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Amazon is a competitive marketplace—as much competitive as it can get.

In such a cutthroat environment, it is paramount for every seller to keep an eye on competitors and carry out extensive product research before entering any product category. 

ASIN lookup or reverse ASIN lookup powered by a specially designed tool is an effective way to do that.

However, many such tools don’t yield the desired results. For instance, some of them can’t fetch the accurate data of a given ASIN. Another shortcoming of many such reverse ASIN lookup tools is you can’t find out the KPIs of multiple ASINs all at once. 

If you want to know how to carry out bulk ASIN lookup, then look no further. 

In this step-by-step guide, we will share with you how it is not just possible but also very easy and swift to conduct a comprehensive bulk ASIN lookup.

How to Do Bulk ASIN Lookup within Five Minutes? 

You will need an effective bulk ASIN lookup tool to analyze multiple listings at once— a tool that can provide you with a 360-degree insight into all the listings. 

Sales Spy is one such tool where you can run your analysis on a bulk of competitors’ listings in a go to find their estimated sales, revenue, and profits. 

Sales Spy is part of ZonGuru’s seller toolkit. First, log in to your ZonGuru account and open Sales Spy from the side menu bar (under the Product Research drop-down). 

C:\Users\Rathore\Documents\Nov 22\Bulk ASIN Lookup\000.PNG

Start adding the ASINs you want to look up in the search bar (separate them by space or comma). Also, select the duration for which you want to fetch the data. Besides last week, last 30 days, and last one year, you can also set a custom range. Lastly, select the marketplace (US, UK, Germany, etc) for which you need the data. 

After putting all the ASINs you want to analyze, click the +Add button to get the bulk searches. 

C:\Users\Rathore\Documents\Nov 22\Bulk ASIN Lookup\004.PNG

Since it’s a bulk ASIN lookup, the tool will take a couple of minutes to produce results. In the meantime, you can grab a cup of coffee. 

After getting back, you will see the Bulk ASIN lookup results in all their glory.

C:\Users\Rathore\Documents\Nov 22\Bulk ASIN Lookup\005.PNG

At a glance, you can see all the important data points for all the ASINs you want to monitor. Scroll down and see the numbers for your entire bulk of listings.

Let’s break down all the data you get in this bulk ASIN lookup. 

  • Price: The price of an individual unit in the selected time period (30 days in this case).
  • Sales: Everyday unit sales for the selected time period.
  • Revenue: The revenue for the selected time period along with the daily breakdown.
  • Estimated Profit: The estimation of the profit at a 30% net margin for the selected time period along with the daily breakdown.
  • Rating: Average ratings the ASIN has received in the selected time period. 

The Action tab at the end of the row has two buttons: Graph and three dots.

By clicking the graph icon, you can get multiple data points for each ASIN of the bulk.

In the first raw, you find out when the ASIN was established on Amazon. This information lets you know how strong the foundation of the given listing is. Then, you can see its current BSR and how many sellers are listing for the same ASIN.

Then, there’s a graph where revenue, sales, and BSR are plotted against the selected time period.

Next, there is a “three dots” button. From there, you can either download the data as an excel sheet or delete the ASIN entry from the tool. 

That’s how the download CSV file looks like with all the Bulk ASIN lookup data churned by Sales Spy

Bulk ASIN Lookup to Find Keywords

Bulk ASIN lookup is not just about finding “how” well your competitors are doing. It can also help you in finding out “why” they are doing that well. Finding your competitors’ keyword strategy through bulk ASIN lookup answers that “why”.  

You can use ZonGuru’s Keyword on Fire— a reverse ASIN keyword tool—to find all the unique and relevant keywords your competitors are getting ranked for. 

Not just that, you also get to know very crucial data points for the given keywords that can eventually help you improve your Amazon SEO. 

Open this keyword research tool AKA bulk ASIN lookup tool from the Listing Optimization Drop-down menu of the sidebar of your ZonGuru account.

C:\Users\Rathore\Documents\Nov 22\Bulk ASIN Lookup\007.PNG

Add all the ASINs you want to analyze for keywords, select the marketplace, name your session, and click the +Run Keyword Analysis button. 

