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So you’ve finally decided to sell on Amazon through FBA? Awesome!

Now comes the tricky part: finding out what to sell on Amazon FBA.

There’s no shortage of items to sell on the global marketplace the platform boasts a mind-boggling 353 million total product count. But not every product sells well, and some barely pass 10 sales per month!

What you need are product ideas backed by numbers—insights that identify items capable of generating a million dollars or more from those barely keeping the business afloat! 

In this blog, we’ll share the top products to sell on Amazon FBA in 2022 along with the research methods, the research criteria, and tools used to uncover these gems!

No more delays—let’s dive straight into it.

What to Sell on Amazon FBA Right Now

We’re past the mid-point of 2022 but plenty of product opportunities still lie in wait in Q3 and Q4. There’s also unmet demand for non-seasonal and niche products. To mix things up, we’ll also include low-priced products for sellers operating on smaller budgets. 

1. Backpacks 

The business of selling backpacks can be incredibly lucrative, especially now that countries are easing travel restrictions. Just take a look at the Google trends chart below and notice how the mid-year travel backpack trend is returning to pre-pandemic levels. 

5-year interest trend for backpacks in the US.

There’s a caveat though: certain types of backpacks are seasonal products. However, if you’re prepared to put in the legwork and sort out inventory issues beforehand, there’s plenty of profits to be made.

Travel-related backpacks aside, the back-to-school season sees an upsurge in backpacks targeted to younger audiences. Related keywords like “fortnite backpack” and “loungefly backpack” are product ideas you should validate using an advanced amazon product research tool

2. Open Sign

An LED Open sign is a great product to start your Amazon selling journey with. A simple search on Amazon reveals average product prices for Open LED signs to be around $25-35. 

Open Sign boards priced less than $20 are usually non-LED products.

Manufacturers on Alibaba.com (the international sourcing hub for Amazon products), are willing to produce these goods for around $10-$20 which allows for healthy profit margins. 

Open LED Signs come in different designs—try to choose the design similar to the one top sellers are selling in this niche.

Competition for Open LED sign products ranks as average and you can expect to break into the top 10 without spending too much on advertising. These signs are popular all year round so don’t worry about waning demand during the off seasons. The launch and ranking budget is around $10k which makes LED Open signs a good first product to launch on Amazon.

3. Shower Curtain Sets with Rugs

Shower curtain sets with rugs is another product worth checking out for a number of reasons. First, a highly relevant keyword ranks in the top 20 most search products for June 2022 as shown in Amazon’s Search Terms report.

Amazon Search Terms report reveals the most searched keywords within a specific period.

Second, the numbers check out—look the figures in the image below.

Healthy search volume (< 10k searches per month), mid-range product price, relatively low product reviews (the lower the number of average reviews, the easier to break into the top ranks), and a relatively lower launch budget are all signs of a sell-worthy product.

Amazon Product Categories in Which You Can’t Sell 

Amazon bars new sellers from entering certain categories. These are commonly known as ‘gated’ or ‘restricted’ categories that require direct permission from Amazon to sell in. Sometimes a category might be open to all sellers but specific products might be banned from sale.

The rationale for preventing unverified sellers from selling such products is to protect buyers from purchasing potentially harmful goods or expensive products that are easy to counterfeit and end up damaging Amazon’s reputation. 

Examples of products that require permission for sale on Amazon US include:

  • Alcohol
  • Animal and Animal related products
  • Art – Home Décor & Fine Art
  • Automotive and Powersports
  • Cosmetics and Hair/Skin Care
  • CPAP Cleaning and Disinfecting Devices
  • Drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Explosives, weapons & related items
  • Food and Beverages
  • Gambling & Lottery
  • Hazardous and prohibited items
  • Laser products
  • Lock Picking and Theft Devices
  • Recycling Electronics
  • Tobacco and Tobacco-related Products

Amazon US gates the following product categories:

  • Jewelry
  • Music
  • Watches
  • Video, DVD, & Blu-ray
  • Postage Stamps
  • Services
  • Sports Collectibles
  • Made in Italy
  • Streaming Media Players
  • Fine Art
  • Collectible Coins

List products in open categories if you’re new to Amazon selling—you’re not missing out; open categories offer tons of opportunities to make serious money.

