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Tired of not seeing the effect you know your Amazon ads should garner? Are you convinced there’s gotta be a better way in today’s fast-evolving digital landscape?

Well, there is!

Video marketing has become one of the hottest buzzwords in recent years, turning videos into priceless tools for engaging the audience, sharing brand stories, presenting, and promoting products or services.

So much so, many successful brands have started using videos as part of their ad campaigns.They understand the importance of establishing long-lasting relationships with their customers through fun, clear, and visually appealing content.

Amazon has introduced video ads as well through the Amazon Sponsored Brands Video Ads System, a feature exclusive to Brand Registry sellers.

What's different about this novel approach when compared to running traditional ads on the marketplace, you wonder?

While both Standard Sponsored Product Ads and Sponsored Brand Video Ads share the same position halfway down the Amazon search page, the similarities stop there - making way for a truly effective new method of telling your brand's story in a competitive way through the video.

That's all good and fine, but should you start creating videos for your brand and products?

The vast majority of marketers who seem to think so have already jumped on board for the incredibly easy & comprehensive approach to explaining the main features of the products they back.

Video Ads, they say, are a revolution for Amazon marketing!

Due to extreme saturation on Amazon, it's critical to stay highly competitive with your marketing and sales approach.

Product videos make customers stop scrolling. They draw attention and keep audiences engaged. In the fast-paced e-commerce environment, this is pure gold and is essential for brands that aim to stand out in the Amazon crowd.

Research among Amazon customers suggests that 96% of them find product videos helpful in their decision-making process. In addition, 1 in 4 have stated that they watch a product video before making а buying decision.

Here are some numbers showing how effective videos can be for your marketing mix:

• 74% of marketers see a better ROI with video compared to static imagery (Video Marketing Survey, Biteable)

• 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service via video (Hubspot)

Cisco predicts online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022, online shoppers included.

• 90% of customers say videos help them make buying decisions and conversion rates on landing pages with video increase by 80%


Still not enough reasons? Here are some more!

Why should you employ video in your Amazon campaigns?

1. Video ads are 7x more likely to get clicks than other digital ads - videos are more catchy and more engaging than a simple image. When something is dynamic, expressive, colorful, with trendy music or a catchy voice-over, it always stands out.

2. Videos are the best way to show your product in use - people are less convinced to buy it if they don’t understand how to use it.

3. Most people are visual learners, meaning they are more likely to respond to a motion advertisement than a static image.

4. Research suggests that users remember 95% of the brand's message when it’s watched, and only 10% when it’s read.

5. People are more likely to share videos that have caught their attention - a study shows that every minute, over 700 videos are reshared over social media platforms. That's a bonus heap of free advertising for you!

6. Videos command a customer's undivided attention for much longer than non-video content - you know the feeling! A video comes on - you start watching, and suddenly you're three videos in, wondering how you got to "that weird part of YouTube" (for example).

7. Video ads give you more real estate in the search results, improving sales immensely.

8. Over 51% of Marketing Specialists name video as the number 1 content type for maximizing your ROI.

9. With well over 60,000 registered brands crowding the Amazon marketplace, video gives you a competitive edge you can't afford to lose.


But, what exactly are Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Ads, and where do they appear?

Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Ads explained!

Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Ads show up in proximity to related products in the search results, providing an eye-catching avenue for engaging customers with high purchase intent. They allow the audience to get to know the product before they even get into its listing, ultimately boosting the potential of a customer choosing your product over that of another competitor.


There are four components displayed in each ad, regardless of viewing on mobile or desktop:


1. Details About the Product: That’s your title, rating, review count, title, and image, plus the all-important Prime Eligibility.

2. The “Sponsored” tag: Usually visible in the upper-right edge of the content.

3. The Actual Video: The video automatically starts once over fifty percent of the ad is visible on your monitor.

4. Mute Function: It would be annoying if there isn’t a “mute” icon on auto-play videos, so Amazon has made it available.

Another type of video content to add to boost your sales

Participants in Amazon's Brand Registry also have the option to upload videos to their listings in place of a product image. The videos can vary from product unboxing to detailed overviews and instructions, to lifestyle presentations, depending on the type of product and the purpose of the content.


