Coronavirus & Businesses Lock Horns – Implications for Online Marketplace Growth

In a recent White Paper we wrote for Alibaba.com’s Online Trade Show we tackled the questions that are on everyone’s mind right now: what are the widespread implications of Coronavirus on retail business today? And what are successful sellers doing right now to ensure they are on the right side of history once the dust settles?

Using Data to Show How Sellers Can Succeed in the Coronavirus Era

All signs clearly point towards a powerful surge in online sales as a new ‘eCommerce Boom’ fast approaches. Nowhere else in the world is this more true than in the United States, where according to the U.S. Department of Commerce, 2019 online spend accounted for 19% of all retail sales in the United States. While physical storefronts close, online sales continue to trend upwards as shoppers take to their computers and phones to buy goods. One example is Amazon, where the company reported sales have soared 26% to $75.5 billion through the end of April 2020, up from $59.7 billion the same quarter last year. Check out our White Paper to see the conclusions that we draw for Private Label sellers to capitalize on this growth. The results will surprise you.

In this document, you’ll learn how ZonGuru’s market research team show what the major eCommerce platforms are doing to maintain employee/shopper safety while still meeting higher demand, the insights behind new keyword data that points to radical shifts in buyer behavior, how an accelerating Brick & Mortar Retail Apocalypse plays into all of this, and most importantly, the tactics and resources sellers who have seen GROWTH compared to this time last year use.

Fast Forwarding eCommerce Growth By 5 Years. Resources All Online Sellers Should Have!

Click to read more about how Coronavirus is reshaping the way the world does business, and the implications behind what one prominent multi-million dollar seller and ecommerce veteran Ezra Firestone shared … “This pandemic will fast forward the growth rate of ecommerce in America and across the world 5 years ahead of where it would have been.”

Read on to also unlock these exclusive data-driven documents – each one carefully crafted to provide answers to the question marks that loom in the shadow of Covid-19 (100% Free to Download):

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“The Biggest Movers”: Unique Amazon keyword data showing which categories are seeing the biggest losses and gains so far in 2020.

“Private Label and eCommerce: Reshaping How the World Does Business In The Covid-19 Era”: The full White Paper with state-of-the-nation and actionable steps to help you grow your online business (field-tested by 7 & 8 figure sellers).

“Perfect Product eGuide”: Our 100+ page guide to help you find your perfect product to sell on Amazon (with 60+ Live examples).

Remain at the Cutting Edge of eCommerce Research

If you’re about to start an online business, or you’re optimizing an existing online business, then you’re going to want to read on. Hear from experts that are currently growing on Amazon (compared to the same time period last year) to learn what they are doing to increase engagement with customers and streamline processes to ensure healthy business growth … because believe it or not … it’s possible to come out on top post-COVID.

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