If, however, you own a business or have experience (along with the required certification) selling restricted products, apply to sell in the categories of interest. Your expertise coupled with drastically low competition are advantages you miss out on.

Note: The list of restricted products varies from one global Amazon marketplace to another due to factors like state or national-level trade restrictions.

Identifying a Great FBA Product – The Process

A great Amazon FBA product has markers and only after learning the correct product hunting criteria can you separate the wheat from the chaff. 

The following characteristics are indicative of a ‘winning’ product:

Most Sellers Sell the Product via Private Label

Not all Amazon sellers list and sell products the same way; there are different selling models on Amazon, each with their pros and cons. Some products are easier to wholesale whereas others generate bigger revenues when sold via dropshipping—you should choose a product niche where the majority are private label sellers.

Amazon private label is when a seller picks out a ready-made product and applies their own branding to it. Private label products are generally marked by low competition, greater creative control over the brand, and higher profit margins.

It’s a Niche Product

If you’re researching Amazon FBA products, you’re likely to come across blogs or videos encouraging sellers to find niche products as they help increase the chances of success. But what are niche products and how are they different from every other product on Amazon?

A niche product is a non-generic item that’s not overly competitive but still popular within certain segments. For example, “kitchen knife set” is a generic term—a lot of buyers are interested in purchasing a kitchen knife set.

However, related search terms like “kitchen knife set with block” or “kitchen knife set with block self sharpening” are used by shoppers interested in a specific type of kitchen knife set. Such keywords qualify as niche and even though they don’t feature high search volume figures like “kitchen knife set”, these are the ones you should target.

Pro tip: Gather niche keywords related to your product and target them in your ad campaigns—it’s a cost effective way of increasing visibility and boosting product sales.

The Price is Right

Amazon products priced below $10 make fewer profits per sale. On the other hand, products priced around the $100 mark are generally slow moving goods that incur high fulfillment fees. In both cases, a solid marketing strategy is required to generate sufficient sales. 

The safe play is to go for products that fall within the $15 - $50 price range while also meeting other criteria mentioned in this list. Remember, visitors to Amazon instinctively look out for the cheapest deal they can find and products that fall within this price range don’t force buyers to think twice.

Note: It’s possible to create a successful Amazon store using low-priced products provided they qualify for the Amazon Small and Light (SnL) program. SnL products incur fewer FBA fees allowing for bigger profit margins. Still, we recommend checking out profitability, average monthly sales, and niche competitiveness before choosing a SnL product.

Amazon FBA Fees – What to Expect When Selling on Amazon

The Amazon FBA program makes online selling considerably easier. As an FBA seller, you can sit back and relax because Amazon will receive, package, store, and deliver your products to customers. It will also handle customer queries (though you have to respond to customer questions posted on your product detail page)

But this convenience comes at a cost; a per-unit fee applied on all purchases. Amazon calculates FBA fees according to these values:

  • Product tier size: Amazon assigns each product a tier size based on variables like product dimensions, unit weight, and dimensional weight. Find out your product size tier using this Amazon help page.
  • Shipping weight: A product’s shipping weight is determined based on the item’s dimensional or unit weight—whichever value is greater.
  • Fee category: The applicable FBA fees vary based on the fee category your product falls into. A product’s fee category may not be the same as its product category on Amazon.

In addition to Amazon FBA fees you’ll also incur referral and subscription fees. For more details on the types of fees you pay Amazon when selling FBA products, check out this Amazon seller fees blog.

How Do I Sell Everyday Items on Amazon?