These videos, like their ad-oriented counterparts, are fast becoming the most lucrative sales technique, attracting the attention of customers for longer while educating customers about the item without sending them off on research sprees outside of your control.


Regardless of the type of video you plan to upload and whether it be for an ad or a product listing, it's Important to approach the content creation stage with a bit of premeditated knowledge and skill.


Here's a short walkthrough for creating engaging video content for Amazon.

Pro tip for creating a compelling video for maximum ROI on Amazon 

Once you've decided to add video ads and listing videos, you have two choices:


1. Pick a professional Amazon marketing agency (like Hyperzon) to tackle the task with ease. Companies focused on Amazon marketing usually tackle everything from market research to creating buyer personas, to brainstorming every bit of content your Amazon business requires. They're usually your best bet, as they have the know-how and experience to maximize the effects of your efforts.


2. Create the video yourself, if you feel you have the necessary knowledge and skills. While this may seem like the cheaper option, in many cases a DIY approach to content and video creation for Amazon yields less than optimal ROI. That means you may have paid less upfront, but you will also likely make less on your investment unless you've devoted years to video, content and listing creation.


There are several types of videos you can choose to utilize in boosting your sales:


1. Explainer video - how your product works. Walk your potential buyers through a typical use case of the product. Show them the ins and outs of how to use it. This way they're left with fewer questions and can imagine using the product before buying it.

2. Product showcase video - a great option if you have static product images.

3. Brand story video - customers love unique brand stories. A powerful and sincere story can make all the difference when presented in an appropriate way.

4. Testimonials (User-Generated Content) - ask your customers for short testimonial videos in exchange for free products or discounts! This way you can build trust In your brand and product, despite the lack of actual physical store Interaction.

5. Promo video a.k.a "Ad" - it is similar to your typical commercial, giving compelling and sometimes hyperbolic motivation for purchasing the product instead of one from a competitor. This option also gives you an avenue to present your brand's vision via the branding elements, colors, and cues you've already developed.


 Whichever type of video you choose, you'll need to address the following key factors:

1. Do your homework and see what your competitors do. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel but find a way to present your product in a more attractive, unique way. This will therefore put down a solid foundation for your work and will enable you to plan each step more precisely.

2. Brainstorm all the features of your product and decide if you want to focus on beauty or functionality. For example - stylish and elegant items will benefit from slow-moving camera movement.

3. Use the product description as inspiration and try to present It visually!

4. Make a storyboard and stick to it when shooting. This will prevent you from making empty, useless shots.

5. When editing the video, have in mind that you clearly know your audience and always consider who buys your product. Through presenting the product in a visually attractive way, you will pinpoint their pains, solve their problems, state your benefits and prove that your product is all they need.

6. Keep it short. The main idea of a video ad, no matter if it's on social media platforms or Amazon, is to catch the customer’s eye in the very first seconds. Studies show that videos can keep your audience engaged for a solid 20 seconds, well over that of static Images.

7. Add a persuasive final CTA to peak the interest of your audience, compelling them to eventually hit that "buy" button.


While most sellers have access to some form of basic video editing software, making a compelling video that can compete alongside professionally created content isn't a simple task. It requires detailed knowledge of software, design elements, editing skills, videography practices, and quite often 3D modeling, effects, and beyond.


If all that sounds like your cup of tea and you have the time, then try handling the task yourself. If you find the results lacking, our Hyperzon Team has all the professionals you need under one roof, serving you with top-tier skills and expertise that leaves you free to handle the rest of your visionary business owner duties.


Our in-house designers, videographers, content creators, and artistic directors work together by applying their specific skill sets to produce high-quality, persuasive content based on research, product knowledge, experience, and a drive for optimized results. They know the Amazon platform inside and out, staying up to date on developments in the field, so you don't have to.


Did we give you enough reason to jump onboard the Amazon video marketing train? We hope so for your sake, as the market never stops evolving, and to stay competitive, you have to stay on top of the everchanging trends, tools, and best practices that keep your Amazon business afloat.

If it all gets overwhelming, we're here and ready to take the weight off your shoulders, so you can keep driving your business while the rest gets done exactly how you want it.

Take Control w/ AI Prompting

Can AI Write a Better Listing Than You?

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