steven Somers

Coaching Sessions     :     No

Networking Events      :     No

We’ve covered the low price and we’ve covered the high price. Now let’s go into the middle one.

Marketplace Superheroes is a reasonably priced course that focuses more on the market strategy aspect of Amazon FBA selling. Knowing the basics of Amazon FBA is one thing, executing them is another. And as their name suggests, this course knows the market and they want to help you navigate it.

The program is also proactive. It’s a step-by-step, action-based program that makes you learn proactively. Video training courses are high-quality, and the fee comes with a Chrome extension software that can help you have a better and more focused training experience.

As we said, this course comes at a reasonable $1,000. Some people swear that this is a steal, but, of course, that is for you to decide.

Their community, however, is sort of lacking when compared to other courses, but this is by no means a smear on their quality. Their 5,000-strong exclusive membership is as valuable as any 30,000 or 50,000 member counterparts.

Who is this for: People who have funds to spare, but are on a budget. Also, people who want to focus more on the act of selling and other vital marketing strategies. 

  1. Udemy Amazon FBA Courses

URL: https://www.udemy.com/topic/amazon-fba/

Beginner-friendly        :     Yes

Free Courses           :     Yes

Course Price           :     About less than $100

Founders                 :     n/a

Coaching Sessions     :     n/a

Networking Events      :     n/a

Putting Udemy here may be cheating. After all, Udemy is a massive online course provider that’s been around for more than 10 years. They don’t just teach about Amazon FBA – they teach a lot of things. All you need to do is to look around.

And there are a lot. Like, at least 200 paid ones and dozens of free ones. The paid ones go for as low as $10 and some go as high as $90. The free ones are not some quick upsells, too. On average, these are hours-long videos that provide you with useful and valuable information about Amazon FBA.

These training courses come in the form of videos, however. So, if there’s one negative about this choice, it’s that it’s more of a self-study than anything. This format is a one-way street and there’s no interaction involved. It’s up to you to take in and digest the information in whatever structure or process you can come up with it.

Who is this for: People who want to learn at their own pace and time. Also, people who have budget constraints. 

  1. Amazon Boot Camp

URL: https://courses.thesellingfamily.com/amazon-boot-camp-sales-page 

Beginner-friendly        :     Yes

Free Courses           :     No

Course Price           :     Starts at $195 per month

Founders                 :     Jessica and Cliff Larrew

Coaching Sessions     :     Yes (but depends on your subscription)

Networking Events      :     No

The Amazon Boot Camp is run by The Selling Family, which is a site owned and run by Jessica and Cliff Larrew. It is one of the several courses they offer, which list includes courses on how to start a low-content publishing business, how to create or host courses, and other niche Amazon FBA subjects. 

This course focuses primarily on retail arbitrage, which the couple, themselves, have been doing more than a decade. Their course covers this model over 14 modules, all for the price of a few hundred dollars for the first three months. Their subscription packages may also include other valuable materials, such as books and ungating assistance. 

Also, and depending on your subscription plan, Jessica, herself, will personally answer your questions during a live Q&A session. She even ships to you a personalized coffee mug to boot! 

Finally, like the Amazon Selling Machine, this course also offers a money back guarantee within 60 days, if ever you end up not being satisfied with what they have provided. 

Thousands of people swear by this course, as well as that of the spouses’ sincerity and thoughtfulness. So, if you’re looking for a more motherly or homely course, this might be for you. 

Who is this for: People who want a more personal and intimate touch. 

  1. Titan Network Amazon FBA Mastermind

URL: https://www.titannetwork.com/home-a

Beginner-friendly        :     No

Free Courses           :     No

Course Price           :     Starts at $5,000

Founders                 :     Athena Severi & Dan Ashburn

Coaching Sessions     :     Yes

Networking Events      :     Yes

Titan Network claims that it is an elite program for people who want to become an elite seller – a “Titan”, if you will.

True enough, their course and platform provide comprehensive tools, trackers, and direct sourcing communication to suppliers, mostly from China. This exclusive program is designed for experienced Amazon sellers that want to move to the next level. Their exclusivity makes their community exceptionally friendly and helpful, not to mention making their overall content and classes more valuable.

It goes without saying that becoming a “Titan” is a competitive advantage in and of itself. Though the price may be too high, if you have the budget for it, you’ll surely not regret it.

Who is this for: Existing businessmen and women who want to take that next step and elevate their business. Also, people who want to wear a really cool shirt.

If you’d still like to learn more, continue down to read more experienced and expert advice about Amazon seller training courses. 

