Amazon pulls in around 3,700 new sellers each day. This means there is more competition for customers than ever.

To stay ahead, many sellers are turning to Amazon Repricing tools. These tools can help you to react to fluctuating Amazon prices in real-time, minimize your margin of error, and can take multiple factors into account at once.

But there are different types of repricing tools, each with their own strengths and downsides. For this reason, some will be more compatible for you and your product than the rest.

In this blog, we analyzed and hand-picked the top five Amazon repricers available in 2022.

But first thing’s first.

How Does Amazon Repricing Software Work? 

Low product price—along with fulfillment method and listing quality—are important factors for winning and maintaining the buy box. According to DataFeedWatch, the buy box is responsible for 90% of all sales on Amazon making it crucial to sell your items at the right price point. This is where an Amazon repricer tool comes in.

Based on the rules you set, Amazon repricing software observes competitors’ price changes and reacts accordingly. You could forgo subscribing to repricing software; however, that isn’t a smart decision, to say the least.

No seller has the time or the energy needed to react to continual changes in price. A reliable Amazon repricing software automates the process allowing you to focus on what really matters: growing your business. 

Here are 5 Amazon repricers you should check out.

Bqool – Entry-Level Amazon Repricing Solutions

Bqool is a mid-tier repricing solution for Amazon sellers looking to boost product sales. It’s also a good entry-point for figuring out the functionality and effectiveness of repricers. Bqool’s customer support services extends to Amazon US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Mexico, and Japan allowing for multi-marketplace functionality. 

Part of Bqool’s claim to superiority is its use of AI technology to monitor and implement the right repricing strategy. Sellers can factor in various referral fees and taxes as well as a scheduler that competes against other products at specific times e.g. the holiday season. 

A simplified dashboard—named Repricer Central—features lets you view price history, set repricing rules, manage listings, and track KPIs. 

Users can subscribe to the following pricing plans:

  • Plan 1: $25/mo. for 1,000 listings, repricing speed set to 15 minutes
  • Plan 2: $50/mo. for 5,000 listings, repricing speed set to 15 minutes
  • Plan 3: $100/mo. for 10,000 listings, repricing speed lower than 15 minutes
  • Plan 4: $200/mo. for 30,000 listings, repricing speed lower than 15 minutes
  • Plan 5: $300/mo. for 50,000 listings, repricing speed lower than 15 minutes

Subscribe annually to save up on money. 

So the question is: is Bqool the best Amazon repricer? Not quite. While it provides all the features you would expect out of a decent Amazon repricer, lackluster customer support, the inability to exclude certain ASINS from the repricing list, and higher-than-average repricing speeds are factors to consider before making a purchase.

RepricerExpress – A Repricer for Amazon Sellers with Numerous SKUs

RepricerExpress is a well-known Amazon repricing tool with greater repricing features but at higher subscription costs. Like Bqool, RepricerExpress also offers a 14-day free trial so you don’t have to commit without testing the waters first. 

Notable features include pre-made repricing templates that free users from having to create repricing strategies from the ground up. Think of these templates as a set of tried and tested repricing rules and strategies you can use to see which one works best for your product.

An example of a default template for Amazon FBA sellers operating in Amazon USA may include look something like:

  • Compete only against US and FBA sellers
  • Target sellers with similar product condition or better
  • Stop repricing at 12:00 AM and restart at 6:00 AM
  • Seller ratings should exceed 95%
  • Increase product price by 10 cents every 10 minutes after winning the buy box

The option to select and run pre-made templates makes RepricerExpress desirable for Amazon businesses with numerous SKUs or those searching for automated amazon repricing software. RepricerExpress also has a nifty feature that lets you track and react to competitors’ pricing strategies.

If you’re in a situation where winning the buy box is easy or your rivals are prone to running out of stock, the software will gradually increase prices to squeeze out extra profits. Repricing tools capable of counteracting price changes set by rivals’ repricing software are highly sought after by large-scale Amazon sellers.

RepricerExpress offers four pricing plans:

  • Express: £85/mo. for 5,000 product and a 1-hour repricing delay time
  • Plus: £189/mo. for 50,000 listings with faster repricing speeds
  • Ultimate: £319/mo. for 250,000 listings and a host of additional features
  • Extreme: £949/mo. for 1 million product listings and a few coveted features for large-scale Amazon sellers

One thing to note is the price tags. Even the most basic package starts at £85 a month—for that money you could get access to seller tools that can do much more than just reprice products. 

RepricerExpress can be the best Amazon repricer for you if your seller central account has upwards of 250k listed ASINS. For the average seller, it’s best to invest your money in affordable alternatives that help your business in other facets of Amazon selling as well.

Aura – Amazon Repricer Tools for Data-Centric Amazon Sellers

A top Amazon 2022 repricers list would be incomplete without mentioning Aura–a repricing tool that equips users with the data needed to create effective repricing strategies. 

Aura may be a new entrant to the Amazon repricer scene but with its powerful features, intuitive dashboard, and quick customer support response times, it has become the go-to repricer for many Amazon sellers. Powered by “Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence”, the software claims to learn predictive repricing patterns and thus becoming increasingly effective the longer it runs. 

