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If you’re thinking about embarking upon an eCommerce venture, know that the keys to success are hard work and knowledge. While we can’t help you put in the grind—that’s something only you can do—we can definitely share a few knowledge gems to ensure your journey through the eCommerce realm goes as smoothly as possible. That, or at the very least, guide you in the right direction.

There are plenty of resources available online to get started; courses, blogs, and books, to name a few. But let’s be real—not everyone has the time or patience to read books or sit through hours of online tutorials absorbing each and every detail. A more practical solution comes in the form of podcasts. These mini talk shows are prerecorded and provide immense value, particularly for their convenience.

Listeners can tune into an episode by visiting major audio platforms like Apple Podcast (formerly iTunes), Spotify, Overcast, and individual podcast company websites.

Ecommerce podcasts can be of many types and tones depending on the content; some are in-depth and focus more on interviewing industry experts. Others adopt a more conversational and casual approach. Whereas some are centered on educating the audience. With hundreds of podcasters to choose from, there’s something for everybody. 

But first things first:

Why Should You Listen to Ecommerce Podcasts?

Here are a couple of reasons why you should be tuning into an episode at least once a week.

Consume on the go

Where almost every other traditional content distribution channel limits movement in one way or another, podcasts offer the freedom to do as you please. You can listen to them whenever and wherever you like–while commuting to work, going for a run, or riding the subway.

Get advice straight from the experts

For small businesses and new entrepreneurs, direct consultation with experts can be an expensive undertaking. But with these audio casts, you can gain valuable insights, tips, and tricks on how market leaders and influencers think and execute for free!

Get the latest updates

Ecommerce is ever evolving, making it essential to keep up with the latest trends. For small entrepreneurs with limited resources, this can prove to be problematic. However, by tuning into some of the podcasts we’ve mentioned in this blog, you can easily stay up to date with the latest happenings!

Tons of options to choose from

The podcasting market is enormous. There are over 1,000,000 active podcasts available, including content in more than a 100 languages. Podcasts cover virtually every topic ranging from general motivation to niche specific tips like email marketing and customer retention. If you’ve got a problem, there’s probably an episode online explaining how to deal with it.

The Ultimate Ecommerce Marketing and Business Podcasts List

Whether you’re new to the world of podcasting, eCommerce, or both, don’t sweat it; we’ve rounded up 18 of the very best eCommerce podcasts that are definitely worth your time!

1. 2x Ecommerce Podcast

Hosted by: Kunle Campbell

Ecommerce advisor Kunle Campbell interviews seven to eight-figure ecommerce experts, C-level executives, and thought leaders with a proven track record to help you battle today’s saturated market and 2x your ecommerce business. 

With over 300 episodes, the podcast focuses on all aspects of growth, marketing, traffic, sales, and customer acquisition.

Kunle has a curious mind and brings you the biggest success stories within the industry. Each guest shares experiences that can help you double your business and improve results. 2x eCommerce also has a Facebook community filled with like-minded, profit-oriented members and other extensive resources.

Best episode: A Formulaic Approach to Scaling an Ecom Business to $30M+.

Testimonial: “I love the in-depth and thoughtful preparation that goes into each episode - it is like listening in weekly to a gathering of the very best people in online marketing.”

2. Ecommerce Conversations

Hosted by: Eric Bandholz

"Ecommerce Conversations," from Practical Ecommerce is a weekly podcast hosted by Beardbrand founder and CEO, Eric Bandholz. 

In his interviews, Eric speaks with innovative entrepreneurs and industry practitioners on the realities of online selling. He discusses marketing, analytics, Amazon, branding, and many other aspects of running an online business.

The Ecommerce Conversations podcast focuses on major success stories.  You can find plenty of good tips between the featured summaries. All in all, worth tuning in if you want to hear more about strategies that worked for others and might just work for you.

Best Episode: Ridge Wallet Hits $50 Million with Influencer Marketing.

Testimonial: “Love how the interviews are direct and to the point. Full of information nuggets. Keep up the great work!”

3. Ecommerce Masterplan

Hosted by: Chloe Thomas

Ecommerce Masterplan, hosted by Chloe Thomas, brings you comprehensive strategies for all things eCommerce. Chloe focuses on tactics that bring in more customers, maximize productivity, and improve operational accuracy and efficiency. 