C:\Users\Rathore\Documents\Nov 22\Bulk ASIN Lookup\008.PNG

It will take a couple of minutes for the tool to return the results. 

C:\Users\Rathore\Documents\Nov 22\Bulk ASIN Lookup\009.PNG

When it’s done, click the eye button to look at the results.

This bulk ASIN lookup will give you a list of keywords associated with those listings. Besides keywords, you will also find:

  • Combined monthly revenue that a given keyword is driving for its top 25 ranked ASINs.
  • Estimated monthly search volume
C:\Users\Rathore\Documents\Nov 22\Bulk ASIN Lookup\012.PNG

There are many other data points that this tool generates which can help you shortlist your keyword list.

Bulk ASIN Lookup for Product Research

If you want to do retail arbitrage or wholesale on Amazon, you may have to sift through hundreds of products (ASINs) to pick the one(s) that you want to deal in. An iteration of bulk ASIN lookup helps you make informed decisions in this regard. It essentially streamlines how you carry out product research for arbitrage or wholesale model.

As demonstrated in the above discussion, you can find revenue, sales volume, and estimated profit of multiple ASINs in a single go through Sales Spy. Besides that, you also get to know how many sellers list for a particular product/ASIN using the same tool. This information is very important if you have to win the Buy Box among multiple sellers. 

All you need to do is click on the Graph icon of the corresponding ASIN on Sales Spy to find out how many sellers compete for it.  

C:\Users\Rathore\Documents\Dec 22\Bulk ASIN Lookup\013.PNG

An ASIN with eight sellers already on it implies tough competition for any new seller

An ASIN with three sellers mean one can consider it for their retail arbitrage or wholesale gig

Importance of Bulk ASIN Lookup Tool for Agencies/Enterprises

A bulk ASIN lookup tool is a godsend for entities that are managing multiple listings under several brands and seller accounts. Handling multiple ASINs with every ASIN having numerous competitors, it can get quite overwhelming to carry out a competitor analysis for every listing.

With the help of a suitable bulk ASIN lookup tool, those Amazon agencies can conduct complete competitor analysis of any listing within a couple of minutes. Just as shown in the above section, you can find sales, revenue, and optimized keywords of dozens of ASINs in not more than 1-2 minutes. 

This robust lookup feature comes in really handy when you have to do in-depth competitor analysis for dozens of listings within a single working day. 

Besides competitor analysis, an intuitive bulk ASIN lookup tool can also help agencies and enterprises in viewing the data of their own ASINs more conveniently. For instance, you can see the sales volume, revenue, and BSR of your listings from one window instead of going down the rabbit hole of Seller Central.   

You can review all the sales and revenue data of bulk ASINs at a glance rather than mining loads of data available across gazillions of Seller Central business reports.

Frequently Asked Questions about ASIN Lookup

There are some recurring queries about ASIN lookup that needs to be answered. 

Is Reverse ASIN Lookup the Same as ASIN Lookup?

Yes. ASIN lookup or reverse ASIN lookup usually means the same thing i.e. finding comprehensive information (sales volume, estimated profit, top-ranking keywords) about a listing by using its ASIN.

What Is Bulk ASIN Lookup?

As the term suggests, bulk ASIN lookup entails unearthing different data points of multiple ASINs at the same time. Bulk ASIN lookup is a useful tactic for those managing numerous listings at the same time.

What Are the Benefits of Bulk ASIN Lookup?

Bulk ASIN lookup streamlines your workflow of running competitor and keyword analysis of multiple listings/ASINs. You can find the sales, revenue, and keyword data of dozens of ASINs within a couple of minutes thus significantly cutting down the time that you may need to individually explore every single ASIN.


Bulk ASIN lookup makes things easier for anyone who has to keep an eye on dozens of ASINs at once. However, not every Amazon seller toolkit possesses this valuable feature. Moreover, not every tool actually offers the bulk lookup it promises. Therefore, always thoroughly try the tool before making it part of your work routine.

To make it convenient for users, ZonGuru offers an entire week's trial of its bulk Amazon ASIN lookup tools. Whether it’s Sales Spy, Keywords on Fire, or any other weapon from ZG’s arsenal, you can try and test them for all their salient features for seven days without paying a single cent. 

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