Pre-made strategies (similar to what RepricerExpress has to offer), the ability to target specific sellers, and a 10-minute repricing time are all the more reasons to include Aura in our list. Users can also make data-driven decisions by analyzing their past performance and keeping track of key metrics. 

Additional features include:

  • Import costs from your inventory
  • Automatically set maximum and minimum prices
  • Automated workflows for new Amazon sellers
  • The ability to bulk export/import
  • Take care of suppressed buy boxes automatically

As far as pricing is concerned, there’s only a single $97 per month plan that comes with personal onboarding and setup. 

With Aura, you can access all sorts of cool features and ‘self-learning’ AI capabilities; however, an upper cap of 50k listings could lead to scalability issues down the line. 

Informed.co – An Amazon Repricer Tool with Multi-Marketplace Functionality

Informed.co is the second repricer on this list (after Aura) to feature both AI and Machine Learning capabilities. Formerly known as Appeagle, this Amazon repricer is functional in 15 marketplaces including smaller regions like Japan and the United Arab Emirates.

Aside from its impressive multi-marketplace support, Informed co is a good repricer for Walmart sellers as well—and that’s not all. You can automatically sync data from other popular e-commerce tools. The list of supported integrations includes big names like InventoryLab, SKUGRID, seller cloud, SureDone, e-com solutions, and more.

Advanced algorithms work around the clock and collect data allowing you to create your own repricing strategy. But if you’re not interested in analytics or strategizing to outmaneuver the competition, you can always choose a standard repricing strategy and hit the ground running. 

It takes around 15 minutes to set up an account and sync it to your local marketplace. In the pricing plan department, Informed.co takes a unique approach by offering features based on your monthly revenue. As your business revenue increases, you gain access to more complex features. Here’s what you can expect to pay:

  • $49/mo. for $500 - $5,000 in revenue
  • $99/mo. for $5,000 to $10,000 
  • $149/mo. for $10,000 to $25,000 
  • $199/mo. for $25,000 to $50,000 
  • $249/mo. for $50,000 to $100,000
  • $299/mo. for $100,000 to $500,000
  • $399/mo. for $500,00 to $1mil
  • $499/mo. for $1mil to $2.5mil
  • Custom packages for Amazon revenues exceeding $2.5mil

Based on the breadth of features alone, it’s understandable why Informed.co is the Amazon repricer of choice for many sellers. After going through customer feedback, however, there are a few things you should be aware of. This particular Amazon repricing tool lacks a few fundamental features like not being able to automate the minimum and maximum price. 

Some customers have highlighted page loading issues whereas others experienced slow customer support times. Finally, since the company isn’t upfront about which repricing features are accessible at each price point, it’s difficult to determine whether a subscription is truly value for money.

Feedvisor – A Top-of-the-Line Amazon Repricing Tool

The 5th repricing tool Amazon sellers should check out in 2022 is Feedvisor. Although not strictly a repricing tool—Amazon advertising, brand, and content optimization tools can be purchased separately—Feedvisor ranks as a powerful ally in your bid to win and keep the buy box.

Subscribing to their “patented algo-repricer” has the following benefits:

  • Smart AI Repricing: Feedvisor’s AI tool doesn’t aim to simply set the price a few cents below your competitors. It also takes into account factors like fulfillment methods, inventory, and sales history to devise the best strategy on how to win the buy box. The goal is to drive profit and sales by studying predictive patterns and boost seller performance.
  • Multi-Store Functionality: Listing your product across multiple eCommerce platforms increases the likelihood of success. Whether you’re selling on Amazon, eBay, or your own website, Feedvisor’s repricer automatically updates product prices to keep you in the game.
  • Improved Analytics: AI and Machine Learning go hand-in-hand to uncover valuable insights by analyzing countless data-points and make decisions in real-time to win the buy box. A lot of complex things happen simultaneously to ensure your product gets maximum visibility and sales.

Apart from these, there are more features that make Feedvisor’s repricing tool a strong contender for the best Amazon repricing tool in the market. But as is the case with every repricing software, there are drawbacks sellers will have to contend with. 

The biggest turnoff for those interested in this repricer is the price tag. Even though there are no pricing plans listed on the website, expect to pay $1,000 and upwards depending on your needs. Needless to say—even with the additional PPC and content optimization tools—that’s a ridiculous sum to pay and is well beyond the reach of most Amazon sellers.

Conclusion – Are Amazon Repricing Tools Enough to Succeed on Amazon?

Each repricer mentioned—regardless of its drawbacks—ranks as some of the best repricing software available in 2022. But are repricers alone sufficient enough to succeed on Amazon? 

Repricers are helpful, but the truth is, selling on Amazon is multi-faceted. It involves thorough niche research, inventory management, optimizing your listing, managing ad campaigns, and much more.

To help, we suggest using a comprehensive seller toolkit. ZonGuru, for example, grants access to 16 unique seller tools that shows you the best product to sell for your business needs, how to optimize your product listing, how to get to page one, and more.

All of this is packed into one cloud-based solution; you don’t have to download or install software on your desktop, just connect your seller central account with your ZonGuru account and watch the magic unfold!

Don’t worry about paying a dime—just try out the 7-day free trial that also includes loads of free information-packed training sessions and seller resources!

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