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Don’t allow poor listing copy to drag you down! ZonGuru has supercharged the Listing Optimizer tool to make crafting listing copy and keyword placement a breeze.

At the risk of stating the obvious, listing copy is SUPER important! This is your chance to win over a customer who may be considering purchasing your product and increasing the number of eyes that discover your listing. Not only does ZonGuru deliver a robust list of keywords. Listing Optimizer also guides you to the best possible placement of those keywords for maximum effect.

Find Amazon FBA Keywords that Convert in a Flash

Why are keywords important? Amazon search terms are keywords that shoppers use to find products. Essentially, they are how your buyers find you. Amazon wants to sell as much as possible, so their algorithm shows products they consider the most relevant and high-converting to the search terms customers input.

Keywords on Fire delivers the most relevant, high-converting keywords in a flash. Easily create a list of keywords with laser-focused precision using flexible filter options. Don’t want a keyword above a specific PPC bid price? No sweat! If numbers aren’t your thing, let ZonGuru do the analysis for you with our ZG Score rating. The ZG Score is your one-stop metric for assessing relevance and value. Once you’ve refined your keyword list, simply save it for use in Listing Optimizer. Click on the video tutorial below to find out how Keywords on Fire elevates your keyword game above the competition:

Leverage Amazon Private Label Keywords for Increased Views 

With a few simple clicks, your list of highest-performing keywords instantly populates within Listing Optimizer. Can’t remember what search volume a keyword had? No problem! Each keyword shows search volume and KWOF Score. Say goodbye to switching back and forth between product tools and always know which keywords are of the most value to your listing at any time!

Listing Optimizer lists your keywords in order of value.

Having critical information at your fingertips allows you to make sure the highest value keywords are front and center within your listing copy. Never again waste precious space with low-converting keywords. Leverage the power of ZonGuru by integrating powerful keywords into your listing copy, where it counts for maximum visibility and sales. 

Perfect FBA Keyword Placement Every Time

Unsure of where a keyword should go? Can’t remember if you’ve already used a keyword? ZonGuru has you covered with a super-easy reference column telling you exactly where a keyword has been used. Hover over the icon next to a keyword, and ZonGuru will tell you where this is placed, even if it is a broad or an exact match. An exact match is when the keywords are used in the same order within a field; a broad match is when the keywords are used in any order within a field. So clever!

Listing Optimizer identifies broad and exact match types.

Watch as your keyword list quickly turns to stars and ticks, and know your listing is being optimized for maximum visibility. This feature allows you to see which keywords haven’t been included, clearly. There is even an option to bulk upload remaining keywords to your backend search terms. Never miss out on a keyword opportunity again!

Bulk add keywords to your backend search terms.

ZonGuru holds your hand through each step of the listing process. Recommendations are included for each listing field, so users always know what to focus on. Unsure of what should be included in your bullets? Simply hover over the information icon for guidance!

Crush Your Amazon FBA Competition

Want to see how your listing stacks up against the competition? Easily bring in up to seven competitor listings for direct comparison. See which competitors are optimized for your identified keywords as well as monthly search volume and revenue calculations. Quickly find keywords the competition has missed and watch your listing rise above the pack!

ZonGuru gives you a peek behind the curtain and even lets you see what backend search terms competitors are using! Use this hidden information to your advantage and make sure your listing is optimized for any sneaky converting keywords you may have missed. 

ZonGuru loves metrics. Each listing is given an optimization score. This score is your guide to the overall quality of your listing and is calculated by the strength of your keywords and where they are placed. See at a glance how well your listing stacks up to the competition and other ZonGuru users, which are serious optimization masters. Do you think you can get into the top 10%?

Listing Optimize’s optimization score tells you how you stack up.

Introducing the Latest Upgrades to Listing Optimizer

We've supercharged the Listing Optimizer tool with new features that make it an even more indispensable asset for Amazon sellers. The tool is now backed by ChatGPT-4, one of the most powerful AI technologies, to find the best keywords for any Amazon category. You can either auto-generate new product listings or rewrite existing ones using data from the best keywords in your category.

But that's not all. The tool now comes with an Optimization and Listing Strength scoring system, letting you know how well-optimized your listing is. Plus, you can compare your listing against up to 8 competing ASINs, giving you insights into how you stack up against the competition. With these new features, you're not just optimizing your listings; you're supercharging them for maximum visibility and sales.

One-Click Amazon Upload

Once you’re ready to reap the rewards of a fully optimized listing, a quick click of a button pushes your data across to Amazon Seller Central. No need to open new windows or copy and paste copious amounts of data across platforms. Listing Optimizer has thought of everything!

Upload your listing copy directly to your Seller Central account.

Do you want to try Listing Optimizer for yourself? Check out the tutorial video below or start your free 7-day trial now!.

Final Thoughts

You can source the most amazing FBA product on the market, but if you don’t get eyes on your listing, it’s all for naught! A weak listing strategy will only cost you money and keep you hidden from your customers. Do not let this single mistake hold you back from constructing a successful private label product. 

If you’re serious about elevating your FBA game, you’ve come to the right place! ZonGuru helps you develop a winning keyword list and guides you through keyword placement to ensure your product achieves maximum visibility and impact. What does this mean for you? More sales, more profit!

Take Control w/ AI Prompting

Can AI Write a Better Listing Than You?

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