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Our brand new website is up and running! You may wonder, why did we redesign everything? The answer’s simple. Results. Everything we do is to provide you with the most value possible. If we’re not doing that, we’re doing something wrong. 

So, we listened to your feedback and took a long, hard look at the old website. That’s when we realized something: it was kind of hard to find stuff. Things weren’t laid out as well as they should be, and it sometimes resulted in a less than exceptional customer experience. 

We decided to do something about it by modifying our entire layout so you know exactly where to find what you need and get back to making serious money with your Amazon FBA business. Let’s break things down, shall we? 

Get The Amazon FBA Resources You Need

We pride ourselves on producing world-class content. We upload everything we produce to our resource center so you can watch it at any time. But what’s the point of producing an amazing content hub when the video you need is difficult to find? 

That’s why we simplified things and made 4 categories. Simply click on one of the categories, and boom! All of our video content is neatly organized, ready for you to watch.

All of our eCommerce educational content. One easy layout.

Now all of our expert Amazon selling advice, detailed Amazon listing breakdowns, in-depth discussions with top sellers, and more are intuitively laid out so you find what you need. Fast. 

Get a taste of how we can help improve your eCommerce business by downloading our Finding the Perfect Product Niche eBook, and check out our video content for yourself!

Blogs By Category

We don’t only educate through video tutorials. We also have an extensive blog section where we provide insider advice and opinions. Problem was, the articles were just listed starting from the newest entry downward. There wasn’t an intuitive way to filter timely articles.

Not anymore. 

Our improved blog section now lets you filter entries! Every blog now has a category tag so you quickly find the content you want. Not sure what you’re looking for? Take a look at our “featured posts” section for articles about the most pressing issues in eCommerce right now!

Filter out blog posts based on category.

We distill years of FBA expertise into our blog posts. With this new layout, you’ll find the info you’re looking for in just a few clicks!

Browse our blog section for professional advice, and download our Finding the Perfect Product Niche eBook!

A Tool For Everything 

The main attraction is our Amazon seller tool suite. The issue was we weren’t clearly displaying that information front and center. You had to click around to find it. Now, all of our tools are neatly listed by category. Click on a category name, and see a list of tools associated with it!

A tool for every stage of your business.

This is just a small taste of all the improvements we’ve made to the website. We designed everything with maximum efficiency and ease of use in mind. Our enhanced layout represents our promise to always provide your Amazon FBA business with useful information and tools that result in conversions. 

This is all a direct result of your feedback. Without it, we wouldn’t be here and we won’t ever forget that. We pledge to always listen, iterate, and improve so you get the smoothest experience you deserve! 

Want to experience ZonGuru for yourself and rake in some cold hard cash? Download our Finding the Perfect Product Niche eBook to get started!

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