Taking a Course Versus Learning Elsewhere

Let’s focus more on this perspective. For sure, some of you may already be saying that there’s a ton of free content on Youtube that could make up for all the content that is presumably to be provided by courses.

Perhaps so. But, again, it’s not just about learning for the sake of it. How you learn something matters as much as what you learn. As we already said, a course gives you a structure. This structure makes it more conducive for you to learn, acquire, and develop the skill that you want, which, in this case, is the skill of becoming an effective Amazon seller.

Now, we’re not taking away the value of Youtube and its contributors and educators. They are very valuable. What we’re merely trying to point out is that giving yourself structure through tailored courses nets you plenty of positives (which we’ll be going through next).

Can you just take the time and create your own structured course by compiling a series of Youtube videos? You certainly can if you can. As we just said, not everyone is an autodidact. Most people need to be taught. And in this age of the internet, what better way to be taught than to take an Amazon Seller course?

If you’re still not convinced at this point, then let us give you some more reasons why taking a course is an absolute must for you as an Amazon seller. 

Reasons Why You Should Take a Course

Like deciding to go to college, everyone has their own reasons for taking a course or enrolling in a program. 


An Amazon seller course is like a classroom of sorts. As you go along the program, you get to interact with people, form friendships and bonds, and, hopefully, a network.

But what makes an Amazon seller course special is the community. In any given class, you are joined by people who share the same interests and curiosities as you. And the fact that they are willing to join a course means that they are the type of person who wants to better themselves.

Reliable Education, for instance, has a very engaging and helpful community, specifically in their Facebook Group. Owing to its founders values and Reliable Education’s culture, in general, the Reliable Education Facebook Group has become the place to be to learn from people firsthand, form relationships, and draw in positive energy. 

As the saying goes, surround yourself with positive, motivated, and driven people. Doing so not only helps you take a step closer towards your business goals, but it also does wonders for your mental health and overall well-being. 

Competitive Advantage

Let’s face it. There are thousands of sellers on Amazon and, depending on your product or industry, most of them will be your competitors.

Competition in the world of online selling is fierce and brutal. To better compete, you need a competitive advantage. Ideally, a competitive advantage must be both unique and difficult, if not impossible, to emulate. Think of Coca-Cola’s secret formula or Amazon’s, well, everything.

But the world has changed so much in the past couple of years that it has come to a point where having even the slightest hint of a competitive advantage matters more than having none. For smaller players, what matters more is having that slight edge over your competition.

It goes without saying that taking a course gives you that unique competitive advantage over those that hadn’t taken it.

But what of the others that took a specific course with you? Is it still a competitive advantage if others have it, too? Well, that’s a story for another time.

Value and Goodwill

Value and goodwill are intangible assets that a business or a seller can acquire. For a business, value and goodwill can come in the form of experience, having good moral values, or upholding environmental sustainability. For sellers such as yourself, value and goodwill can be your reputation, integrity, and background.

Some of those things are yours to cultivate on your own, but your background is something that others can help you develop and work towards. Yes, taking an Amazon Seller Course adds value and goodwill to your business.

Think about it: All other things being equal, who would you rather hire? An applicant with a college degree or another without? Sure, there are other factors at play, but in terms of chances and risk, the one with the college degree might be the safer bet. And so goes the same for a seller who has taken Amazon seller courses. 

Things To Consider Before Choosing a Course

Hopefully, at this point, you’re now dead set on planning your year with taking a course in mind. But which one?

A quick search on the web will show you thousands of courses available to you. That many choices can certainly overwhelm anyone, so let us help you.

Here are 8 things for you to consider when browsing through Amazon Seller courses:

Know the Fee

Taking a course is not free. Some are, yes, but the more structured ones aren’t. Some of these courses can go as low as $80 and some of the longer programs can go as high as north of $4,000.

If you have serious financial considerations, then this could be a very important factor, indeed.

Does a higher fee mean a better course? Not necessarily, but it’s a good indicator. For the most part, there is a reasonable basis for why a course is priced the way it is. Maybe it’s highly recommended and regarded by thousands of people. Maybe it has a proven and effective structure. Maybe its creators and lecturers are successful people in their own industries.

Do note, however, that the value that you get from participating in a course is highly subjective. It’s up to you to make the most out of it. Paying for a $4,000 course will not yield anything unless you apply and commit yourself to the program.

Know the Model They Teach

There are many different facets involved when it comes to being an Amazon Seller. These facets come in the form of models that courses either teach specifically or generally, namely, private labelling, retail arbitrage, and wholesaling, to name a few. 