Following its namesake, the podcast aims to provide a master plan to all of its listeners and help them scale their business while serving as an example for others treading the same path. 

Packed with incredible value, each episode is 30-minutes long and covers tips and advice on how to operate an online business successfully while avoiding any pitfalls that come along the way. From beginners to experts, everyone can learn something from Chloe and her guests’ experience and expertise. 

Best episode: What is the most important thing we learned in eCommerce in 2020? Our eCommerce Experts discuss.

Testimonial: “Chloe is fantastic- loved the episode on AfroDrops. Great for beginners. Keep optimizing.”

4. The Unofficial Shopify Podcast

Hosted by: Kurt Elster and Paul Reda

The legendary ecommerce duo of Kurt and Paul take you on an information ride with their all-things Shopify podcast. The show features business owners and startups and provides actionable insights on different aspects of building your Shopify store, including all the highs and lows you may have to face. 

The Unofficial Shopify podcast gets down to the nitty-gritty; how to optimize pages, drive traffic, deal with the effects of the pandemic, and much more. Hosts Kurt and Paul remain light and relaxed throughout making each episode informative and enjoyable at the same time.

Best episode: Growing Your Store [Merchant Q&A].

Testimonial: “As always, Kurt and Paul hit it out of the park! 👍 Thanks again for sharing your expertise and wisdom about e-commerce. These podcasts are priceless for entrepreneurs such as myself, who are trying to run biz, and need reliable advice about the nuts & bolts of e-commerce.”

5. My Wife Quit Her Job

Hosted by: Steve Chou

The go-to eCom podcasts for startups, My Wife Quit Her Job, focuses on escaping the nine to five grind and inching towards financial freedom. Even though it’s garnered a reputation for being an entry point for beginners, the information provided can prove helpful for people of all levels. 

Hosted by Steve Chou, the podcast follows an interview-based format where Steve brings in small business entrepreneurs that have successfully scaled their brand. 

If you’re interested in listening to real-deal entrepreneurs who have been around the block, check out the My Wife Quit Her Job podcast.

Best episode: How To Get Free Traffic And Sales To An Ecommerce Store With Neil Patel

Testimonial: “I found Steve’s podcast a few years ago, quite by accident, and am so glad I did! Steve had the heart of a teacher and doesn’t overwhelm with high-level strategies only bazillionaires can use. He is super encouraging and with him as a guide; I am more confident in succeeding. Thanks Steve!”

6. The Jason & Scot Show

Hosted by: Jason Goldberg and Scot Wingo

A weekly podcast started by two friends, Jason (the retail geek) and Scot who sit together and deliver up to date, exciting content related to the world of retail and eCommerce. Featuring industry leaders, upcoming program releases, trending schemes, and the now-famous ‘deep dives’—tuning into this podcast is a joy for any eCommerce enthusiast.

The show features conversations on technologies to business strategies and also in-depth commentaries by the hosts—an all-in-one podcast that is equal parts enjoyable and informative.

Best episode: On-Demand Economy Deep Dive.

Testimonial: “Jason and Scot keep delivering great retail insights from episode to episode. Especially, their deep dives on earnings for retailers like Amazon (the latest ep I’ve listened to) are quite valuable. Always enjoy listening to this podcast.”

7. Nerd Marketing Ecommerce Podcast

Hosted by: Drew Sanocki

The Nerd Marketing podcast is a highly reputed, no fluff podcast on how to grow your ecommerce business. Host Drew Sanocki covers everything you’d expect from a marketing podcast and more. He shares strategies on how to grow, scale, and increase the average order value of your brand including the how’s and when’s of flipping your assets.

This podcast is an extremely valuable resource for anyone looking for extra assistance in navigating the evolving eCommerce landscape. There’s also the opportunity to download materials that help with the practical implementation of the tips and tricks shared in each episode.

Best episode: The Six Things You Can Do Today to Maximize Your Valuation Tomorrow.

Testimonial: “Drew does such a great job of giving actionable items that you can take away from the podcast and apply. I love that he also releases a blog for every episode and often provides downloadable material to help apply the tips he shares.”

8. eCommerce Evolution

Hosted by: Brett Curry

The eCommerce Evolution podcast is a product of OMG Ecommerce. In each episode, Curry interviews top merchants, vendors, and industry experts to enrich listeners with much-needed information spanning multiple eCommerce domains. 

