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Before the prevalence of better e-mail systems and sophisticated online call and messaging software, socializing on the internet was primarily done via forums. 

Fast forward to today and, despite all the communication and technological tools available, traditional forums are still alive and growing. So much so that companies are noticing and beginning to take advantage of it, with most strategies coming in the form of the engagement of community managers or social media managers. 

Since we are here to help you grow, we see it fit to share with you some of the best Amazon Seller Forums that you should check out and why. We will also share with you some things we believe you should know about Amazon Seller Forums, in general, as well as what you should be considering when joining one. 

What is an Amazon Seller Forum?

An Amazon seller forum is a platform, group, or community space where discussions and information sharing regarding anything related to Amazon or Selling on Amazon is encouraged and cultivated. These discussions can range from simple questions about Amazon selling rules or trends down to the more technical questions about Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA).

Note that each forum holds its own rules and posting guidelines. So be sure to read and understand them first before you decide to join and engage. 

What’s in it For You

A forum is essentially a marketplace of ideas. It is a permanent space where you can communicate with people who not only share the same knowledge and interests as you but may also have knowledge and information that you may not have known but can surely benefit from knowing.

Here are four (4) reasons why joining an Amazon seller forum (or any non-Amazon seller forum, for that matter)  can be beneficial for you:

  • Information on updates, news, or trends: Depending on the forum you’re in, news can travel faster on a forum thread than other traditional sources. Even better is that this news, specifically news about the latest trends or other relevant updates, are moderated and promoted by the forum in such a way that guarantees that it will reach you.
  • Networks building: Socializing or engaging in a forum helps build networks. It is no secret that having a strong network is one of the keys to business success and joining a forum can greatly help you in that aspect. 
  • Information and education: People who go into forums almost always have these two reasons for doing so: to obtain answers to a question they may have or to get valuable information. Forums stand out because answers and information are structured and consolidated, making it easier to absorb and use for the average user.
  • Marketing and promotion: Forums are also a good way to promote yourself and your business. You need not even be direct about it. A thoughtful and informative post or reply you make about a question can easily draw people to you or your business. But if you want to go the direct route, most forums have dedicated threads for promotions, too. Of course, as with any space or platform, there are rules in place that are regularly and strictly enforced. A forum may also have its own unique culture, too. That said, most forums--particularly Amazon forums--likely won’t be tolerating nor accepting of promotional threads or posts, so be wary of the rules and culture of a forum when you decide to go with this strategic route. 

The 31 Seller Forums and Communities You Should Become a Part Of

Every forum has its strengths and weaknesses. But there’s no denying that some do stand out and we recognize, though, that blasting you with all 32 in one go may be counterproductive. So, to make things easier for you, we’ve narrowed down and separated these 32 into distinct categories that you’ll surely love and appreciate.

The 6 You Should Absolutely Become a Part Of

These 6 are by no means exclusive. But in our view, these are definitely some of the best and most complete communities on the web that caters both specifically to Amazon Sellers and to eCommerce selling activities, in general.

Also, some of these communities are old, with some even going as far back as 15 years since its inception. Almost everyone would agree that in the world of the internet, old age usually means amazing. After all, it would have survived for this long if it weren’t.  

What we’re saying, basically, is that if you’re not in one of these, then you’re not only missing out, but the others that are in are, indeed, getting that edge over you.

1. Seller Central Forum

URL: https://sellercentral.amazon.com/

If there’s a Holy Grail for all Amazon Seller Forums, it’s this. The Central Forum is an easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate forum that contains everything you will ever need to know about being an Amazon Seller. Browsing and looking around is free, too. Though, you may need to be an actual, registered Amazon Seller to be able to participate and engage with others.

But probably the best feature of this forum is its stickied FAQs and commonly asked questions or topics. Huge chance that you’ll get your queries answered before you even register. That alone should give you a view on how valuable this community is, not to mention how it all the more makes your registration payment worth it.

2. Amazon FBA Warriors! [Sellers Group]

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/423591284664675/

The Amazon FBA Warriors!is a Facebook group dedicated to helping Amazon Sellers scale and grow. Prior to joining this private group, you will be asked to provide your preferred email address to where regular updates and newsletters will be sent.

To be sure, there are a ton of Amazon Seller Facebook groups out there. But this group is, in our opinion, one of the best ones out there, to date.