If you already know the model that you intend to compete in, then it follows that knowing whether a specific course covers that model or not is important. Some courses will surely go through these models, but what you should be after are those courses that go right down into it with specificity.

On the off chance that you do not know yet your intended model, then a general discussion over these can be a good start for you.

Make sure to check and note these down when you start looking for courses.

Read the Reviews

Generally, reviews are not a fool-proof representation of the quality and value of a product. From movies to places and, yes, to programs, customer reviews can only really give you an idea of it. At the end of the day, it will still be subjective and vary from person-to-person.

A better use for reviews is to look at it in extremes, that is, whether the overall review is extremely low or extremely high. In some ways, these extremes may represent an accurate depiction of a product’s quality.

Too low means enough people disliked it enough to rate it as such. An extremely high rating, on the other hand, could also mean that people generally loved it. Anything it between falls in the realm of the subjective.

One thing that you should look out for in a review are constructive, unbiased opinions about the core of a course. These honest testimonies could very well be your deciding factor when it comes right down to it.

Look Up Some Founder Information

We mentioned earlier how one’s background can add value and goodwill to a business. The same holds true for Amazon seller courses.

If you can, try to check out some information about the course’s founder or creator. This could give you an idea about who they are, as well as whether what they’re saying, or teaching is worthwhile.

It’s good to remember, however, that this can be a very subjective thing, too. Chances are, most of the founders or creators will be experienced or highly regarded. It’s how or why they’re able to successfully teach a course in the first place. Your choice, then, might boil down to your inherent biases, personal preferences, or some other subconscious factor.

See If They Have Up to Date Information

The modern age is volatile, more so when it comes to doing business. What may be relevant or necessary 5 years ago, may be a thing of the past today. This statement holds true when it comes to Amazon FBA and its policies and rules and even more so for the many seller training courses that seek to teach those.

Taking an outdated seller training course is like arming yourself with a 16th rifle. Yes, it will arm you with some knowledge and that knowledge may, indeed, get it done. But merely getting it done should not be your goal.

No, your goal as an Amazon seller is to not merely to get things done. Your goal should be getting things done efficiently and effectively. And an up-to-date, adaptive Amazon seller training course will help you be able to do that.

So, make sure to check this crucial part when looking up Amazon seller training courses.

Ask About Production or Course Quality

Would you pay attention to a course if you cannot hear the speaker or lecturer well? What if the materials provided are poorly written, if not messy and unstructured? Would you feel that you got value for your money if the entire course looks like some high school presentation?

These are all exaggerations, of course, but you get it. If content and substance are valuable for a course, so do the layers holding it all together.

Check If They Have Coaching Sessions or Networking Events

Generally, this should only be a plus; a bonus if you will. Networking events may be appealing to some, but some might just want to learn from a course and then be already satisfied with it. Likewise, coaching sessions are nice and very much appreciated, but not everyone desires a one-on-one special session outside of a course program.

But having these as optional choices is better than not having them at all. A course is a product, and these things are value-added services or features that can surely make your time and expense worthwhile.  

Assess the Overall Content

This last part is a given and is most likely the first thing you thought of when the idea of Amazon seller training courses came into your mind.

How should you make your assessment? Well, it depends on whether you’re new to Amazon FBA or if you’ve dabbled with it a bit before and are looking for more advanced knowledge.

If you're new, then simply check if the content they plan to teach covers the basics. If you’re with the latter, then it’s simply a matter of looking for specific content that you want to learn.

Most, if not all, of these courses can provide a list or overview of their program, so you can start your assessment with that. 

Final Thoughts

We’d like to end this blog with a parable about education and learning.

A merchant was traversing a desert one night when he chanced upon a figure. He approached the mysterious figure, who then told him to go ahead and pick up some rocks on the ground, which the merchant did. He took as much as he could find and then put it in a small pouch.

The figure then said, “Tomorrow, when the sun rises, you will be both happy and sad.”

The next day, the merchant opened his small pouch to find that the rocks he picked up had turned into precious jewels. True enough, he was both happy and sad. He was happy that he took some, but sad that he didn't pick up more. 

Education and learning are the same things. When the time comes, we will be glad that we took the time to educate ourselves and learn. Yet, at the same time, we will be sad that we didn’t put in more time into it.

But don’t fret! A reliable education about business, Amazon FBA, and marketing is right here at your fingertips. Zonguru offers weekly live training on these topics and then some more. Let’s try to help you tip that scale between happy and sad today. Sign up now for a free 7-day trial!

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