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Creating the list of most relevant and profitable keywords for any listing can be pretty taxing and time-consuming. 

But what if there was a way to get the list of best keywords for any niche/product category within a few minutes and without conducting loads of manual research?

There is a way to do that.  

Let’s see how.

Suppose you want to find the best keywords around “door mats” for your client. First, run keyword primary keyword research for “door mats” on ZonGuru’s Keywords on Fire (KWOF).

  • Open Keywords on Fire from the main page of your ZonGuru account.

C:\Users\Rathore\Documents\Feb 22\Screenshots for Blueprints\02.PNG

  • This is the main dashboard of KWOF. Click on Add products by phrases.

  • Name your session, add your seed search query/main keyword, and click on the Search button. 

  • The search will return you the 25 most relevant ASINs. Select all the ASINs to get the maximum relevant keywords and click on +Add Products.

You will get a list of unique keywords for which the 25 most relevant ASINs are indexed for any position. It is worth mentioning that not every ASIN is optimized for all the keywords.

C:\Users\Rathore\Documents\Feb 22\Screenshots for KWOF Blueprints\_04.PNG

It is very likely that all these 314 keywords won’t be relevant to your client’s listing. Also, it is almost impossible to optimize a listing for all of them. Therefore, you can shortlist and get the list of keywords you deem suitable for your optimization work. 

C:\Users\Rathore\Documents\March 22\KWOF new SCs\01.png

You can use the KWOF’s filter panel to set particular criteria and get a list of desired keywords. KWOF returns 13 data points against every keyword. You can filter out search queries for any of those data points to get a list of keywords you want. 

Let's see how it works.

Get a List of Keywords Where Conversions for Top 3 Listings Is Low

A keyword with low conversions for the top 3 listings suggests that other ASINs on the search page also get a fair share of the business. You can get such a list of keywords within seconds by using KWOF’s filter for the Top 3 Conv data point.

Top 3 Conv is the combined percentage of conversions that the top 3 listings receive compared to all of the conversions for the corresponding keyword.

Choose Top 3 Conv from the first drop-down column, set the range/limit type in the second column, and put its numerical value in the third one. For example, suppose you want to shortlist keywords where the accumulative conversion for the top 3 listings is not more than 35% of the total conversions for the associated keyword.

Click on the Filter button or press enter, and you will get a list of keywords where conversion among the top 3 listings is low.

Get a List of Keywords with Lower PPC Bids

If you want to further slim down the list for keywords that have lower PPC bids, you can repeat the same steps on the already shortlisted keywords.

Suppose you want keywords where the PPC bid is not more than $1.6. 

Now, the keyword list is further trimmed down to 36 unique keywords. These keywords have a lower conversion for the top 3 listings and lower PPC bids.

Get a List of Mid-Search Volume Keywords Where Most Competitors Are Not Getting Ranked Among Top 25

You can further rule out the competition by shortlisting keywords that boast good search volume and where the majority of the competitor ASINs is not ranking among the top 25 rankings for corresponding keywords.

You can set filters on these two parameters/data points to get such a list:

  1. Search Volume: Estimated number of exact match monthly searches for the corresponding keyword on Amazon.
  2. Top 25 Comp: Number of competitors (the ASINs you’ve picked) that rank in the top 25 for the corresponding keyword. 

Let’s suppose you want keywords with more than 5,000 monthly search volume and for which no more than eight competitors are ranking in the top 25. You can successively apply filters to get the keywords that fulfill these criteria.

This will eventually give you a list of 16 unique keywords that seem to be the best options for optimizing a relevant listing of your client.

These shortlisted keywords have the following attributes.

  • The combined conversion for the top 3 listings is not more than 35% of the total conversion for any given keyword.
  • PPC bid for these keywords is less than $1.6.
  • All these keywords have an individual monthly search volume of more than 5,000.
  • Not more than eight ASINs are competing among the top 25 rankings for any of these keywords.

It is important to mention that you can set all these filters one after the other within the same session. In short, you can come up with this well-researched keyword list within 1-2 minutes, which otherwise might take several hours.

You can also save this list and export it to ZG’s Listing Optimizer to quickly optimize your client’s listing for those keywords.

  • After you’re done applying filters and eventually come up with a keyword list, click on the Save button.

C:\Users\Rathore\Documents\March 22\How to Find Best Keywords for Any Listing\01.PNG

  • Name the session and click on Save.
C:\Users\Rathore\Documents\March 22\How to Find Best Keywords for Any Listing\02.PNG

You can use any of your preferred methods and play around with KWOF’s 13 data points to develop a list of keywords for any product or niche. All this extensive keyword research won’t take more than 5, 6 minutes, which otherwise involves a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.

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