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We did an experiment recently, we asked our highest achieving sellers how they got to where they are today and what their advice would be to fledgling Amazon sellers. The results were inspiring.

Have you ever wondered what successful Amazon sellers do differently, what tools they use, and how they show up in the world? There is a very famous quote by Tony Robbins that summarises the benefits of considering others success:

"If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you'll achieve the same results."

Tony is referring to the mindset, habits, and drive successful people often exhibit, there really is so much to learn from others' success. This point was driven home recently when we asked our top-performing customers about their own Amazon journey and what advice they would give to those just starting out.

The Three Traits to Success

At first glance our top performers have nothing in common; an immigrant, a mother, a white-collar executive, all age ranges, and financial backgrounds. But each had a story to tell that more often than not involved persistent action, growing from failure, and continuous learning.

“I had no digital marketing or ecom experience before amazon. I served tea and coffee for a living for 34 years. Most people thought I was mad starting a career in my 60’s and particularly as the skills needed for amazon are skills I needed to learn.” - Debbie B.

Often starting from scratch with nothing but a deep desire to build a lifestyle away from the usual grind empowered these sellers to learn everything they needed to succeed. That’s not to say some weren’t met with failure along the way, but the difference was these failures were quickly turned into learning events.

“If it fails (and I have failed a lot), just take the learnings and keep moving forward.” - Vince B.
“Looking back over the past 18 months there have been some key learnings that really helped our sales.  We are by no means proficient at these however the more we study the better we get.” - Neil S.

Persistence was a common theme amongst the group, failures didn’t spell the end of the journey rather acted as an impetus for change. These sellers weren’t keen to sit on the fence and contemplate what might have been, they jumped in with both feet. Action always beats intention! The product may not have been perfect, the process may have been flawed BUT they launched, they learned, they optimized and they quickly saw the benefits.

“I found Amazon in March 2019 – I had never even considered e-commerce before. I launched a product in July 2019 – only 100 units to test the waters. It was off the shelf, but I really optimized it – great photos, great copywriting, and learned PPC...It wasn’t perfect, but I launched anyway and optimized as I learned more about Amazon. - Bec F.

What became evident was top sellers surround themselves with the right tools, people, and resources to make sure they stayed on course and their success proves the system works. Each seller has been using ZonGuru from the very early days of their journey and was often part of a mastermind group or Amazon program such as Reliable Education. ZonGuru was an integral piece of the puzzle, helping sellers through each phase of their journey and growing with them to where they are today. Having access to key data is crucial, connecting with other sellers and leveraging the power of industry thought leaders is priceless.

Zonguru has been amazing both in our ability to assess the commercial viability of markets but also in its efforts to introduce us to some of the industry's leading sellers and trainers through its Seller Insights series with Jon Tilley. - Mark D.
The effect ZonGuru has had on my business is motivation and accountability. The app motivates me daily to keep going and the dashboard holds me accountable to maintain a good net margin. I love how I can see ‘at a glance’ how my business is tracking each week. It keeps me oncourse. - Debbie B.

But even for successful sellers the learning and growth don’t end once they reach page one. The Amazon environment is ever-changing and our top sellers continue to evolve and optimize their business to suit the market. The constant learning didn’t end with Amazon, personal growth and development were common threads amongst the group with many having an insatiable appetite for knowledge in all areas of life.

I went to the, what I call – ‘gym’….every….single….day The education/mindset gym - I listen to an audio book everyday – depending on where I am in my journey – could be about – profits, systems, gratitude, abundance, kick-assery, letting go, inspiration – I always listen to something – this is my education and mindset gym. I have this motto – business doesn’t give a shit about your excuses – so wake up, be grateful, kick some Amazon butt. - Bec F.

Success Leaves Clues… Follow the Breadcrumbs

So what were the main takeaways from this experiment? Woven through each success story were three central threads; persistent action, growing from failure, and continuous learning. Our top sellers were savvy action takers, using the best resources available including the ZonGuru toolset to make educated decisions, growing from setbacks, and always being open to learning.

The model 100% works - question is will you? And I don't necessarily mean working hard, it's a bigger prerequisite to work smart. Success leaves clues, follow the breadcrumbs. - Mark D.

This exercise wouldn’t be complete without involving Jon Tilley, resident CEO of ZonGuru, and one of the masterminds behind the epic ZonGuru tool suite. Jon has had the opportunity to meet and mentor countless success stories through the jungle of Amazon selling. Jon’s insights take us full circle and drive home the opportunities available to anyone willing to dedicate the time and effort needed to succeed.

Selling private label products on Amazon is absolutely one of the best ways in the world to build a business that can scale you to financial freedom. The best part is that it is open to anyone who is willing to learn and can apply their learnings consistently to their business. Time and again we have stories from our customers who have scaled their businesses to 5,6,7 figures a month in a relatively short time! 
The opportunity is real and it is achievable for anyone. But it is absolutely important to note that achieving these goals are a direct result of building a "real" business that takes vision, strategy, creativity and consistent effort! It's not a quick win. 
This is the underlying philosophy behind Zonguru - To create real business tools, for real sellers, with real data insights, that are designed to help you scale a real Amazon business. If we're aligned, we're here to support you in every way and cheer you on as you hit your Amazon Seller goals. - Jon Tilley

Final Thoughts

Amazon FBA isn’t a get rich quick scheme, it’s often a long journey with a few speed bumps thrown in for good measure. But, after asking our top sellers we know for sure the view from the top is certainly worth it! Creating a scalable business that delivers freedom and flexibility is the ultimate payoff. 

There is no specific type of person who is destined for Amazon success, rather it is a mindset that elevates some sellers ahead of others. Sellers who create thriving Amazon labels immerse themselves in learning, growing, and taking action towards their goals. They are simply laser focused!  

ZonGuru is designed by sellers for sellers. The tools, training, and expert insights are available to anyone serious about their Amazon business. Success leaves breadcrumbs, join the ZonGuru community, and follow in the footsteps of our top performers! 

Feeling inspired? Is it time to take action? Start a free trial of the ZonGuru tools and see how we can be your partner to Amazon success. Unsure where to start? Check out our Hot Products eBook for a sneak peek into 60 Amazon Niches.

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