ZonGuru’s world-first collaboration with Alibaba.com brings Amazon sellers exactly what they have been asking for with the new Easy Source toolset. A tool that lives up to its name: making sourcing easy!

Identifying a great product to sell on Amazon is only the beginning of your Amazon journey. Finding the right supplier is equally as important and can quickly make or break your business dreams. With such an important task it can feel very overwhelming trying to find the right supplier, where do you even start looking? And once you’ve actually found a list of suppliers, how do you sift through the mountains of data? There is simply so much information! 

Easy Source to the Rescue!

We have developed the strongest and most powerful sourcing tool available on the marketplace, a world first collaboration with the masters of sourcing: Alibaba.com. Easy Source instantly integrates with Alibaba.com to find suppliers with a proven track record of delivering results in a clear user friendly layout iconic to the ZonGuru platform. 

Easy Source gives complete control to the user to filter suppliers based on their exact private label requirements like: 

  • location
  • manufacturer/agent
  • price/MOQ
  • verified revenue/shipments
  • ... and much more! 

The filters make light work of the copious amounts of data available and cuts search time down dramatically, connecting you with the right supplier faster.

Easy Source works closely with Alibaba.com to ensure only dependable, high-quality suppliers that you can trust are provided. The results are given in a super user friendly format with key metrics and pictures of products clearly visible for quick analysis. To start a conversation with the supplier it involves a quick click on ‘Product Details’ and you’re taken to the supplier’s Alibaba.com contact page. Simple!

Curious to take it for a test drive? Find out more about this amazing tool here and even start a free trial.

One Click Sourcing Solution! 

But wait there’s more! If you’re using the ZonGuru Chrome Extension you will notice another icon above the menu bar - SOURCE ON Alibaba.com. This nifty little button brings you all the information you need to find the right manufacturer, all while never leaving an Amazon listing. Simply navigate to a product page, let ZonGuru analyze the data, and receive a curated list of proven, reliable manufacturers straight from Alibaba.com.

Final Thoughts: Take the Headache out of Finding the Right Supplier

Finding the right supplier for your product is super important, it influences everything from product quality, supply time and ultimately your profitability. You have a fantastic idea for a product that needs an equally fantastic manufacturer. Why take a gamble on something this important? 

Not only that but your time is precious, spending countless hours sifting through mountains of unvetted suppliers will quickly send you crazy and take your attention away from what’s important to grow your Amazon business. Hitting a brick wall at the sourcing stage often results in sellers losing momentum and the motivation to continue their journey. Don’t become a statistic of supplier analysis paralysis. 

Let Easy Source be your trusted guide and direct you straight towards your ideal supplier match. Integrating seamlessly within the Chrome Extension or used on its own as a supercharged tool, Easy Source delivers stellar supplier options every time!

Want to see Easy Source in action? Check out the tutorial video below or start your free Easy Source trial and begin your sourcing journey today.

As always if you have any questions about Easy Source or any of the ZonGuru tools please contact support@zonguru.com

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