Brett asks all the right questions to extract all the right lessons from the interviewer and also discusses obscure topics like the power of storytelling in B2B selling. The subject areas mostly focus on the best practices for sales and marketing. It’s a great podcast to listen to if you want a mix of tactical takeaways along with a routine dose of motivation!

Best episode: Handling Adversity, Setbacks and Constant Change in eCommerce.

Testimonial: “I’m a former Amazon store owner. The tips and advice on this podcast are tremendous. Great cutting edge information.”

9. The Ecommerce Influence Podcast

Hosted by: Austin Brawner and Chad Vanags

An invaluable resource for online marketing executives and ecommerce business owners. The Ecommerce Influence Podcast caters to an audience looking to master marketing and branding. Here, Austin and Chad talk cover a wide range of topics including busting eCommerce myths, living the ‘hustle life’, business automation, and teaching a few SEO tricks.

This podcast isn’t just packed with valuable tips but also helps recharge listeners going through tough times.

Best episode: Convert More Visitors Into Customers: The Future Of Ecommerce CRO.

Testimonial: “Learnt a ton. You're missing a lot if you're not listening to these podcasts.”

10. Duct Tape Marketing

Hosted by: John Jantsch

Just starting out? Wondering how to launch and scale your business on a budget? Then the Duct Tape Marketing podcast should be right down your alley. 

With over 98 episodes, this marketing-themed podcast focuses on establishing your business in hyper-competitive markets by creating  unique brand identities. 

During each 20-minute episode, John interviews well-known entrepreneurs and marketers with each guest providing unique insights on how to market efficiently. John covers both niche topics like dominating the rankings on Google and broad topics that include public relations, content marketing and the importance of creativity and innovation. 

Best episode: Investing in Small Businesses to Do Good for the Community.

Testimonial: “I always learn a lot from John and his guests.”

11. Build My Online Store

Hosted by: Travis Marziani and Terry Lin

If you’re more interested in hearing the personal stories and struggles of established eCom entrepreneurs then Build My Online Store is the one for you. It’s one of the few podcasts where the hosts openly discuss their ecommerce strategies as well as the obstacles they faced along the way. 

Both Travis and Terry are honest, humble, and intelligent and aren’t afraid of opening up in front of their viewers.

Reaching the 200 episodes milestone, Build My Online Store has helped listeners resolve business problems including design, SEO, manufacturing and customer service. This is one of those rare, few podcasts that offer a raw experience that’s difficult to find elsewhere—Enjoy it while it’s there!

Best episode: Using Data to Tighten Your Conversions.

Testimonial: “A little different than other shows. Ecommerce twist makes it unique. Worth a listen.”

12. Ecommerce Paradise

Hosted by: Trevor Fenner

Ecommerce Paradise is one of a kind dropship podcast that focuses on high-ticket drop shipping with tips for starting, growing, and outsourcing your business so you too have a fair chance at living the American dream. A hallmark of this podcast is that each new episode seems to provide more value than the previous one.

Trevor and his wife travel the world in hopes of providing insightful content that ranges from tips on how to increase conversion rates to search engine optimization, business automation, and remote working. If you’ve ever dreamed about building a drop-shipping empire from the ground up, then this podcast is a must-hear.

Best episode: Best Video Marketing Strategies for High-ticket Drop-shipping Ecommerce.

Testimonial: “Trevor is the real deal and this podcast is very insightful.”

13. The Smart Passive Income

Hosted by: Pat Flynn

Smart Passive Income is an extension of Pat’s successful blog about helping people start their entrepreneurial journey on the right foot. The podcast offers weekly coaching, interviews, strategy sessions, and Q&As for people hoping to turn a side hustle into a full-time business.

Taking you inside the minds of successful entrepreneurs like Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Michael Hyatt, Pat offers advice for building your online business the smart way. He covers themes like crowdsourcing, customer loyalty, SEO, affiliate marketing, podcasting, blogging, and social media marketing.

Best episode: Nailing Your Pitch and Growing Your Business with Maria Failla (SPI Pro COTM Winner).

Testimonial: “I've learned so much from Pat over the years. He provides immense value on this show. I enjoy all the episodes; it seems like he's directly talking to me. Very powerful.”

14. The Goal Digger Podcast

Hosted by: Jenna Kutcher

The Gold Digger Podcast offers all the female entrepreneurs out there a chance to really take their online business to the next level. Each episode feels like a conversation even if the podcast is pre-recorded.