3. Web Retailer

URL: https://www.webretailer.com/

The Web Retailer is, first and foremost, an educational community website for businesses. It’s not exclusive to Amazon Sellers, but rather, to business and e-commerce, in general. Members are encouraged to discuss online selling issues, trends, and selling software and strategies.

This community also has a strong global following. From North America and all the way to Europe then to Southeast Asia, the Web Retailer is not only one of the best places to source third-party services and new software, but it is also one of the best places to discover and learn new and disruptive selling strategies.

4. Warrior Forum

URL: https://www.warriorforum.com/

We mentioned old before and, frankly, the Warrior Forum is one of those that we were referring to. With over a million active members worldwide, the Warrior Forum is definitely one of the best places for you to start and build your network. 

It also goes without saying that, with that many eyes and activity, the Warrior Forum is also a good place to start building your name and brand. In fact, active, regular participation in different threads within the forum can lead to you possessing the credential “pro” for your username. And any experienced seller or business person would know much value and goodwill that can bring to one’s business or selling operation.

5. Tamebay

URL: https://tamebay.com/

Like the Warrior Forum, Tamebay is also one of those oldies that are still very much alive and kicking. Its name was founded on the idea of “taming” what seemed like an impenetrable beast at the time, eBay, hence the name. And it does this by helping sellers become armed with the tools they would need to become successful in the eCommerce game.

Fast forward too close to two decades later the name still holds up, save for the fact that it’s no longer just eBay, but Amazon, as well.

We’d like to clarify, however, that Tamebay is, strictly speaking, not a forum, but more like a website with a community following. In other words, it is a trove of information that births forum discussions and communities.

6. ZG Community Groups

This isn’t some shameless plug. Like the forums and communities that we have discussed so far, Zonguru prides itself in helping Amazon Sellers become the best version of themselves. And this goes beyond becoming a 7-figure business.

If success and self-fulfillment is what you desire, then look no further. Join Zonguru’s Community Groups and start your journey today!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zonguru/community/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ZonGuru

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/zonguru

Zonguru Web Community: https://www.zonguru.com/events

The 6 That Are Worth Considering

If the previous 6 were an absolute must, we would say that these next 5 are not necessarily so, but worth considering in your decision-making. These 5 forums and communities are either specifically represented and handled by a successful figure in the eCommerce industry or by a group of successful business owners, themselves.

7. eCommerce Fuel Forum

URL: https://insider.ecommercefuel.com/forum/

Owned by the famous entrepreneur Andrew Youderain, this forum focuses more on the intricacies of the eCommerce industry and less about selling on Amazon. If you’re new in the business of eCommerce, this forum is a good place for you to start.

8. EcommerceBytes

URL: https://www.ecommercebytes.com/

Like eCommerce Fuel, this website also focuses on the business of eCommerce. It helps users and visitors by providing links to podcasts, blogs, and informational guides relating to packing, shipping, online fraud, and other selling questions or issues.

9. BigCommerce Community

URL: https://support.bigcommerce.com/s/community?language=en_US

BigCommerce is a community that operates more on a question-and-answer type of platform. The community does have a forum section for announcements and discussions though, so be sure to check those out, too.

10. Startup Bros

URL: https://startupbros.com/

As the name suggests, this group’s main goal is to help people get started in online selling or eCommerce. This community not only offers courses and webinars, but they also have an engaging Facebook community that pools together beginners and experts. If you have zero experience in running or starting a business, then this community may just be for you.

11. UK Business Forums

URL: https://www.ukbusinessforums.co.uk/

The UK Business Forums is likely one of the few places that organizes itself into different divisions or categories like a large corporation would. Its forums are separated according to function or area, from legal to human resources to accounting and marketing. Everything you need to know about every aspect of a business is there. Think of it as a sort of crash-course MBA where everything is covered and available for your reading pleasure.

12. Digital Point

URL: https://forums.digitalpoint.com/

Digital Point is one of the oldest forums on the web and its design shows this. Though some would say that it’s not as active as it used to be, the fact of the matter is that there are still some snippets of valuable information to be found in it.

The 3 Traditional and Unique Ones That May Tickle Your Fancy

These 3 are some of the unique places to visit. Mind you that some of these are presented in a general way, as is our intent. There are a ton of forum or communities available in these sites and we have cited (and will cite) some of them already. But the point we want to make is that you can search for smaller and more close-knit communities should the large ones overwhelm you.

Just go to these spaces and do a typical search. What you may find may surprise you.

