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When starting a new business or venture, one of the first steps people usually do is to brainstorm and figure out what their business name will be. Normally, this shouldn’t really be a tough step. Most simply throw their name in it or what they plan to sell and then move on.

But if you look at the top and most recognizable companies in the world today—Amazon, Apple, Nike, McDonald’s—you probably can’t help but wonder and daydream of one day seeing the business or company you named to be among those that people recall, recognize, or recall in their everyday life.

Today, we want to focus on that part. In this short blog, we want to help you in that brainstorming session. We’re here to help you try and figure out your Amazon seller name. Let us help you take your first step towards becoming successful.

In Business, Does It Really Matter?

As of 2021, it is estimated that there are about 1.9 million active sellers on Amazon. And this number is increasing every day. Just this year’s quarter alone saw an increase of over 280,000 sign ups.

With those numbers in mind, does your choice of an Amazon seller name really matter? When was the last time you bothered looking up a seller’s name when browsing through Amazon? Did you even notice the Amazon seller’s name when you checked out that item?

The truth of the matter is that it does matter. Your Amazon seller name is the image that you showcase to the world. It is the name that people will recall—both consciously and subconsciously—when contemplating a repurchase. And, depending on the products you plan to sell, it can also serve as your brand name.

Worth sharing is an old study conducted by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health. In it, researchers gave children two types of foods. The first type was packed in some generic, unbranded packaging. The second type, however, was packed using original McDonald’s packaging. The secret, though, was that both types of food came from the same local McDonald’s in the area.

The results of the experiment showed the overwhelming commercial power of a logo or brand. Because, according to the children, they tasted and ate two different foods, with the one in the original McDonald’s packaging tasting “better” than the one with the generic packaging.

What this basically means for business is that people, as consumers, tend to associate brand reputation, name recall, or company imagery with quality and good value. It’s a sort of placebo effect, if you will; one that you can—and should use—for your business ventures.

Tips When Choosing an Amazon Seller Name

Everyone has their own set of expert tips for choosing a business name or, in this case, an Amazon seller name. So do we here at Zonguru. Here are three (3) of our top expert tips when it comes to choosing your Amazon name:

Make it easy to recall

Ever notice the fact that most successful companies are known either by one name or through their initials? We even do it with government offices (“FBI” or “POTUS”). We do this because our brains are wired to make things easier for us, especially if we actively and consciously want to recall something. This same thought process goes for your potential customers. You would want something that people can easily remember, recall, and mention in their respective circles. This small detail may one day help a potential customer decide to choose your store, if it comes right down to it.  

Be unique, but don’t be too specific

The uniqueness factor here means that you should try to have your Amazon seller name capture the core of your business. If you plan to sell a specific product or category, you can tailor your Amazon seller name to that. But there’s a qualifier: don’t be too specific. You would want your Amazon seller name to encompass a wide range of products. Things can change. Your circumstances can improve. In the future, you may decide to sell products other than what you had originally intended. As such, your name should be unique enough to try and capture that possibility.

Try to have it capture your values or vision

The name “Amazon '' was thought of by Jeff Bezos because he saw the Amazon River as the biggest river in the world and he envisioned his company like so: the biggest in the world. Granted, his goal was limited to being the biggest bookstore, at the time, the fact remains that his choice of a name pretty much encapsulates his goal for his company. But as you can see, as mentioned in the second point, things changed for Amazon. Today, it’s more than just a bookstore. The name, though, still captures what it stands for today: to be the biggest, rich, bountiful, and diverse e-commerce company in the world.

Others will likely share with you tips about using a legal name or an original name, but these are obvious, so we’ll not dwell on them that much. In our view, these three are the top ones you should note down and bring out during your next brainstorming session.

Can You Later Change Your Amazon Seller Name?

Yes, you can!

To do this, simply log in to your admin account in Seller Central. Next, go to “Settings” and locate “Account Info”. Once there, click “Your Seller Profile” and then click “Seller Information” next. Here, you’ll find an option to edit and change your display name.

Note that for those who do business in more than one country, this process must be repeated for each country you’re selling in.

One Last Thing to Note About Amazon Seller Names

Now, we did mention earlier about a qualifier to the importance of an Amazon seller name and, that is, depending on your products, your Amazon seller name can also be a brand. This statement also translates to the importance of the uniqueness of your Amazon seller name. Depending on what you sell, your Amazon seller name may or may not matter that much to buyers or consumers.

For example, if you mainly sell commodities, then buyers wouldn’t really be looking at the Amazon seller name; they’d be looking at the price or your reviews. The same goes for if you’re a third-party Amazon seller or reseller.

For a private label seller, though, the Amazon seller name will obviously matter. All in all, it would really depend on your chosen model, your business goals, and overall strategy.

Regardless of either, however, a matter worth considering are trademarks or trademarked names or brands. Obviously, you can’t use popular, well-established, trademarked brands or names for your Amazon seller name. But that’s not what you should be worrying about, no. What you should be wary of are trademarked brands or names that are not generally well-known. 

Even absent popularity, trademarked names or brands are still protected by law. To be safe, always check if your desired Amazon seller name is already taken and/or registered as a trademark. 

Some Closing Thoughts

Always remember that there are no clear-cut absolutes when it comes to analyzing the importance and relevance of an Amazon seller name. Some people may argue that it is crucial. Others may say the opposite.

In the end, you can always just go to an Amazon business name generator website and just pick the first one that tickles your gut.

But if you ask us, we’d be among those who profess how important it is to be serious and strategic when choosing your Amazon seller name. This first step is your starting point. It may very well end up dictating your mindset towards your business goals and it, no doubt, also establishes the early foundations of your journey as a seller on Amazon.

That said, do not take this lightly—Seek help when you can. Here at Zonguru, we value people’s journey towards being a successful Amazon seller. Whether you’re at those very steps or somewhere in between, we are here to help. Sign up now for a free 7-day trial. Allow us to hold your hand and guide you in that first step.

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