While hyping up her audience, Jenna provides specific strategies that you can use to market your business. In addition to marketing, she also touches on topics that fly under the radar e.g. work-life balance as a CEO and a mom, financial wholeness, and advice on making your brand more inclusive. She also has a private Facebook group for all hustlers to camp in.

Best episode: Face Planting, Feedback, and Finding Aligned Success with Sophia Amoruso.

Testimonial: “Practical ✨”

15. The AskGaryVee Show

Hosted by: Gary Vaynerchuk

Serial entrepreneur and social media star Gary Vaynerchuk is back with a bang in his Ask Me Anything Podcast show where he answers questions related to topics ranging from eCommerce, entrepreneurship, retail, social media, and personal life hacks.

Gary gets down to business in this no-filter podcast, hosting a Q&A session with his audience, addressing queries that flag the #AskGaryVee hashtag. GaryVee may have turned into a larger-than-life figure owing to his success over the years, but he is as human as can be in a podcast where listeners are encouraged to dream big and work hard.

Best episode: Creating Retention-Oriented Paid Advertising with Savannah Sanchez of The Social Savannah.

Testimonial: “GaryVee gives it to you raw. No sugar coating, no beating around the bush, just straight up and down rawness that inspires. I have learned to take risks and feel that his advice and outlook has motivated me to go all out not only in business but with life as a whole. Must listen!!!”

16. The Social Media Marketing Talkshow

Hosted by: Eric Fisher

Feeling overwhelmed by the constant changes made to social media channels? Stuck in a rut without your audience numbers growing? This one is for all eCommerce business owners struggling to nail their social media marketing campaigns.

The Social Media Marketing Talk Show keeps up with the latest trends in social media marketing, what they mean, and what you need to do to keep up. Eric manages to translate the changes occurring within social media in a way that makes them feel less complex and far easier to deal with. 

Best episode: Live Video Updates and Facebook Ad Creation.

Testimonial: “I’ve just recently thrown myself into the deep end of the content creation and social media pool! Every time I listen to a Social Media Marketing podcast,I learn gobs. Your guests are excellent, and you are a great interviewer. Thank you.”

17. Entrepreneurs on Fire

Hosted by: John Lee Dumas

John sets himself apart by posting an episode daily. He interviews top leaders and innovators such as Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, and Barbara Corcoran and talks about the problems business owners face on a routine basis. The stories are insightful and exciting and have helped millions of listeners succeed as entrepreneurs. 

If there’s one word to describe this podcast, it’s reassuring.

Best episode: Tony Robbins Helps Us Master the MONEY Game with Value Bombs Galore!

Testimonial: “It’s so inspiring to hear other entrepreneurs’ stories and experiences. JLD is a great communicator and guides the interviews very well. It’s hard to find quality, consistent, daily podcasts … Entrepreneurs On Fire nails it every time!”

18. Amazon Seller Insights Podcast

Hosted by: Jon Tilley

The ZonGuru podcast, Amazon Seller Insights, is the podcast of choice if you’re running an Amazon FBA business in any part of the world. Jon Tilley—a seasoned Amazon seller—invites leading eCommerce experts and seven-figure entrepreneurs and interviews them in a way that provides incredible value for all the listeners. Available on Spotify and iTunes.

Whether it’s learning how to manage your first ever PPC campaign, scaling operations and maintaining company culture, or learning how to enter new markets, the ZonGuru Podcast has it all. 

Recently, the podcast received critical acclaim from industry experts for pumping out quality Amazon FBA-related content that helped numerous small-scale sellers to grow their online business and rack in impressive sales numbers—and the listener base just keeps on growing.

Best episode: Product Selection Tips For A 7-Figure Amazon Seller | Eric Dahl

Testimonial: “I didn’t expect the podcast to be that enjoyable and informative at the same time! Not only am I stoked to tune into the next episode, but I’m confident that the knowledge I’ve gained will allow me to take my FBA business to the next level!”

If you’re interested in tuning into exciting, informative, and fun content, then we’d recommend checking out the ZonGuru Events Hub that’s packed with routine webinars, in-depth interviews, and live training series including Q&A sessions!

Sign-up now and join Jon as he helps propel small to medium sized Amazon businesses straight into the big leagues. Catch you on the next episode!

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