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The Amazon seller central dashboard homes a collection of powerful tools that assist in managing, analyzing, and selling products online. Each year, this virtual dashboard undergoes minor (and sometimes major) upgrades to make it easier for third-party sellers to do business.

Part of what makes the Amazon seller central dashboard an enjoyable experience are the timely updates and alerts if and when sellers forget to perform essential tasks. A good example is the quality alert is a bold yellow exclamation mark found within the back end section of product listings!

But what are quality alerts on Amazon? And how do you make them disappear?

What are Quality Alerts on Amazon?

An Amazon quality alert is a notification that signifies an unresolved issue associated with a particular ASIN. Simply put, Amazon wants you to fix outstanding problems with your product listing(s) so that it meets set quality standards

Amazon alerts sellers when their product listings are missing vital information.

If you’ve failed to fill in the ‘required information’ section in the back end of your product listing, Amazon will suppress that particular ASIN. A suppressed listing will not appear against buyer searches significantly limiting product sales and visibility. 

Here are some reasons your product listing may get suspended, causing a quality alert sign to appear:

  1. Missing product images or existing ones that don’t meet the product image criteria
  2. Products lacking an outlined category type
  3. Accessories and clothing items product titles exceeding 80 characters
  4. Product listings (excluding categories like books, apparel, and shoes) with short product descriptions

Note: A suppressed listing will be visible to those who search for your product via its ASIN—but buyers don’t search for products that way.

How to Remove the Quality Alert Sign on Amazon?

To remove the quality alert sign from a product listing, you need to make a few changes. Start by visiting the Inventory tab, select Manage Inventory and locate the quality alert symbol found within the Status column. Then, click on the Edit button on the far right side of the affected product listing. 

Doing so will lead you into the back-end section of your product listing. Here, you’ll see a black and yellow (like in the image below) or red exclamation mark next to the area that requires additional information or changes to the existing content. 

The Vital Info section requires changes, hence the exclamation mark next to it.

Make the necessary changes and click on the Save and Finish button. All changes made to a product listing will take anywhere from 15 minutes to 6 hours to take effect. 

And that’s it; that is how you deal with quality alerts on Amazon.

Conclusion – Resolve Quality Alerts, Perfect Your Product Listings, and Become a Master Seller!

When quality alerts result in suppressed listings, they may not appear in search results. The result could be days’ worth of lost sales and an eventual decrease in your organic Amazon ranking.

Are you looking for ways to increase your listing performance? For more insight on why listings can underperform, join our product listing optimization series. Hosted by CEO Jon Tilley and CTO Stefan Ratchev, this 4-part series goes behind the scenes to assess and analyse underperforming Amazon listings and bring them back to life.

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