13. Reddit Fulfillment By Amazon - URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/FulfillmentByAmazon/

14. Amazon Seller Space on Quora - URL: https://amazonsellerspace.quora.com/

15. Amazon Sellers Facebook Group - URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/amazon.sellers.group/

The 9 Forums and Communities For All Your FBA Needs

Fulfillment By Amazon or FBA can be complicated for most, especially for beginners. Thankfully, there are forums and communities that can help you not only understand how the mechanics of the service work, but also provide you with tips and tricks on how to save time and money when using the service, among others.

These 9 are some of the best and most informational communities about everything related to Amazon’s FBA service.

Do note that some of these are well-known Facebook groups, most of which have thousands of active members.

16. Full-time FBA - URL: https://www.fulltimefba.com/

17. FBA All-Stars - URL: https://fbaallstars.com/

18. Unstoppable FBA – Marketing Hacks for Amazon Sellers - URL: https://unstoppablefba.com/

19. Amazon FBA Sellers - No Gurus Allowed - URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/982439198579383/

20. Amazon FBA Wholesale Sellers - URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/478802089221735/?ref=br_rs

21. Amazon FBA Marketing Secrets - URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/amazingfunnels/

22. FBA Top Sellers – Amazon Newbies & Pros - URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TopSellerPros/

23. Amazon Digital and Device Forum - URL: https://www.amazonforum.com/s/

24. AMZ Tracker Community Forum - URL: https://community.amztracker.com/

The last 6 DropShipping and Other Misc. Seller Categories

These last 6 are forums and communities that we consider to be different from the rest. By now, you may have already chosen the forum or community spaces where you believe you belong, but it doesn’t hurt checking these out, too.

Some of these communities refer to organized and scheduled group activities. Some are forums that pertain to business in general, not necessarily about selling on Amazon. Whichever the case, you can never get enough information and education about the business of eCommerce, so be sure to give these spaces a few minutes, at least.

Who knows? You might have something that fits you like a glove.

25. Amazon Seller Meetups - URL: https://www.meetup.com/topics/amazon-seller/

26. Online Seller Drop-Shipping Ecommerce Tools - URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dropship4arbitrage/

27. Sellers Helping Sellers on Amazon and eBay - URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SellersHelpingSellersAmazonEbay/

28. Small Business Forum - URL: https://smallbusinessforum.co/

29. The WholeSale Forums - URL: https://www.wholesaleforum.com/discuss/forum.php

30. Small Business Forum - URL: https://smallbusinessforum.co/

Things To Consider When Joining a Seller Forum

We’d be exaggerating if we were to recommend to you that you join all 31. Managing 31 forum accounts can be tough, if not superfluous. So, unless you really want to do that, here is some of our advice on how to choose a seller forum to include in your business strategy.

  • User-friendliness: Presentation and ease of use is everything in a website and an online forum is still, after all, a website. Try to get a feel of one of the forums and see if it would be something that you see yourself going into every day of the week. And since you’re going to be there every day, try to know which ones are the easiest to use and maneuver.
  • Accommodating Rules: Some forums are strict when it comes to their posting guidelines and rules. You can probably read these guidelines and rules before you even join one, so be sure to do so before making your choice.
  • Capable Moderation: Trolls and other distracting posts are the bane of every forum. An excellent forum is one that employs a multitude of dedicated moderators that monitors and administers every thread or discussion in accordance with their rules and guidelines. The word “dedicated” there is crucial, as some moderators in some forums can be too controlling and authoritative, too. Finding a balance here can be a shot in the dark, but it’s a shot worth taking.
  • Forum values and principles: Every forum has its own culture. From this culture comes its values and principles that it seeks to uphold (through their moderators and, of course, its users and visitors). Does the forum value freedom of speech? Does it get involved in geopolitics or other socioeconomic issues? These may or may not matter to you, but it may be a point worth considering, more so if you have your own values and principles to uphold, too.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations! You got through that list! You now not only have some vital information about seller forums, but you also now know the things you should be looking out for when choosing one that best fits you and your business!

At the end of the day, of course, it can all still be subjective. Against these parameters, you may end up preferring one over the other just because of how you feel about it. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! 

But if you do decide to seek help, know that Zonguru is here for you! Zonguru offers weekly live training on everything related to Amazon and Amazon Selling. And yes! Attending these training sessions can surely help you decide on your next strategy about joining a selling forum and more! Sign up now for a free 7-day trial to see for yourself!

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