Everyday items or non-seasonal items feature consistent demand all year round. Stick to the following steps to sell such products on Amazon:

  1. Create an Amazon Seller Central account
  2. Choose a selling plan—Individual or Professional
  3. Contact a supplier that can manufacture and deliver such products
  4. Create a product listing or product detail page on Amazon
  5. Optimize your product listings
  6. Run advertisement campaigns
  7. Restock on Inventory when needed

Can Amazon FBA Make You Rich?

Yes—but even more than that, FBA can make you wealthy. The difference between being rich and being wealthy is that rich people tend to spend a lot whereas wealthy people also spend money but own assets at the same time. Amazon FBA businesses are digital assets that generate income and can be flipped later for considerable sums!

Which Product is Best to Sell on Amazon?

Some products perform really well during certain times of the year e.g. sweaters in winters or swimsuits in summers whereas others do well all year round e.g. baby wipes and automotive products. If you want to know what sells well in each category, visit the Amazon best sellers page and choose a product you like.

There’s one problem though, not all best-selling products are ideal for selling!

Best-sellers products can be hyper competitive and require huge capital to get started. Ideally, you’d want to pick and launch Amazon FBA products that fit your budget and to do that you’ll need the help of an Amazon product research tool like Niche Finder.

Niche Finder is a powerful AI tool that helps Amazon sellers find the best products according to set filters. It sorts through millions of data points instantly and presents a list of Amazon products with the highest probability of success. 

With Niche Finder, Amazon FBA sellers avoid wasting time on cookie cutter products and gain access to untapped product niches beyond the reach of average FBA sellers. 

Shortlisted products are assigned a Niche score (out of 100) based on factors like:

  • Buyer demand: How popular products are with buyers based on organic monthly search and sales volume.
  • Competition: How easy is it to break into the top ranks? Are there weaknesses in competitors’ listings you can exploit? How much ad budget is required to reach your target monthly sales?
  • Investment: Finding products that you can launch and rank with the cash in hand.

Let’s see the tool in action. 

Use the Advanced Mode option at the top-left corner to let Niche Finder know what you really want!

Find the best products on Amazon FBA with just a click of the button. First, select the Amazon marketplace (in our case, we’ve set it to the US). Then, select your desired product category (you can select multiple categories). Finally, choose a Quick Filter—Easy starter is for new Amazon sellers, Business builder is for the seller looking to create a mid-tier Amazon store, and Big Hitter is for sellers with big pockets looking for high-returns!

You can select the product category and niche to narrow down your results but that’s up to you. If you’re new and don’t have a niche or category in mind, just hit the search button. For example, we decided to go with the Home & Kitchen, Office Products, and Tools & Home Improvement categories.

Revenue Potential refers to the estimated profits sellers make within the niche.

Hover over a keyword to find out more details about that particular niche. Let’s see what the top search result has to offer.

Hovering over keywords provides product potential snapshots.

Clicking on “wreath lights” opens up a new section revealing competitor details—insights that help determine product viability. 

Use the ZonGuru Listing Optimizer tool to perfect your product detail pages!

Take a look at LS (Listing Strength Indicator) ratings positioned below top-ranking sellers. LS rates each listing and assigns a 0-10 score with 0 being poorly optimized and 10 being highly optimized. In our case, top ranking sellers don’t exceed 6.1 which indicates that if you were to launch a wreath lights product and optimize your product listing, you could break into the top 3 ranks!

The “wreath lights” example illustrates Niche Finder’s basic capabilities. The tool features an Advanced mode section allowing users to set desired filters and discover super-niche products!

The more information you add in Niche Finder’s Advance Mode section, the better the search results.

If the products suggested at the start of the blog don’t float your boat, we recommend trying out the Niche Finder tool using this free 7-day trial. That should be more than enough time to gather hot products across every category on Amazon!

Conclusion – A Niche Product Makes a Successful Amazon FBA Seller

There’s a popular proverb that goes something like “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. But teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. We like to think of the suggested products at the start of this blog as free fish—we’d rather you learn how to fish for yourself!

Whether you’re just starting your Amazon journey or been in the game for a while, ZonGuru has just what you need to improve your business. Sign up for a FREE trial today, cancel any time.

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