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Amazon Brand Analytics is one of the best features that Amazon has released for brand registered sellers. Brand Analytics contains valuable insights to empower brand owners to make strategic decisions about their product portfolio, marketing, and advertising activities.

Note that only sellers who registered in Amazon Brand Registry are able to access this powerful feature so if you haven’t already registered your brand, we urge you to do so today. (This feature is currently being rolled out to all accounts.)

This feature is great when used by itself, however, combining with Amazon keyword research tools such as Keywords on Fire, will give you a better understanding of your target audience. More importantly, it will help you make better decisions to drive more sales and profits for your Amazon business.

How To Use Amazon Brand Analytics

How do you access these mind-blowing insights? Navigate to Brand Analytics under the “Reports” tab.

There are 3 main consumer behavior dashboards on Brand Analytics:

  1. Amazon Search Terms
  2. Market Basket Analysis
  3. Item Comparison and Alternate Purchase Behavior

1. Amazon Search Terms

All you need to do is enter your keywords or ASIN to perform a search in the system. There’s also an option for you to filter by departments (i.e. baby, electronics, home and garden, etc) instead of the main Amazon site. You can also set the reporting range to daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly depending on your needs.

The list below is a breakdown of the terms and definitions of the data used by Brand Analytics.

Search Term

Keywords searched by Amazon customers, can be both short or long-tail keywords.

Search Frequency Rank

Ranking based on search frequency for a particular time period. Though Amazon doesn’t provide the exact search volume for a specific keyword, its relative rank is still helpful. Pro Tip: If you want to view the exact search volume, try using Keywords on Fire.

#1 Clicked ASIN

Most clicked ASIN based on the search results in the selected time frame.

#1 Product Title

Name of the product.

#1 Click Share

Percentage of clicks that the product received in comparison to the total clicks based on the search results in the selected time frame. For instance, 1000 customers searched for “laptop bag” and each customer clicked on 3 products (3000 clicks). “Laptop bag A” has 500 clicks from these customers, then the Click Share for “Laptop bag A” for the keyword “laptop bag” would be 16.67% (500/3000*100).

#1 Conversion Share

Percentage of conversions that the product achieved in comparison to the total conversions based on the search results in the selected time frame. For instance, there are 1000 sales from customers who searched for “laptop bag”. The #1 most clicked ASIN has 100 out of 1000 sales, then the #1 Conversion Share would be 10% (100/1000). Since Conversion Share is the percentage of total sales the #1 Clicked ASIN received for the search term, it is possible that the most clicked ASINs do not drive the most conversions.

#2 and #3

#2 and #3 most clicked ASINs for each keyword including their Product Title, Click Share and Conversion Share.

Here’s an example of the search results generated using the keyword “laptop bag” in Brand Analytics. You have the option to download this report or schedule an email to be sent.

If you choose to download the report, below is an example of what the report looks like. Using the data, you can start analyzing and search for keywords with high click-thru and conversion rates to use it in your brand.

2. Market Basket Analysis

Gain insights and identify cross-selling and bundling opportunities by gaining insights on products that are being purchased together by your customer. If no products were purchased together then there will be no data available.

3. Item Comparison and Alternative Purchase Behavior

You can improve your competitive intelligence by gaining insight on products most frequently viewed together with yours, in addition to customers’ final choice after viewing your product. I have removed the data for privacy purposes but Brand Analytics shows all the necessary product details for the alternative purchases customers made.

Using this data, you can view and analyze the competitor’s products and learn why customers choose their product instead of yours. If the alternative purchase is your product, then you now know that customers prefer one product over the other which you can focus on products that generate more sales and conversions.

There are additional two buttons for you to click on which you can find below, the “Data Availability” & “Metric Locator”.

1. Data Availability Report – The report displays the data availability status for Brand Analytics.

2. Metric Locator – Shows you where to locate specific metrics within Brand Analytics.

Benefits of Amazon Brand Analytics

There are a couple of benefits using Amazon Brand Analytics and the first is that the tool is completely free. The tool contains a ton of valuable data that allows you to spy on your competitors and identify the key factors that drive their sales. Use this tool in parallel with Keywords on Fire to get the best of both worlds maximizing sales and traffic.

When you have access to competitor’s data, you can identify what’s “missing” in their products and use these “missing” parts as leverage. You can also leverage data from Brand Analytics to identify the shopping behavior of your target audience. Using the “laptop bag” search term as an example, the second most searched term is “laptop bag for women”. This tells you two important things: either a lot of women are searching for a laptop bag or men are looking to buy a laptop for their other half.

Once you have these pieces of data, you can cross-correlate with keywords obtained from Keywords on Fire and use these keywords strategically in your product listings, Amazon PPC advertising, social media copywriting, and other marketing and advertising strategies.

Final Thoughts

Amazon’s Brand Analytics is still at an early development stage so data provided isn’t quite complete yet. However, it still contains some valuable data that you can leverage. Amazon is constantly rolling out new features for brand registered sellers and if you have yet to register, please do so to enjoy these perks.

In the next few years when Brand Analytics is matured, sellers will be able to gain specific insights into high performing search terms which can be game-changing for your business.

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